The main mistakes of men in relationships.

The main mistakes men make in relationships include being overly selfish. Especially when it comes to sex and intimacy. Next comes jealousy, overcontrol, anger and lack of attention. Although sometimes men do really stupid things that are difficult to explain. This article is for men who want to improve their relationship with the fair sex. Make them more fun, romantic and happy.

1. You stop complimenting

When was the last time you looked your girlfriend in the eye and showered her with compliments? Which made her feel attractive? Most guys forget about it, literally after a few dates. It is clear that a man and a woman get used to each other as their relationship develops. But that shouldn’t stop a guy from complimenting his girlfriend. Especially when she buys herself new clothes, puts on a tight dress, or does a new hairstyle. When guys stop complimenting, the romantic atmosphere in the relationship fades. Therefore, if you notice that you have stopped complimenting your beloved, be sure to resume this process.

2. Being too controlling

Each person has their own taste, especially girls. And they really do not like when they are told how to dress or behave in society. I know many couples in which men constantly tell their ladies that their clothes look too revealing. This is a typical example of how some men let their jealousy take over and control their women.

It’s another matter if your concern is genuine. For example, your girlfriend may not understand how transparent her dress looks. But, if you suddenly start to focus on her short skirts and other things that previously seemed normal, then you just need to calm down. Don’t let your jealousy and insecurity control your girl’s wardrobe. After all, being too controlling is a common mistake guys make in relationships.

3. Inflated expectations

The main mistakes men make in relationships are often due to high expectations. This is due to the fact that the definition of “sexuality”, which is widespread in modern society, generates unrealistic desires in men. Guys often expect their ladies to be flawless every day. They think their girlfriend will look perfect in the morning, afternoon and evening. But maintaining beauty may not be as easy as you think. In reality, it is impossible to be attractive and look sexy every day. You need to become more aware of your views and expectations. After all, a girl cannot make herself a new hairstyle every day, shave her legs, and so on.

4. You become too dependent on her

In fact, it is a myth that guys are not as receptive and emotional in relationships as girls. Men also fall into the trap of being overly dependent on their girlfriends. Especially emotional needs. They cannot live a day without talking to their girlfriend or seeing her. A man can get upset and offended. If a girl is too busy, and she does not get to meet that day. So think about it well. Because such mistakes in relationships can lead to negative consequences.

5. Men belittle the views and opinions of women

Lowering the gaze of a girl is a common way that men resort to expressing their “I”. But girls really love to give advice and share their opinions. They often do so sincerely and with good intentions. Therefore, a woman will certainly feel unnecessary when her genuine efforts are ridiculed and discarded. And in fact, girls are right in many cases. As strange as it sounds.

6. Guys confuse sex with intimacy

A common mistake men make in relationships is that they mistake sex for intimacy. Women seek intimacy in the same way as men. However, for girls, the concept of intimacy has a broader meaning. For them, it is not only sex, but also regular hugs and a sense of togetherness. Intimacy can be something simple for them. For example, spending an entire day together, hugging and watching your favorite TV shows. So try to do things that make both of you happy. After all, a healthy and happy relationship outside the bedroom is also important.

7. Men try to be too mature and serious

The sweetest memories of your relationship and life in general will be those in which you did something outside of your comfort zone. So relax, let go of petty worries and enjoy life. Yes, it’s great to be a mature person. After all, maturity is one of the strong characteristics of a personality. But there is a fine line between maturity and being overly serious. And crossing that line will make you seem tense and boring.

8. Dominance of one partner over another

The ego of a person is the main part of his personality and image. At the same time, it can hinder the development of healthy relationships not only with your significant other, but also with the people around you. Therefore, men must remember. That sometimes they need to be more humble and forget about their egos. Especially when they are with their girlfriends or wives. Strong dominance can belittle your partner. Especially when the desire for possessiveness gets out of control. When men get too obsessed, they start looking at every guy as someone his girlfriend can flirt with. Because of this, trust is gradually eroded. And then it can be difficult to deal with the breakup.

9. You are constantly saving money

The main mistakes of men in relationships can manifest themselves unconsciously. After all, we know how many men like to save. Only girls don’t like cheap men. Therefore, if you want to avoid problems between you and the girl in this area. Then just don’t tell her how much you make. After all, not all women understand the value of saving money. But they want guys to understand that saving a few dollars shouldn’t be a priority in their relationship.

10. Men avoid commitment

In any relationship, there comes a time when a man and a woman must find out at what stage they are. And decide how their relationship should develop further. Guys generally don’t like to find such conversations worthwhile. Even if they are nothing more than shallow conversations. Which add a sense of stability to the relationship. But this mistake can be a direct cause of the breakup of the pair. Remember this, and do not let your dislike of obligations to break up with your girlfriend.

11. Friends become more important than your relationship.

When you make your friends more important than the girl, it’s not right. You need to pay more attention to your lady. If you want to have a long and happy relationship with her. Women don’t want to take the place of your best friends. But they also don’t like it when they don’t get enough attention. Women want men to give them time, respect and value them. So remember these major mistakes men make in relationships. Which will help you avoid many problems in the future.