The best tips for showing respect in a relationship.

Respect in a relationship is a respectful attitude towards a loved one and an expression of spiritual gratitude towards him. You cannot build a strong family without respect for each other. Respect for a partner does not appear immediately, like love, like trust, acceptance. It can be earned by your deeds and actions. Do not give up if your partner does not appreciate your efforts: he will definitely do it in time.

What leads to the appearance of disrespect between partners?

If your relationship lacks respect for each other, start changing your behavior today. The tips below will help you with this.

Respect your partner’s wishes and needs

Each of us has a need for something: rest, delicious food, silence, education. Before the relationship with you, your loved one, whenever possible, fulfilled his desires and was happy, and you behaved in the same way. Joint relationships can be called harmonious if each of the partners has the opportunity to live the way he likes.

One should not evaluate the partner’s needs from the position of right / wrong, good / bad, useful / not useful. Your partner will feel happy and secure with you if their needs are met. Avoid harsh criticism of the desires of your loved one: it may seem to him that you do not accept him for who he is.

For example, a man tells a woman that he is tired at work and wants to sleep after dinner. The woman hoped that in the evening they would do a general cleaning together. On the one hand, nobody canceled household chores. On the other hand, a man needs to rest. You should come to a compromise, not “nag” the man for not keeping his promise, but agree to do the cleaning after sleep or postpone it to another day.

Respect your partner’s personality

It should be remembered about the personality traits, character, temperament, household habits and skills of the partner. There are no ideal people, so you need to appreciate the merits and be more indulgent to the shortcomings of a loved one. Some men are great at fixing broken equipment, but are completely helpless in cooking.

There are women who do not know how to keep order in the house, but at the same time spoil their loved one with a delicious dinner every day. If you know your partner’s flaws, then try not to focus on them at every opportunity. On the contrary, you should subtly help him if you have the appropriate skills.

Respect in a pair

Respect the feelings, emotions and experiences of a loved one
It is very important that in marriage there is trust between partners, so that each of them can express what has accumulated in their souls and not be afraid of being misunderstood. Create a warm, trusting environment, and often support and encourage each other.

Respect your partner’s hobbies

He is not obliged to give up his favorite activity just because you do not like it. Interests and hobbies are a very important part of your partner’s personality. In a hobby, a person draws inspiration, achieves success, rests from life’s worries.

If your partner’s hobby bothers you, interferes with your daily routine, or takes too much time and money, try to calmly discuss the moment. Do not criticize, do not speak disrespectfully about the activity, do not make fun of it, do not call it useless or old-fashioned.

Respect your partner’s values

These are moral, ethical, religious and aesthetic issues. This is the foundation on which the character of your loved one is based. Surely you know stories about “husband’s friends”. For example, when, during a romantic dinner, a man was driving to a nearby town to fix a friend’s car.

You may not like this behavior, but look at the situation from a different angle. Your man is very kind, reliable and responsible, you can trust him and you can rely on him in a difficult situation. These reasons are enough to accept his desire to help his friends.

Respect your partner’s time and trust

If you have agreed on something, be sure to keep your promise: do not be late for the meeting, do not refuse the obligations you have taken upon yourself. Never say that your partner is wasting time on any activity. He does not at all think that time is wasted, and your words may offend him. Respect your partner’s secrets. You should not wash dirty linen in public. Do not tell your relatives or friends about family conflicts or that you do not like your loved one. Quarrels will soon end in reconciliation, and your partner will again become the best person in the world for you.

But the opinion that will develop about him in the eyes of others will be forever spoiled by your revelations. Never complain about your partner to his relatives: no matter how badly he behaves, for the mother and father he will remain a beloved son, and their attitude towards you will not change for the better. Also, many women like to discuss with their friends the everyday habits of a marriage partner or his fears and weaknesses, which is completely unacceptable for a happy relationship. Imagine how unpleasant it will be for your partner to learn about their secrets from mutual friends.

How to express your displeasure and avoid a quarrel?

Everything that does not suit you in the relationship must be discussed, all unacceptable moments must be discussed. But you need to do this correctly:
* Be as correct and restrained as possible, choose your words carefully so as not to offend your partner.
* Refrain from crying, screaming, manipulating the opinion of your partner.
* Talk only about the current situation and do not remember past grievances.
* Do not use the phrases “you always …” or “you never …”
* Talk about yourself, your emotions and feelings. Use the so-called “I-messages”. For example, instead of “you give me little attention” you should say “I feel lonely.” Thus, your speech will not sound like a conviction. In addition, such phrases help the speaker to take a fresh look at the situation and understand their true feelings.
* If the conversation turns in such a way that your partner expects an immediate response from you, do not make a decision quickly. After a while, you can change your mind, so in a difficult situation you can say: “I need time to think it over.”
* Don’t be too persistent. Sometimes it seems that if you repeat your opinion another 3, 5, 7 times, then the partner will definitely appreciate your idea and will do as you would like. If you can’t find a compromise, postpone the conversation for a few days. If your partner does not change his mind, you should not insist.

Mutual respect is the basis for a lasting union between a man and a woman. People don’t change over the years, so it’s important to accept your loved one for who they are. Disrespect for your partner destroys his self-esteem, and with it, your love for each other.