The main reasons why you find it difficult to find a man.

Perhaps you already had a relationship, but you were not happy with it. In addition, you often see how your friends and acquaintances create happy families, have children and enjoy life. And you constantly think about your shortcomings and why it is difficult for you to find a man. Then it’s time to do some self-examination and find out if the problems described below can explain your predicament.

1. You have low self-esteem.

You probably think you’re not good enough and are worried that you’ll disappoint your man on first dates. If you have low self-esteem, then you have no self-love. And if you don’t love yourself, how can you expect other people to feel sympathy and attraction for you? They may feel your low self-esteem, which makes you less attractive to other people. And this is one of the main reasons why you find it difficult to find a man.

I had quite a lot of similar relationships that I destroyed at the very beginning, because I felt not good enough for this person. Low self-esteem opens the door to many challenges in your personal and professional life. You are more likely to experience social anxiety, resentment, and anger. You should definitely start working on building your confidence. Make a list of what you like and dislike about yourself. There will probably be many more points that you don’t like, right? Next, start fixing them.

Don’t like the figure? Start going to the gym, exercise, and devote more time to proper nutrition. No need to feel sorry for yourself, fix what you don’t like. And over time, your self-esteem will begin to grow, and you will become more attractive to potential partners. Don’t like your job? Work on your skills and gain new knowledge. Contact your friends and acquaintances with the question of in-demand vacancies that suit you. I noticed that when we do what we like, then we have a sparkle in our eyes, which attracts people into our life.

Yes, you can say that it is easy to say, but in reality it is not so easy. But aren’t you obligated to love yourself and enjoy life? Begin to show sincere feelings, communicate more with people, and do not think about your shortcomings. Learn to be persistent and figure out what areas in your life you need to work on so that they stop bothering you.

2. You are emotionally unavailable

Many girls do not realize that they are emotionally unprepared for a relationship, and therefore it is difficult for them to find a man. Yes, they want to experience feelings of love and care, but they often create barriers that make life much more difficult. It is difficult for you to open up because you are afraid that they may hurt your feelings and hurt. In addition, you may be attracted to men who are just as emotionally unavailable, but it will be very difficult to build normal relationships with them.

I know a lot of cases when men met different women at the same time. And although it is painful to realize, it is precisely your emotional inaccessibility that is the reason why you cannot find a person with whom you can build a truly open and happy relationship.

How to handle this? Start working with your fears. What are you afraid of in a relationship? That you will be deceived or betrayed? Unfortunately, this can happen to any partner. Fear of intimacy is a popular reason people stay single. You have to fix this in order to get a sense of yourself and understand what feelings you want to have. Look deep inside yourself and try to figure out what makes you avoid people. Make a commitment to work on yourself. You alone are responsible for your life, and you should do your best to get closer to people, despite your fears or pain that you have experienced in the past.

You need to let go of your fears in order to gain insight into yourself and open up to new relationships.

3. Manifestation of jealousy

Girls often spoil relationships, and it is difficult for them to find a man because of the manifestation of jealousy in completely inappropriate situations. They constantly strive to identify problems where there are none. Some men may like strong and self-sufficient women, but excessive jealousy and constant arguments will not lead to long-term relationships. When you try to shield your man from other women, you show your low self-esteem and not self-love.

Life is not a TV show or a melodrama, men cannot be treated like in a TV series. They prefer to have a relationship without quarrels and scandals. You have to say what you don’t like. Just try to show words and emotions deliberately, and not make dramas from scratch. If you really are the initiator of conflicts, then try not to overreact to minor inconveniences. This will make your life easier and attract the desired people into your social circle.

4. Finding love in the wrong places

If you find it difficult to find a man, or you do not know for what reason the guy you met does not write, then these are not your people and not the places where you can find love. Finding someone for a relationship in the wrong places means you don’t know exactly who you are looking for. In addition, girls often use sexual promiscuity as a way to attract a man, which does not lead to a long-term relationship.

In fact, it is not advisable to seek love at all. These feelings appear unexpectedly, and at the moment when you are in harmony with yourself and the world around you. You never know where you can meet the person with whom you will build a happy relationship. Live and enjoy life, and love will overtake you where you do not expect at all. I’m not saying that you need to sit at home and wait for everything to happen by itself. Attend events of your interest, a gym, various exhibitions. Just don’t get addicted to the relationship. I know many cases when girls experienced severe pain and resentment if, after intimacy, the guy no longer called them.

5. Expectations are too high

Perhaps you’ve been in a relationship before, but didn’t like it and didn’t feel satisfied? And all due to the fact that you have too long a list of criteria that a man must meet. Yes, everyone has a dream guy, most likely he is tall, rich, funny and smart. But the years of loneliness led you to the fact that you have created an ideal image for yourself and do not let anyone else into your life. But the point is, your ideal boyfriend may simply not exist. It’s just a figment of your imagination, a fictional character created by your thoughts and dreams.

There is no need to wait for a prince on a white horse. Try to be more realistic about things and what surrounds you. I’m sure there are a lot of good guys around you to have a relationship with, even if they aren’t perfect. The point is that you expect too much from a man. Ultimately, you alone are responsible for your own happiness. The expectation that someone else will provide for your life and satisfy all your desires creates excessively high demands. You must formulate reasonable expectations and articulate them for yourself.

Let’s summarize:

  • Start working on your self-esteem. Improve your personality and focus on loving yourself;
  • You find it difficult to find a man because of the fear of a failed relationship. Work on it and don’t be afraid to open yourself up to new people;
  • Don’t be jealous and don’t make dramas in inappropriate situations;
  • Focus on yourself and love will find you. Visit the places you like to find the right people;
  • Don’t have high expectations. Be realistic, take responsibility for a happy life into your own hands.

Most single women who find it difficult to find a man tend to have several of these problems, and in many ways they are interrelated. Most importantly, love yourself and don’t be afraid of the relationship. Happiness is in your hands, and only you are able to discover it.