What are the goals pursued by the partners of a fictitious marriage and what is its danger?

Many couples are striving for a stamp in their passports. Here are just the reasons for them may differ significantly. While some are in a hurry to legitimize their strong relationships, others are looking for ways to solve their own financial or migration problems. There are other reasons for a bargain marriage. At the same time, its name remains the same – a fictitious marriage, which can cause damage to both the state and one of the participants in such a deliberate fraud.

What is the difference between a fictitious marriage

According to the laws of our country, the conditions for marriage are three factors:

  • the presence of mutual consent of partners;
  • reaching the age specified in legislative acts;
  • desire to create together a unit of society, with cohabitation, birth and upbringing of children and common financial obligations.

What is the difference between a fictitious marriage

For a fictitious marriage on paper, the same rules apply. But the goals of such a union are more like a business agreement, especially if the first paragraph is observed. Indeed, in this case, both partners are aware of the nature of their union and are fully aware of what they are going on and what they are risking. Such a marriage looks less advantageous with a unilateral decision to create a fiction. In this case, a partner who is more trusting and deceived in the end can suffer not only material and financial losses, but also receive a rather severe psychological trauma, which only qualified psychologists will help to cope with. In this case, the realization that in response to love and sincerity you were simply used can lead to a decrease in self-esteem, the development of complexes, isolation, depression and even suicidal thoughts. It is difficult for especially vulnerable individuals to get out of this situation without specialists. All the more important is the responsibility when choosing a partner and taking into account some of the tips with which we will try to protect you from the cunning plans of scammers. As they say, forewarned means – armed.

How is a fictitious union

The very fact of a fictitious marriage is no different from a legal marriage. The same applications to the registry office, signature on the letterhead, wedding, flowers and congratulations. All differences begin later. At the stage of having or not living together.

True, the ways of entering into a fictitious legal relationship can also be different:

  • For reward. In this case, the person who benefits from the union rallies the agreed amount to the newly-made spouse.
  • By agreement. In this case, both spouses are interested in the transaction and pursue their interests, carefully discussing all the conditions and agreeing on mutual benefits.
  • By deception. Here we are talking about fraud on the part of one partner, while the second sincerely believes in the reciprocity of love and a happy future.

What is the danger of fictitious marriages

The presence of a stamp in the passport gives some advantages, and makes others more vulnerable. The fraudster in this case can hope for such privileges:

  • inheritance, since it is the spouse who is the heir of the first priority;
  • division of property, in which the partner clearly loses, who spent more of their savings on purchases during their family life;
  • maintenance in the form of alimony, which partners of pre-retirement age can count on, upon retirement within 5 years after the divorce, as well as upon recognition of incapacity for work during the union or within one year after the divorce.

How to protect yourself from scammers

It is very difficult at times to distinguish an experienced fraudster who skillfully plays the role of a passionately in love partner. Such personalities usually look closely at the victim for a long time, study all her habits and preferences, which allows you to quickly enter the location, become a kindred spirit that does not cause any suspicion or doubt.

In any case, you should be wary in such cases:

  • with active courting by foreigners;
  • any hints about the need for registration and the lack of housing;
  • pressure on pity and stories about a difficult period in life, problems, illnesses, etc.;
  • a sudden decision to apply to the registry office, especially before a big purchase on your part.

You need to understand that by completing the purchase already in a new marriage, you give your partner all rights to your funds. Such scammers will not be able to claim the privatized housing. But if they are registered in a municipal apartment after a divorce, they will have the right to live in this territory, which will force you to look for funds to pay his share. Be also prepared for the fact that more often professionals decide on serious fraud with a fictitious marriage. They study laws and will immediately collect all the facts in their favor:

  • In response to your applications for separation, they will be able to show certificates of employment in another area or city.
  • Records of your conversations or correspondence may be presented to your statement about the lack of communication between you. In this case, only cuttings of fragments can be made, which will testify in favor of the version of the fraudster.
  • The lack of joint plans and material support is easily challenged by such a defendant by providing different checks and bills.

To prepare the process and, most importantly, to win in the form of annulling a marriage, you will need the professional help of lawyers. But the restoration of your spiritual harmony and the return of faith in men and the sincerity of relationships – this will already be a task for psychologists.

What is the punishment for fictitious unions in different countries

The most common reason for concluding fictitious marriages abroad is obtaining a visa or citizenship. At the same time, different countries have different penalties for these frauds:

What is the punishment for fictitious unions

  • in the United States, first of all, the strictest control has been developed over any marriages with foreigners in order to prevent migration fraud. Couples are subject to multiple checks, during which they must prove their willingness and sincere desire to create a real family. At the same time, it will not be enough to learn by heart all the preferences and habits of the second half. You will need to provide documented evidence in the form of shared bills, rental contracts, and other evidence of your shared household. If a fictitious marriage is discovered, the partners may face liability in the form of imprisonment for up to 5 years or a substantial fine of a quarter of a million dollars. In addition, data on fraudsters will be entered into the databases of the US immigration services, which will greatly complicate the further receipt of a green card;
  • UK immigration benefit from fictitious marriages is not criminalized. But such fraudulent union registrations can qualify as fraud, facilitation of illegal entry into the country or bigamy, for which the law provides for appropriate penalties and fines;
  • in Belgium, such marriages are considered coercive unions (when one party suffers) or are ranked as more significant misconduct that calls into question the country’s municipality (with an interest in the benefits of both partners). Since 2013, marriage fraudsters in this country can receive a sentence of three years in prison and a fine of 250 euros. When a fiction is concluded with a foreigner, Belgians are sentenced to imprisonment for up to 5 years, and foreigners are deported with a ban on entry for up to 5 years.

A fictitious marriage is in any case a deception. Even if it is carried out by agreement of both parties. In this case, feelings and emotions suffer. People are forced to pretend more, hide their true love, live other people’s roles. From this, various psychoemotional disorders arise. And most importantly, such a union never brings happiness and harmony (except when real feelings arise between fictitious partners).

To solve household, migration and financial problems, it is worth looking for other solutions. Without depriving yourself of the opportunity to find your soul mate and build a happy family with her, in which trust, love and respect will reign, and children’s laughter will be heard.

Otherwise, having decided on a fiction in relationships and marriage, very soon you will have to become a client of a psychologist who will deal with your constant stresses, disappointments, failures and complexes. You should not complicate your life and waste precious time on deceiving yourself and your destiny in the first place. Be sincere in love, do not play with feelings, respect the laws – and then you will have great chances to create a strong family and achieve success in life.