Signs that you’ve truly fallen in love

We often ask ourselves, what if we fell in love. We will help you sort out yourself in our article, in which we will tell you about the most important signs of true love. We hope our article will help you in love. Love is the brightest and most magical feeling that helps us forget about any troubles in life. After meeting and meeting a guy, many of us think: I’m already in love with him or is it still sympathy. How do you recognize this wonderful feeling? How do you know that you are in love?

Your mood will tell about love

We propose to evaluate your feelings in relation to a young man, and if they are present in life, most likely, you fell in love for real:
* Constant desire to see again. It seems to you that you could spend all your free time with this person. At the same time, you are afraid of a meeting. This happens in the first stages of love. A strange feeling is the first “bell” on the way to great love.
* You always want to talk about the object of passion with your friends and relatives. In any conversation, you remember the guy, what he said to you, how he looked, how he reacted to your phrase. If someone asks you about it, you may feel unconsciously embarrassed.
* You smile often and are in high spirits all day. Even if things don’t go well at work or school, it doesn’t bother you much. You know that there is a person who will support you in a difficult situation, this calms you down and gives you great hope for happiness.
* Wild jealousy wakes up. If before you didn’t care who your friend was talking to, who was his VKontakte friend, now you are keenly interested in his environment in the person of the fair sex. When you see your beloved in the company of girls, a searing feeling of jealousy arises inside. Congratulations, you are almost 100% in love.
* Can’t stop thinking about him. Thoughts about a guy arise in your head immediately after waking up and do not leave you until the very night. You think of a sweetheart at home, at work, at university, on transport, at a party, on a walk – everywhere, and sometimes it gets in the way. Try so that falling in love does not distract you from really important things, because falling in love can end as quickly as it began, but problems will have to be dealt with anyway.
Sleep is disturbed. Sometimes you can wake up at night, unconsciously remembering the object of your love, or you cannot fall asleep for a long time because of an excited state at the thought of a guy you like. At the same time in the morning you feel great, despite the fact that you have not slept much. You are spiritualized and do not notice fatigue.
* You have become romantic. Even if this character trait is not peculiar to you, when love is born, you become soft and vulnerable. A romantic mood appears – in your fantasies, you are transported with your beloved to beautiful places, for example, to a cozy park, to an alluring seaside and so on.

You definitely fell in love if you notice a change in your behavior.

A girl is in love if her behavior began to differ from the usual:
* I always want to look attractive. If earlier you could go out without make-up and in an old tracksuit, now everything has changed. You dress up for any reason, especially for a meeting with your beloved man. Striving to be beautiful always is wonderful, so keep looking after yourself. Buy beautiful clothes, make face masks, exercise, take care of your hair – your chosen one will certainly like it.
* Friends and relatives notice that you look differently. You shine just like that: there is a happy smile on your face, your mood is upbeat, you are active and cheerful. All this is due to the warm feeling that has settled in your heart.
* Do everything in order to learn about the subject of love as much as possible. When a guy you like appears, you want to know everything about his life, habits, hobbies. You are looking for information of interest on the Internet, you ask your friends about a man, making up a la “dossier”. The more you learn about your beloved, the more you are attracted to him.
* You are looking for a meeting with a guy. Even if you haven’t made a date, you come up with different ways to supposedly accidentally catch his eye. At the same time, you wear bright clothes so that he will definitely draw attention to you. You can even use forbidden tricks, such as wearing a short skirt, fancy hairstyle or makeup. Be careful not to overdo it.
* On dates, you speak out of place. If you really like a guy, your brain doesn’t always work well. It happens that you say something stupid, and then, analyzing, you will not understand why you put it this way. As if it weren’t you, but a completely different person. Or, on the contrary, next to the object of desires you freeze and cannot utter a word, you just smile and that’s it. It is also a clear sign that you have truly fallen in love.
* In each of his phrases, you see a special meaning. It seems to you that he speaks the sweetest words in the world. Be careful, women often hear not what they really are against the background of falling in love. If the guy is not yet in love with you, later you may be seriously disappointed, because you have already come up with everything for him: a wedding, and a family and four children.
* It seems to you that he is your destiny and all the events happening around lead you only to him. You found out who he is by horoscope, checked compatibility, plan your future life together. Take your time, because not all men are good. This is the first stage of real falling in love, wait for the feelings to subside a little, and take a sober look at the situation.
* You think he’s perfect. Women in love idealize the man they like, noticing only the good sides in him. Even if someone says negative things about your companion, you do not want to hear them, because for you he is absolute perfection.

So, you have learned about the main signs of true love. Do you think this is her? If in many of the first points of our test you recognize yourself, then you have fallen in love with a guy. Congratulations! Be sure to make it clear to the young man that you are not indifferent to him – hint or directly tell about your feelings. We hope that this is mutual between you. Now the main thing is to prolong the magic moment and not spoil anything. If you can understand that you have truly fallen in love, then take action. Good luck to you!