The reasons why a man is afraid of the woman he is in love with?

Fear, feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment in relation to the object of sympathy are most often inherent in women. However, men are also capable of experiencing these feelings. Our society has certain expectations and requirements for male behavior. Therefore, if a man is afraid of a woman, he will never say it out loud … Our article will help you understand the reasons for these feelings, as well as understand how to behave properly with such a person.

How to understand that a man is afraid of a woman because of falling in love?

There are certain behavioral traits that betray his feelings towards you. Do not hesitate: he is definitely in love if:

  • He tries to please you, to be better than he really is. When he sees you, he nervously straightens his hair and tugs at his shirt.
  • During a conversation with you, he is noticeably nervous, does not know where to put his hands, makes awkward movements.
  • Speaks indistinctly, stumbles, gets confused in facts.
  • Tries to cheer you up and cheer you up, makes compliments.
  • He looks for casual meetings, and when he sees you in the crowd, he cannot look away and pays all his attention to you.
  • He cares, protects you and tries to protect you.

The main causes of fear in men

Girls are accustomed to the fact that the initiative in a relationship should come from the opposite sex. If a man is afraid of you, he will never take the first step, although he will show you signs of attention. You should not be upset in vain, look for reasons in yourself or be complex. Try to imagine yourself in the guy’s place, and the motivation for his actions will be clear to you.

Why are men afraid of women? Let’s consider the main reasons:

  • Due to past negative experiences. Perhaps in the past, this man had an unhappy love or a difficult breakup that hurt him very much. Maybe this person tried several times to show initiative in the relationship, but he was refused, as a result of which he began to be painful about new acquaintances. The most unpleasant option – the guy could become the object of female ridicule.
  • Due to the peculiarities of character and temperament. There are men whose character is distinguished by modesty and restraint. As a rule, such people look closely at the object of sympathy for a long time and wait for the right moment to start a conversation. Don’t expect such a guy to serenade you at night; he will not become the star of the company and will not charm your girlfriends. This type of people is wonderful fathers and family men, loyal friends, patient spouses. Perhaps it is with such a person that you will live a long and happy life. Therefore, do not hesitate to take the initiative in your own hands.
  • Because of self-doubt. Psychological complexes and clamps prevent such a man from expressing himself in front of a woman. It may seem to him that he is inferior in many respects to others. In some cases, uncertainty can be associated with a difficult financial situation. If he has a mortgage and a student loan, he will worry that he cannot give you the life you deserve. Sometimes a young man does not have the money for an extra trip to the cinema, so he refuses to start a relationship with a woman.
  • Due to lack of experience in dealing with women. He did not have a serious relationship, so he does not know how to get to know a woman, how to behave correctly in certain situations. Behind external modesty, there can be a stormy male temperament, which will manifest itself if you are more patient. Give such a man time to relax.
  • If you seem too good to him. Perhaps your companion tends to idealize you and belittle himself. That is why he may feel that you will refuse his attempts to get closer. As a result, we observe the following behavior: he expresses sympathy or even tries to become your best friend, but at the slightest hint of romance, he gives up. Have pity on the lover and take the initiative into your own hands!

Types of girls men are afraid of

Can a man be afraid of a woman he is not in love with? Of course it can. Gynophobia is the scientific name for men’s fear of women. This is one of the types of psychological phobias. The reason for the fear of a woman is the psychological stress experienced in childhood or adolescence. In this case, you need to discuss this issue with a psychotherapist. Most often, they experience fear and anxiety when dealing with certain types of women.

The types of women men fear are:

  • Rude, aggressive, impudent women who achieve their goals at any cost. As a rule, a quiet and calm man who was raised by an overbearing mother or grandmother becomes the ideal partner for such a woman.
  • A girl who demonstrates her sexuality and free nature. Most often, they simply do not know how to build their behavior with such a woman.
  • Overly emotional woman. Men love stability and tranquility, and constant female tantrums are very difficult to withstand even for the most patient guy. But there are pluses in such a relationship: life with such a woman will never be boring.
  • Woman boss. Such women have an overly strong character and are used to dominating any relationship. Next to such a woman, he cannot show his masculine qualities, there is a violation of sexual roles.
  • Woman manipulator. At first glance, these women are very affectionate, sociable and courteous, but over time it becomes clear that this is just a mask. Such women gradually “crush” their companion under themselves, forcing him to fulfill his whims and desires.
  • The above types of women are afraid of men. Try to avoid them if you like the person but are uncomfortable in the relationship.

How to become a woman your companion won’t be afraid of

A man will definitely appreciate it when you:

  • Be open and free;
  • Show a sense of humor;
  • Help others;
  • Demonstrate a broad outlook;
  • Have an active life position;
  • Be able to laugh at your shortcomings.

You should not change for the sake of someone who does not have a strong character and will not appreciate your desire to please him.

In this article, we examined the reasons and features of the fear of a man in love with a woman. Now you know when it is worth taking the first step in a relationship and why sometimes some are afraid of women.