Submissive men: how to recognize and build relationships with them?

Sensitive or submissive men differ significantly from regular guys in their behavior. Many of the general rules don’t apply to them at all, and a lot of what you know about real men won’t work when you meet them. Nowadays, more and more representatives of the stronger sex allow themselves to be open, sensitive and vulnerable. They used to try not to show signs of weakness or vulnerability to anyone. But in our time (fortunately), many men have managed to free themselves from these social prohibitions. And I think it’s great.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and potential challenges of meeting such a person. I will do my best to look at this from both a masculine and a feminine point of view.

Who are submissive men?

In this case, I’m talking about men who are not shy about playing a submissive role in relationships with women. They are not opposed to the girl taking responsibility and making many decisions in their union. They are looking for women who are capable of “wearing pants” in relationships. Submissive guys are attracted to strong and confident ladies.

However, men have varying degrees of submissiveness. Some can go very far, and blame all the problems on the weaker sex. They are seeking some kind of gender role change from what was normal in the stereotypical 1950s family. But there are very few such people. And I have not yet met such a person who really wants this.

Most of the guys we call submissive men ideally want a combination between having a woman tell them what to do and having certain areas where she will do everything herself. For example, many of these men are still the main breadwinners in the family. Thus, there are so many different types of submissive men. But most of them have a number of similarities, which I will discuss next.

How to find a sensitive person?

If you like submissive men, then you may have noticed that they behave differently in relationships and in life. Therefore, the use of advice on dating or relationships is useless. Because these tips are more focused on the typical male behavior that you probably won’t find in submissive guys. These are completely different personalities. They think and feel differently than normal guys, which means you should treat them differently. And you have to take on a lot of responsibility.

I recommend that you be very attentive to these guys. When meeting submissive men, a woman will need to change her approach. Because in this situation you will be “a hunter, and he is a prey.” And if this situation suits you, then find such a man and take him as a trophy. Plus, truly submissive people are waiting for this to happen.

To meet such a person, you will have to visit many places. But he can hardly be found where ordinary guys live. Keep in mind that submissive men are quite shy. Therefore, parties and clubs will not be the best place to meet them. These guys often choose to mingle with women or other sensitive men themselves. And it’s not that they don’t go to bars and clubs. They go there, but in these places they try to appear confident and strong.

How to recognize a sensitive / submissive person

First, pay attention to behavior. Such people tend to be more restrained. Submissive men often take things very personally. They also tend to avoid talking about what offended them. They are usually very attentive listeners. But they may not be comfortable in social circles. They feel good about people. Therefore, if you try to hide your feelings and emotions from such a person, he will still see it. Such people enjoy talking about big and deep things in life. And their conversations quite often go beyond the usual.

Tips for building a relationship with a submissive person

First, take responsibility. A sensitive man will expect this from you. You must be honest with yourself and have a good understanding of the person you are building a relationship with. If you don’t want to, then dating a submissive man may not be the best option for you.

Treat him like an equal. Being the dominant person in a relationship doesn’t have to mean you don’t need to show respect for your partner. After all, he is still a person with feelings. And he needs to be treated with respect. Also, be careful if you notice him upset. Keep in mind that sensitive men can be very hard on what you are saying. Therefore, try to find out topics that he does not like to discuss, and avoid them.

Also, pay enough attention to him. Because being open and vulnerable can be tough for a guy. Therefore, try to make him feel comfortable when communicating with you. Be open about your feelings. Openness will make it clear that you trust him. And he will appreciate it.

Benefits of building a relationship with a submissive man

  • This is an intuitive person;
  • He is emotionally responsive;
  • Such a person can be the perfect partner if you really enjoy doing things your own way;
  • He tries to meet the needs of his partner in a relationship, and will do everything possible to keep you both happy;
  • He often behaves like a real gentleman;
  • He is an attentive and caring partner.

Disadvantages of building a relationship with a submissive man

  • He may be prone to anxiety or depression. Therefore, you will have to show support for him often;
  • His submissive nature can make him a kind of “emotional sponge.” And he will absorb any negativity that you emit, and your mood will greatly influence him;
  • He often finds it difficult to make decisions. He will be afraid to make the wrong choice. Frequent decision making is a vital factor in romantic relationships;
  • Placing your own worries or troubles on him can overwhelm him;
  • He may need more time to adjust to the beginning of the relationship;
  • At times he will seem indecisive.