The reasons for suspicion in relationships and how to deal with them?

Suspiciousness in a relationship kills all hopes of a happy, long-term relationship. Almost every day on TV channels, in newspapers and on various websites, there are reports that mistrust between partners complicates life and destroys marriage. Sometimes suspicion in a relationship can go to such extremes that a man or woman arranges surveillance of their partner.

I have also met quite a few of these people who are suspicious of their partners. And this is a really big problem. I can tell you about many real life situations when mistrust between people destroyed their relationship. Because I receive letters from people from different countries who suffer from the disease of suspicion.

Reasons for suspicion

There can be many reasons for suspicion in a relationship. Some of the main ones are: jealousy, lack of effective communication, misunderstanding and mistrust. The life of spouses can turn into a nightmare if one of them begins to show distrust, follows all the steps of the spouse, and suspects him of everything. Imagine how a person will feel when he finds out that his spouse is checking all calls, messages and emails. Thus, trying to find evidence of infidelity. This becomes especially offensive when a person does not give cause for doubt. And various excuses and trials only complicate the problem.

How mistrust between a man and a woman destroys a relationship

Not so long ago, I received a message in the mail that my husband beat his wife because he suspected her of an affair with a neighbor. He suspected her of everything, even that their children were not his. Therefore, I made the children take a DNA test. And of course, he hired a man to spy on his wife. And even after being told that his suspicions were wrong, he continued to question his wife about her nonexistent lover. Which ultimately led to the breakup.

Another incident happened to a good friend of mine who also fell victim to suspicion in a relationship. This guy worked as a bank manager and worked late most of the time. He was a hardworking and friendly person. But his regular delays at work, and his late return home, soon became suspicious of his wife. She began to regularly accuse her husband of his love affairs. And this led to the fact that quarrels arose between them every day. He endured all his wife’s suspicions just for the sake of their child. But when everything became unbearable, he decided that it was better for them to part.

How suspicious relationships affect a person’s life

If mistrust in a relationship becomes a daily occurrence, it can negatively affect your health and life in general. A person who constantly distrust is presented with a worst-case scenario. Even the simple case of a spouse not answering the phone can make a chronically suspicious person think about the worst. With their negative thinking, such people not only make their lives hell, but also the lives of those around them. Such people take away the peace of mind of both themselves and their partner.

Quite often, being suspicious in a relationship can be just as damaging to a relationship as cheating or cheating. After all, if the accusations are not confirmed, the partner may be offended and will not want to continue the relationship with this person. Exactly the same situation happened with my good friend, whom my wife constantly suspected of treason. Although during his marriage he never had physical intimacy with other women, except for his wife. But the constant accusations and suspicions from his wife forced him to file for divorce. And after a while, he found a new girlfriend, with whom they have been happily married for more than two years.

What to do in case of suspicion in a relationship

Adultery is really common these days. But this, of course, does not mean that each of us is cheating or cheating on our spouse. This is actually a very delicate issue and must be dealt with with great care. After all, the fact that your husband or wife is regularly delayed at work. Or spending too much time away from home is not proof of romance. So do not rush to draw conclusions without strong evidence.

Start by writing down all the reasons why you think your spouse is cheating. Also write down as many incidents as possible that caused you to doubt his infidelity. Then put yourself in the role of a fair judge, and think about the points written. Do they convince you that your spouse is unfaithful to you? If not, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you still have doubts, then go ahead and try to figure it out.

Just don’t be overly suspicious. For example, if you find some hair on your husband’s shirt, this is not yet proof that he is sleeping with another woman. Perhaps it happened when he hugged a colleague or relative in a friendly way. So do not prematurely judge your spouse without analyzing the situation. To sort things out, you can ask your husband directly, just without insulting him. If the explanation he gives satisfies you, then you can calm down on that. But if you still suspect him, then sort out the situation until you reach the truth. And start confronting your spouse only if you have strong evidence of his infidelity.

You shouldn’t share your relationship problems with everyone you know, friends, and family. All problems between married couples should remain only between them. And third parties should not be involved in this. I know many men and women who have shared their suspicions with other people. And this only complicated the situation. If you need to consult someone. Then find someone who specializes in this and can provide useful advice. Suspiciousness in relationships really negatively affects a person’s life and his relationships with people around him. Therefore, if you see that your spouse does not trust you and is suspicious, then talk to him about it. Try to help him get rid of his suspicions. Until this led to your breakup.