Tips on how to stop crying?

Unfortunately, in many cases it is not as easy to stop crying as we would like it to be. Think positively, focus on positive thoughts. Think about what makes you laugh and smile. These are just a few vague and impractical tips that you may come across when looking for an answer to the question of how to stop crying. Let’s put all these psychological tricks aside for a moment and look at some real-world methods that you can use in everyday situations. Here are some simple tips to say goodbye to those pesky tears.

1. Watch a funny video

Perhaps some difficult and too emotional moment made tears roll down your cheek. And while watching a funny video may not match the mood you are in right now, this is exactly what you need to do now. You need to challenge your current state of mind. So go to YouTube, watch some funny videos that made millions of viewers cling to their belly with laughter. There are many different genres and themes on YouTube. So you have the opportunity to choose exactly the kind of humor that you like.

2. Don’t hold back tears and cry to the fullest

Sometimes the easiest way to stop crying is to flush negative emotions out of your body. If you are really in a situation where you cannot calm down, no matter how hard you try. Then trying to hold back the tears can work against you. Therefore, emotions must be released. Feel free to cry and weep like a child. Release all your negative emotions. In the event that you want to scream, do so. If you have a friend who will accept your tears normally, listen to you and support you, then call him. You will soon feel better, and you will be back to normal.

3. Take a few deep breaths in and out.

Taking long, deep breaths increases the supply of oxygen to the body. And it is extremely useful when we are in a depressed state. Taking deep breaths will give you a sense of calm and increase awareness of your own actions. Your body will immediately feel relaxed. During these breathing procedures, you can close your eyes, focus only on your breathing, and try to distract yourself from your problems.

4. Eat or drink something hot or cold

How to stop crying? Eat something tasty. Hot or cold foods can distract our minds from sinking deeper into the emotional vortex. As a result, we started crying. Perhaps you like hot tea, coffee, or cappuccino. Maybe you like to eat ice cream, dark chocolate, or drink Coca-Cola. Then take it and just indulge yourself in these delights. You can also include your favorite movie or TV show. Take coffee or ice cream with you and enjoy this pleasant time. Your overwhelmed state of mind, coupled with the pleasure of eating and watching TV, should take you out of the abyss of crying and then place you in your familiar comfort zone.

5. Wash your face and leave the house

Although, this advice may not be the best option if you are already crying. But it can be the perfect way to stop crying when tears are just starting to roll down your cheeks. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the bathroom and wash your eyes;
  • If you have a favorite face soap, then use it. To give yourself a soothing scent and light freshness;
  • Then go to your wardrobe and get your favorite outfit;
  • Dress quickly, look at yourself in the mirror, and go outside;
  • Take your laptop, iPad or any other mobile device. And just spend some time alone at your favorite local cafe. Sip on your favorite coffee or whatever drink you like. And enjoy this time.

6. Play your favorite music

They say that music heals the soul. So if you want to stop crying, play your favorite songs and let the tunes take over your senses. Grab your smartphone, or better yet, if you have a music system at home, then play some soothing music and sit back on the couch. Classical instrumental music or something inspirational are genres that can work wonders and soothe a person. If you like, you can have a glass of good wine, some chocolate, and spend time listening to soothing music. The only thing you should avoid is songs or tracks that can bring up memories of unpleasant situations that triggered your emotional outburst.

7. Close your eyes and lie down for a while.

If your sobbing has not reached its ultimate level, then you can lie down on the bed, calm down, and relax mentally and physically. After all, if you have just cried, then your eyes need rest. And sleep can be the perfect solution to the problem – how to stop crying. Although, in this case, sleep may not come naturally. But you still just lie down and close your eyes. If you want, try covering yourself with a towel dipped in cold water if it’s summer, or hot water if it’s winter.

8. Get yourself and your appearance in shape

Taking care of your body and your appearance can help you stop crying. In this case, women can visit a beauty salon, and men can go to the gym or go for a run. These are great ways to make yourself feel better and get rid of negative thoughts in your head. The reason is pretty simple. When we take care of ourselves, we become prettier and healthier. As a result, we feel more confident and our emotional state improves. Therefore, women are encouraged to engage in their beauty, and guys with more courageous deeds.

9. Take a bath to feel better

A hot shower or bath can be a relaxing and soothing method to stop crying. Add a variety of wash accessories here, such as revitalizing shower gel, scented soap or bath bombs. Take a bath or shower to wash away your sorrows. This will help you relax the muscles in your body, and will create a soothing sensation. And this is exactly what you need. You can use bright shower gel or scented bath soap to revive your senses and lift your mood.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

In the event that you often cry and cannot calm down yourself. Then you better seek help from a psychologist. He will be able to determine how it will be easier for you to cope with this depressed state. It will also provide additional instructions on how to stop crying in your particular situation. Just don’t be in this state for a long time. Otherwise, it can cause more serious psychological problems.