The husband went to his mistress – what to do and how to return him quickly?

Situations in which the husband leaves the family are not rare in our time. The reasons are different, but any separation is painful for a woman. And the stress of what happened accompanies her for a long time, regardless of where the man went. Most of the wives who were left alone say that it is even more painful to find out about the presence of another woman from a man. It doesn’t matter whether the preconditions in marriage to the novel were “on the side”, or the relationship seemed ideal and the appearance of another was a complete surprise. In any situation, illusions collapse, to which each of us often clings.

Should I return my husband?

The question is complex. Leaving a family is always a betrayal on the part of a loved one. Skeptics who do not believe that each of us changes over time will confidently say that a person will betray again. This has its own truth. But there are also exceptions. A man can get confused, really love another. To return or not to do it – the woman herself decides, first of all. But don’t jump to conclusions after your husband leaves. When emotions cool down, you need to think well and correctly analyze the situation. Then the answer will come by itself.

What mistakes wives make when trying to reason with an unfaithful husband

Women, being in a negative emotional state, often make not only mistakes, but also typical nonsense. Of course, you need to make allowances for the emotional state of a person. However, it is necessary to hold on to and avoid the following situations:

1. To impose on her husband. It doesn’t matter what goals the woman pursues. But being annoying is not an option. This behavior irritates the person: the husband tries to distance himself even more.

2. Crying, screaming, wringing your hands. Emotions are something that should be under control, no matter how offensive and painful it may be. Tears, female tantrums are not interesting to most men. This is repulsive.

3. Rebuke your husband. Deep down, most men feel they were wrong. But it is pointless to blame a man for this. He agrees that he is wrong.

4. Press on self-pity. Who needs a woman who does not respect herself: blackmails, screams, cries, lies in wait for the ex at every step. A man, observing this picture, will understand that he did the right thing, left, without the desire to return.

5. Do not talk badly about your ex-husband with mutual friends. As much as I would not like to speak, it is better to limit ourselves to a couple of phrases. A person is worthy of respect when he can handle a stressful situation. You should not tell your closest associates that your husband has changed, savor the details of his novel on the side, insult his lady. It is necessary to find suitable words for the occasion and adequately answer uncomfortable questions.

6. No need to try to revive his memories of the past. The fantasy of abandoned wives in this direction is limitless. Someone sends old photos to WhatsApp, others are engaged in rewriting love poems and sending them to their ex-husband. Some people compose themselves. Getting into poetry is okay at any age, but it’s better to do it in a different setting.

7. Wait for the return, trying on the image of an unhappy woman. To such a man will definitely not return.

8. You shouldn’t take revenge on a man, although, of course, you really want to do it.

9. Do not blackmail your husband with children. A familiar situation: the husband betrayed, left. The wife, worried, jealous, does not allow him to see the children. The worst is when she turns the offspring against the father. This situation is unacceptable. Children love both mom and dad. The relationship between them is their business, the son or daughter should not be hostages of an unpleasant situation, family drama.

Every woman experiences betrayal strongly, painfully. Some may need the help of a psychologist. But do not kill yourself, maybe this is a chance to start a new life? The husband’s departure is not the end.