The reclusive lifestyle in the modern world and how does the Internet help such people?

I don’t think the reclusive way of life brings pleasure to anyone. But the internet can be the medium that leads some people into seclusion. Many guys and girls become too dependent on him and may lose the desire to communicate in real life. It may be that these people have become victims of online harassment and are afraid to leave their homes. People become reclusive for many reasons. And most of them are related to work from home and the Internet. But it should be noted that the global network does offer many conveniences for people who enjoy a reclusive lifestyle.

Previously, if a person did not want to leave the house, then he had to do it, because he had no other choice. Various needs and responsibilities pushed him out into the street. And, if such people did not have an assistant nearby who could carry out various assignments, then they had to do everything themselves. In addition, most of them did not have enough money, so they had to go to work. I know many people who lead this way of life. Many of them feel anxious and uneasy in the presence of other people. Due to the fact that they spend too much time at home and in a hurry to quickly return to their comfort zone. But they need to fight this if they want to become full members of society.

Why do people begin to lead a reclusive lifestyle?

Most people certainly don’t want to be hermits. After all, we are all social beings. We want physical intimacy with people, relationships and love. But there are specific reasons why people are reclusive:

  • Many people enjoy living and working alone. They can better concentrate on their work and be more productive;
  • They wake up whenever they want and can plan their day themselves. They do not need to wake up from another person’s alarm clock or from a screaming child;
  • They can do whatever they like best;
  • They have a good opportunity to save money and use their budget more efficiently;
  • Such people do not like communication, and believe that friends and family only cause more problems. Yes, it’s selfish, but reclusive people think it’s fair. They never impose their opinion on others and do not want someone to impose on them. When such a person needs help, he buys it, or in extreme cases relies on the help of the government.

How social media helps the hermit

While some reclusive people are not interested in socializing, others enjoy interacting with people. However, they still do not want to leave their homes. Social networks such as Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram and many others allow such people to “spread their wings” within their home. People who do not feel comfortable with live communication can send virtual messages, various hugs and kisses to keep in touch with their friends and relatives. They can see a person using video communication, but not being in the same room. The Internet gives a person tremendous opportunities. We can monitor the lives of other people through social media. Watch their photos, videos and all the changes that are taking place in their lives. On the Internet, there are many different communities and forums of interest, so that such people can virtually meet and share with their friends something interesting and useful.

A reclusive lifestyle helps you earn money from the comfort of your home

Now you can study and earn money without even leaving your home. People with certain Internet skills and a strong desire to avoid the outside world may not even leave their apartments. Many companies offer work from home. In addition, there are many online courses through which you can get a certain certificate for further work. Some companies offer specialized training and prepare people in the areas they need. These can be graphic designers, marketers, web designers, programmers, and many others. There are also various programs that greatly simplify the life and business of entrepreneurs. So, for people who enjoy their privacy and want as much of it as possible, these options provide an opportunity to stay at home and earn a living.

Convenience of online shopping for the hermit

The global network has now become so developed that a person who does not like to go out can buy anything on the Internet. This feature makes life much easier for reclusive individuals who experience anxiety in the social environment. Instead of constantly being in traffic jams and running around the shops, they can sit in front of their computer and order whatever they want. Plus, it’ll be delivered right to their door. Most retail stores and department stores have online catalogs from which people can order anything. Starting with clothing, and ending with goods for animals or food. Many grocery stores have online sites where a person can place their order and the groceries will be delivered to their home. The list of things and services that people can order online is endless.

In addition, many companies, banks and other organizations also operate on the Internet. And now you can easily pay utility bills, or another bill that comes to a person. The Internet allows you to receive your salary directly into your account. So there are very few things left that people have to leave the house every day. Perhaps someone else has to take their car to a service center. But I think that soon there will be changes in this area. So this wide range of possibilities makes the reclusive lifestyle less painful. And the hermit now lives much easier than it was before.

Of course, you won’t be able to hide from people all the time. After all, you have family and friends who will want to see you anyway. And do not forget the advantages that life in society provides. And there are many other possibilities that exist in real life.