The main reasons for conflict in your relationship.

It often happens that people with different values ​​and life priorities enter into relationships. This leads to disagreement and quarrels, they cannot find a compromise in controversial situations and are unable to control their emotions. So, today we will analyze the main reasons for the conflict in your relationship and talk about how to avoid them.

Don’t be afraid to sort things out.

A conflict is not a bad thing if you are willing to work on fixing it and want to understand the cause. After all, if there are no problems in the relationship, then one of the partners is simply afraid to say what he does not like. Both of you are entitled to your personal opinion and must express your feelings and emotions without harming your partner. Whenever there is conflict, people tend to be honest and say what they think. Nevertheless, you need to try to find a common language and not allow disagreements to develop into something more serious.

The reasons for conflict in your relationship can be due to many circumstances. Plus, people only focus on the surface of the problem, not the root cause. This approach can numb the symptoms for a while, but eventually the problem will reappear. For your peace of mind, I want to note again that it is quite normal if there are disagreements between partners. This does not mean that your love ends. Healthy relationships grow and develop through conflicts and their solutions.

Before trying to fix a conflict, you need to find the cause.

Causes of conflicts in relationships

1. Selfishness

There are times when we are so determined to get what we want that we forget to think about the people around us. Couples often have conflicts due to the fact that one of the partners is too selfish. Sometimes, this is done deliberately and only exacerbates the problem. Selfishness is number one on the list because when a person does not respect a partner’s needs, it becomes impossible to develop a healthy relationship. Don’t be selfish even if you want to impress someone. Modesty beautifies a person and makes him a more attractive person.

2. Incorrect communication

How you express your opinions, feelings and emotions to your partner directly affects your relationship. Correct communication is the key to a happy life for any couple. Irregular and incorrect communication in most cases leads to a breakdown in relations. In any situation, take time to hear each other and sincerely share your feelings and experiences with your partner.

3. Resentment

I have often met situations when one of the partners offends the other. And if a person who is being insulted is unable to report the offense, then he retains these negative emotions in himself. It also happens that a person is simply upset and dissatisfied, but does not say why. In this case, his partner thinks that he is not interested in him and does not feel the desire to develop a relationship.

4. Criticism

The most unpleasant thing is to be surrounded by people who constantly criticize you. The second annoying thing is when a person claims that the reasons for the conflict in your relationship are not their fault. One partner blames the other for everything no matter what happens and will never admit his mistakes. The funny thing about this situation is that when things are going well, then he takes all the credit.

5. Unrealistic expectations

I also love to watch romantic films in which they say that there is a perfect man somewhere and I will definitely be happy with him. The problem is that we don’t want to do anything except wait for our soul mate. Life experience taught me that you need to build your own happiness and the life that we want. Yes, it is very good when your person is really near, who loves, appreciates and respects. But happiness is your personal responsibility. In many ways, conflicts arise because one or both partners feel that their expectations are not being met. They often place too high demands on a person, which he is not able to fulfill.

6. Constant control

The desire to have power over people is part of human nature. We like to feel superior to someone, and this often manifests itself in relationships. Excessive concern for a person can harm him. Whenever you are trying to control your partner, put yourself in his shoes. How will you feel?

7. Anger and anger

These feelings drain our energy and will definitely not help us build a happy relationship. Overcoming anger requires us to listen and understand our partner. Let the other person express their point of view without saying a word. Then rephrase what he said as accurately and respectfully as possible. This exercise will allow you to better understand people and avoid misunderstandings.

8. Our disadvantages

Each of us has our drawbacks. We often avoid shortcomings and do not want to accept them. But if we want to develop ourselves as a person and build correct relationships with people, then we must work on ourselves. Plus, it will improve our quality of life and make us a happier person. Therefore, if you do not like something about yourself, try to fix it.

My advice to you, if you are having serious relationship problems and are unsure of what to do, seek professional help. It is wrong to assume that you know everything and are capable of solving all problems. You and your partner can get help from a therapist or psychologist. You may need a more experienced person to see the reasons for the conflict in your relationship from your side.