The guy loses interest in me, what should I do?

At the beginning of a relationship, we love each other and enjoy every day we spend together. This can last for weeks or months. After that, there comes a period when feelings fade away and we begin to look at everything more consciously. This does not mean that the guy loses interest in you or you no longer love him. It’s just another stage in a relationship. But if quarrels and misunderstandings arise, you are angry, offended and offend each other, at this moment it is worth thinking about why things are not going well and who is to blame. As a rule, women in such situations begin to suspect that they no longer like their partner. They try to look for signs that indicate a man is losing interest in them. And there can be quite a lot of such signs, and I want to acquaint you with them.

1. His attention plummeted

Men quickly lose interest in women. If you talked a lot before, he called, tried to start a conversation and wanted to see each other, and suddenly everything became different, then you should think about it. I’ve seen men use this trick when they start to move away and want to get rid of someone. This means that he has become less interested in you, but he does not want to end the relationship yet. He can send two or three messages a week to keep in touch.

2. Meetings are less and less frequent

When you first start dating, this is a really great time. You want to see each other more often, go to the movies, sit in a cafe or just chat. But if there are fewer such meetings, then love begins to fade. After all, if a man really loves a woman, he will want to see her every day. And if his feelings are not so strong, then his words and actions become vague.

3. He becomes insecure

This is related to the symptom above. If he begins to act insecure, his words become less affirmative, you spend less time together and have little communication, this is a sign that the guy is losing interest. If he doesn’t say anything, and you constantly have to ask how your day went, who he met or what he did, then you should think about continuing the relationship with this person.

4. He dodges questions about your future.

We all need to plan for the future, especially with the person with whom we want to connect our lives. So, if a lot of time has passed since you met, you should start a conversation about this topic and find out how he sees your future. If he does not say anything and does not even hint at something more serious, but avoids conversations, then he treats you like his next girlfriend. If he’s not in the mood for a serious relationship, then you better stop dating.

5. He stops being romantic.

When a guy loses interest in a girl, the quality of dating becomes much worse, his behavior becomes unacceptable. He stops monitoring his appearance and does not make an effort to somehow please or surprise you. When a person is filled with love, it can be seen in his actions. He wants to surprise his partner and do everything to make him happy. If you notice that his feelings are fading away, the meetings are becoming less romantic, then it’s time to cancel them altogether.

6. He’s being rude

He ignores you or even shows contempt. Besides, he behaves rudely. By rudeness, I mean: he ignores you, jokes insultingly, taunts you. This can happen both in person and by phone. Think how many times have you met someone you lost attraction to and started feeling annoyed? Perhaps you were intentionally rude to him, just to have him leave you alone? Men use the same trick. This behavior should not be tolerated. If a guy is rude, then he loses interest in you.

7. He begins to think of you as a friend.

When you notice words about your friendship in his conversations, perhaps he is trying to hint that your relationship is not serious, he just wants to be friends with you. To be fair, this is one of the best ways to break up peacefully. If he talks about it, then you are interesting to him, but only as a friend. In this case, you should not count on something more serious.

8. No phone calls

If a man loses interest in a woman, then he simply stops calling her. People in love want to hear each other, they can talk on the phone for hours or correspond on social networks. If you call him, and he says to call back later, this is a sign that his love has passed. He does not make further plans and if you don’t call, it will be easier for him to distance himself. Look at it this way: You are interested in a person, and would like to call him and hear his voice, right? And he should feel the same if he has feelings for you.

9. He stops calling you by name

If during conversations he does not call you by name, then he does not take you seriously. This includes messages, online chats, face-to-face conversations, emails, and phone calls. If he never uses your name, that’s a bad sign. Usually, these people are looking for an affair and try to confuse you, calling you with nice words to impress. When you speak to him in person, I’m sure you call him by his first name. Why is there no reciprocity on his part?

10. You have no sex

Men strive for physical intimacy, and the fact that it has stopped means that he may have someone else. When his attraction to you diminishes, then you spend less time together. And you are less likely to be intimate. He no longer looks at you the way he used to. Does not flirt, kiss or hug.

11. He only wants sex

On the other hand, if this is the only thing the two of you are doing, it could be a sign that the guy is losing interest in you. He is only interested in using you for his own sexual gratification. If you want to spend time without intimate relationships and go on regular dates, then he will still force you to have sex. He doesn’t respect you. Instead, it will use until it leaves at all.

12. He stops caring about his appearance.

If a man loses interest in a woman, he begins to dress worse and stops taking care of himself. Instead of trying to look good and be nice to your lady. He no longer feels like you are important enough to him to look good. This may be an attempt to make him lose interest in him in order to justify himself.

13. The man begins to make excuses

He will come up with reasons and excuses why you can’t meet. And then it turns out that he was not busy at all. If a person has a desire, he will always find time to do what is more important to him. If this behavior continues, this is a significant sign that the man is losing interest in you. As his desire to spend time with you diminishes, his list of excuses will grow. When you ask him to do something on the weekend, he will complain again. He will say that he has a lot of work, he is tired and wants to rest. While this may be plausible, not every weekend.

14. He has other priorities.

His behavior will indicate that you are no longer a priority for him. He will spend less time with you and do other things. Instead of trying to make plans that fit into your overall schedule, he will start doing the opposite. He wants to give a clear sign that you are no longer important to him.

15. The guy starts blaming you

He will start looking for reasons to ruin your mood and make you feel bad. This tactic is used to break up with you and stay right. He will try to make sure that you no longer want to spend time with him. This is all due to his weakness. He is afraid to be frank and tell the whole truth. By arguing with you and making you think of him in a hostile manner, he sends a message that he no longer cares about you and wants to disperse. If he began to behave in this way, then it is better to leave him. It will make your life less stressful.

16. He flirts with girls

If a man starts flirting with other women, this is a big sign that it’s time for you to break up. The fact that the guy has crossed that line indicates that he is trying to get rid of you. He probably hopes that you will understand this and be the first to leave him. Therefore, he does not have to start this awkward conversation with you about breaking up.

As we can see, there are clear signs that the guy is losing interest in you. The main thing is not to dwell on a man if he does not show feelings for you. We deserve someone who will love, appreciate and respect us. If you see that you have nothing in common and his interest in you disappears, then end the relationship. This is not the end of the world. Go ahead and find someone worthy of your time.