Visualization of desires: how to do it right

You may have seen the film “The Secret”, which deals with the so-called “law of attraction” and the possibilities of its use, the ability of a person to influence the surrounding reality with his thoughts alone. The film tells in some detail about the method of visualization – a mental representation of what you want (money, health, relationships) in order to attract it into your life. But many, having tried such visualization in practice, do not achieve the expected results and are disappointed in the method. They declare the law of attraction is an invention of swindlers trying to make money from gullible simpletons who hope to get certain benefits without putting any effort into it.

What is visualization?

In fact, using the law of attraction does not at all imply receiving a variety of benefits for free. The film “The Secret” explains only in a new form the principle of the identity of the subtle and dense worlds, emphasizes the importance of internal work, which sometimes requires no less time and energy than efforts made in the external world.

Visualization is one of the ways that allows you to influence material reality through work with a subtle plan – a reflection of your subconscious. In the process of successful implementation of visualization, the assemblage point of consciousness (the way of perceiving the world) changes.

A significant displacement of the assemblage point leads to a transformation of the quality of energy flows coming from a person and, as a result, a change in the conditions of his life.

So, having created a positive attitude and ascended to a higher energy level with the help of correctly performed visualization, a person begins to achieve results in a way that seems to people who are fixed on lower energy levels at best, magic, at worst – evidence of universal injustice.

Replacing the lower emotions emitted by us (fear, shame, anger, despondency) with higher ones (love, joy, appreciation, enthusiasm) is the “payment” that is required to change personal reality.

How to practice visualization?

Although the goal of visualization is to increase your energy level, it is better to start doing it when you are already in an elevated, or at least even, calm mood. If you are annoyed or upset about something, it will be quite difficult to quickly switch to more positive emotions without resorting to volitional efforts: the mind will most likely return again and again to thoughts that caused negative feelings.

Therefore, before activating in your imagination specific thought forms that you want to attract into your life, you need to balance your energy, your mood. The fastest and easiest way to achieve this is through meditation.

Through meditation, your mood will naturally come into balance. And you will avoid introducing negative energy into the new reality created through visualization.

Visualization is the process of mentally presenting what you want to attract it into your life. What should be done for this? Close your eyes. Look inside yourself. What would you like? Find one specific sincere desire. Let it be something not too important for a start, but still sincerely desired. Now imagine a future in which a dream has come true. Intermediate stages are not needed, you are like looking in a mirror reflecting an already accomplished fact. The picture should be bright. Feel it as if you merge with it. As if it really happened. Feel the joy of a “wish come true.” Immerse yourself in this future reality, fully enjoy it. Remember your feelings well and regularly recreate them in your head. Further, the subconscious mind itself will find the path of realization, as if stretching a thread or a bridge between the present and the picture you have created.

By replacing the term “visualization” with the word “sensitization”, you can give a more precise description of what to work with. By immersing yourself in images, you establish an emotional background that will be reproduced in the circumstances of external reality. Therefore, the specific details of the mental image are not so important as the emotions that the formed image evokes. They will be reproduced exactly. For this reason, it is often more effective to present yourself as simply loved and satisfied in a romantic relationship, for example, than to go into the details of what your ideal partner should be.

Common mistakes

It is important to understand that you are practicing visualization not only for the specifically designated activities, for example, 15 minutes before bed, but continuously. It’s just that during direct visualization you work with your energy consciously, allowing your subconscious to work the rest of the time.

What does a person usually do after completing the exercise of visualizing the desired future? He returns to the old way of perceiving the world, not realizing that every habitual negative emotional reaction in response to what is happening in life is also visualization, albeit unconscious.

For the desired to come true, it takes a willingness to confront the challenges of reality for some time. Do not allow yourself to fall into despair out of habit, be angry with yourself or others when something in life is not going the way you would like. If you are unable to control your emotional state, to resist the negative background of your subconscious, then you will not be able to gain power over the external events of your life.

Another mistake that many make is the belief that there is only one “prize”. Looking, for example, at a person they like who is already in a relationship, or a desired position at a job that is already occupied by someone, people come to the disappointing conclusion that what they want is unattainable, or they enter into a fierce struggle with competitors. This way of thinking creates a situation in which they are often left with nothing.

Instead of focusing on details, challenge yourself to visualize the essence of what you like. As a result, circumstances will develop in such a way that what you want will appear in your life.

Tips for beginners

The more significant changes in your life you want to make with the help of visualization, the more dramatic changes in your attitude should be prepared. So, if you made it your goal to dramatically “attract” material well-being into your life, you will have to change a number of ideas about the world and your place in it, which previously kept you from receiving a sufficient amount of financial resources.

These can be attitudes such as “material resources are limited”, “I am not worthy of success”, “big money can only be earned by dishonest means”, “wealth spoils a person”. Not only will your life circumstances change, but also your values, ideals, character.

It is much easier to start mastering the visualization method with objects that are not of great importance to you and do not imply cardinal changes in outlook. For some, the appearance of an additional $ 1000 on the account is a pleasant trifle and does not seem to be an extraordinary event at all. For others, the same amount feels like an urgent need.

Choose something that will truly delight you and grab your attention when materializing, but which you can easily do without. The thought that a wish may never come true should not cause strong negative emotions in you.

For example, it would be nice to someday go on a trip abroad, which now seems almost unrealistic due to limited financial resources or a busy work schedule. But if it doesn’t work out, nothing terrible will happen. This statement of desire does not imply haste. You don’t need a vacation to feel happy. You just enjoy thinking about how much fun you would have had if you had the opportunity to travel. This is the ideal situation for the fulfillment of desire.

Working on the visualization of even the simplest desires, you will better understand the inextricable connection of the inner world of any person with the flow of external events in his life, you will begin to live more consciously.