The best ways to make up with a guy

Most girls believe that the reconciliation process should be initiated by a man. But what if he is too stubborn, proud or principled. There are many methods that will help resolve the conflict and lead to the conclusion of the world.

Have a sincere conversation and apologize

Many spouses can quarrel and reconcile an infinite number of times, but for young people who are just building relationships, any quarrel can be the last. If your partner is dear to you, make peace, but be sure to pause, otherwise you will not be heard – not cooling off from the insult, he may simply reject you.

How to talk correctly to make up:

  • First, call and find out if he is ready to discuss the situation that has developed between you.
  • Say that you understand what your mistake is and are already working on fixing it.
  • Speak sincerely – any falsehood in this situation will be heard.
  • Listen carefully, without interrupting, to the interlocutor. Respect his opinion, do not express emotions, do not raise your voice, do not get into an argument. Just take turns expressing your opinion. A repeated showdown should not be allowed.

Before you put up, you need to analyze – is the person worth it to go to reconciliation with him. Never humiliate yourself or ask for anything. If a man is interested in you, he will do everything himself – you just need to give him a pass.

Make his little dream come true

This is a rather difficult way to reconcile. It will suit you if you know what your chosen one dreams of, and most importantly, if his dream can be realized. This technique is difficult to resist. You will show that, even after an argument, you are thinking about his feelings and interests.

Fulfilling the dream of your chosen one, do not forget to say that you are taking this step, dreaming of a peaceful life, without quarrels and discord. And also emphasize that you never want to fight again.

Organize a romantic dinner

One of the best solutions can be a joint trip to a restaurant with good cuisine – Caucasian, Japanese, Italian or other. You probably know which food your chosen one likes best. Choose a place that is intimate so that nothing interferes with your conversation.

Most men love to eat well. The hackneyed truth about the path to their heart through the stomach remains relevant. Therefore, it is not at all necessary to go to a restaurant, the heart of your chosen one can be melted with the help of homemade pickles.

How to Have a Romantic Conciliatory Dinner:

  • Prepare your boyfriend’s favorite meals.
  • Decorate the table. Do not limit yourself to the usual serving. Use your imagination. For decoration, you can use symbols that have a certain meaning for your relationship.
  • Candles and aromas, quiet music and twilight will help to add atmosphere.

Try not to repeat yourself, if you have already used this method for reconciliation, the second time will not work. Another disadvantage of this option is that it will not work if the young man does not make contact and refuses to spend the evening with you.

Dinner is only suitable for couples who already have a shared history and relationship experience. For those who are just building them, this method is ineffective. Moreover, such an initiative – an invitation to a romantic dinner – is more suitable for a man.

Apply affection and care

Men are like cats, only pretend that they are independent and can completely do without anyone’s participation. In fact, most of them are easy to approach with affection and tenderness. If you know the weak points of your chosen one, then you will surely cope with the task.

This method is effective for small fights. If there is a serious discord between you and your boyfriend, this option will not work. But this does not apply to couples living together – in such a situation, the girl has a lot of opportunities, showing affectionate care, to appease the young man.

A gentle hug, an innocent kiss on the cheek will help melt the ice in the heart of your beloved, and if you spice it up with a pinch of forgotten – iron his favorite shirt, turn on his favorite music, etc., then you will definitely achieve the desired effect.

Give a gift or surprise

This method is not suitable for all cases. If your boyfriend is negative about gifts, you shouldn’t even think about it. For a guy who is calm about the role of the donee, you can prepare some original surprise.

How to give a man a gift and make peace with him:

  • Choose your gift carefully. It must be something out of the ordinary. It is not so much its price that is important as the meaning that will be invested in it. To give a gift that is truly valuable for a person, you need to know well his habits, interests, dreams. A good gift can be a ticket to a football or a concert of his favorite group, to a joint excursion or an exhibition – the choice will depend on the tastes and preferences of the person.
  • Don’t give expensive gifts. This is vulgar and has nothing to do with an honest and sincere relationship. It is a different matter if a gift has a certain cultural or intellectual value for a person, then its value fades into the background.

Use the tripping effect

A man by nature is not only a hunter and a breadwinner, but also a protector. Rescuing and helping, substituting a shoulder and helping out, he feels needed, his “ego” rises. The “tripping effect” plays on these very feelings. True, you must first be close to the person with whom you want to make peace.

The easiest way to use this method is for those who live in the same area. But even if this is not the case, you can always come up with something. For example, your car may break down, and you may find yourself in a hopeless position. Call and tell us about the trouble, a real man will definitely rush to help.

What is the “tripping effect”:

  • you spoil something, break something, and look completely helpless;
  • be sure to mention that you know how well he understands the subject (a car, household appliances, or something else that has broken down with you) – that’s why you call him.

Remind you of the good days

When people experience pleasant sensations and impressions, they want to repeat them. This is often not possible, but there is a chance. To do this, a person must immerse themselves in an environment reminiscent of those happy times.

To revive memories, you need to take the only right step, the one that works. Here you need an individual approach, otherwise you can ruin everything. In one case, a collage of your photos will be enough, in another it is better to invite the chosen one to a place you remember – a cafe, on a pleasure boat, park, etc.

Reminders of the past will allow the young person to understand how important the relationship is to you and how carefully you cherish romantic memories. He will surely appreciate your step and make a reciprocal one.

Approach the problem with humor

Humor is a reliable tool for building relationships. In girls, he is especially valuable, since few have this quality. In addition, humor is the lot of intellectuals, and if you know how to joke, then you have a developed mind. And they don’t part with smart and beautiful girls so easily.

Look at the quarrel from a different angle, try to translate everything into a joke. Laugh with your partner about the situation. By and large, there are very few things in life that deserve to be fought over.

And if you can turn on humor earlier, then you will be able to use it to prevent discord.

What should not be done in case of a quarrel?

There are things that are unacceptable during an argument. They not only exacerbate them, but also complicate future reconciliation. Often times, words inflict terrible blows on a person’s pride, so be more restrained in your language.

What not to do during an argument:

  • Never get personal. Do not discuss anything about the appearance, physical and psychological characteristics of your chosen one. Firstly, this is not the subject of your dispute, and secondly, he can answer you with the same coin. And whether you can then forgive him is a difficult question.
  • Do not transfer your problem to another person. If you are worried about a problem, look for the cause in yourself. Do not blame others for your failures. You are an adult and are responsible for your own destiny. If a person does not suit you, part with him, but do not raise your voice at him and do not blame him.
  • Don’t compare. One of the most offensive words for the stronger sex is comparing its qualities, appearance, income with other men.
  • Don’t get hysterical. The female sex is often overly emotional. Do not be like hysterical persons, do not raise your voice, do not beat cups and plates, do not throw objects at the “enemy”.
  • Moreover, do not let go of your hands. By screaming, you show weakness. If you look at yourself at this moment from the outside, you will understand how awful it looks. But even without this, after a quarrel, you will be ashamed of your behavior. This shame will poison your relationship. Therefore, never embark on the path of scandals.
  • Don’t blame. Constant accusations are an exorbitant burden for the human psyche. If you begin to back up your conflicts with accusations, the person will begin to avoid you and seriously consider breaking up.
  • Don’t ask. Partners have their own rights and responsibilities. They are unspoken, unspoken prophets. But during quarrels, a stream of demands and unjustified expectations often pours out on a man. It is impossible to resolve such issues during a conflict, but building a wall of incomprehension with their help is elementary.

If a man does not give you what you want from him – warmth, love, attention, then he simply does not have it. Anyway, for you.