What can you talk about on a date?

Knowing what to talk about on a date is just as important as knowing what to wear and how to behave. Especially if this is your first meeting with a person. After all, we want to leave a good impression of ourselves, and nervousness and social anxiety prevent us from maintaining a comfortable conversation. Therefore, we must remember what is needed and what not to say on a date if we want it to be successful.

Tips for what to talk about on a date

1. Compliment

Exchanging pleasantries will help make your conversation more comfortable, while a good compliment will help win over the person and help start a conversation. For example, you might say, “You look so good. What do you do, or which gym do you go to ”? You need to find such a topic for conversation, so that it would be really pleasant and interesting for the person to talk about it.

2. Ask about interests and hobbies

One of the most common topics to talk about on a date is interests and hobbies. Questions such as “What do you do in your free time?” or “what hobbies do you have outside of work?” – great for a first date. As a result of the answers to these questions, subsequent ones will arise, and you will get to know your partner better. Understanding the interests and preferences of a person will also help you in further communication with him. In addition, it can tell a lot about his personality traits and life priorities.

3. Discuss trending news

If you really don’t know what to talk about on a date and don’t have topics to talk about, then talk about what everyone’s talking about right now. This may be news from the world of show business, some events that have recently occurred in your city. Either something as simple as trending YouTube videos, or your favorite blogger and his captivating stories. Topics like these can also help you stay away from personal conversations if you’re not already ready for them. But before you start talking about some general things, you need to understand them well.

4. Share your travel experiences

Conversations about travel and beautiful places you’ve been before are a good idea for a date conversation. This will give you the opportunity to relax and remember unforgettable moments from your past travels. It can also contribute to a deeper relationship with the person. Because you can agree with him to visit a city or country where you have not yet been.

5. Talk about mutual friends or work colleagues

If you have mutual acquaintances, you can talk about them. Tell us where you met and what unites you. Perhaps you will remember some interesting stories with these people. Talking about your mutual friends or acquaintances will only have a positive effect on your meeting. Because they will be another factor that will unite you with the person.

6. Discuss your job or professional life

Talking about work and career is one of the most frequent conversations on dates. This is probably the simplest thing you can ask a person if you don’t know what to talk about on a date. You can ask similar questions: “What do you do for a living?”, “Do you like your job?”, “How long have you been working in this area?”, “What do you want to achieve in this area?” If the other person asks you similar questions, then make sure that you do not go into the details of your work, because they may not be interested in it. After all, you are still on a date, not an interview. So try to make it more interesting.

7. Ask about the family

If you want to ask your partner about family, then do it in a tricky way. The trick is to ask questions that seem superficial but serve as a starting point for discussion. These questions will help you gauge the person’s willingness to talk about the topic. Because not everyone is ready to disclose the details of their personal life. For example, it can be such questions: “where did you grow up?”, “Where does your family live?” or “how often do you communicate with your parents?”

8. Tell us about your ambitions, dreams and plans for the future

Once you have learned more about the person, what he does, what he enjoys, and so on. Then you can ask questions such as “what results do you want to achieve at your job?” or “how do you see your further future?” Talking about ambitions and plans for the future will give you an idea of ​​the future life of your interlocutor. In addition, it will allow him or her to open up more and plunge into the world of exciting plans and goals for the near future.

9. Movies, TV series and music

Other options for what to talk about on a date are movies, TV shows, music, and many other forms of entertainment. Which create amazing conversation opportunities. You can focus on one particular movie and discuss it. And after you have chosen what you both like, you can arrange the next meeting, while using your common hobbies.

10. Play the game of “likes and dislikes”

If you’ve already covered all the topics and don’t know more about what to talk about on a date, then you can get to know each other even better by playing the game of “likes” and “dislikes”. You can ask each other about what you like and what you don’t like about food, clothes, drinks, people, restaurants, movies, gadgets, and so on.

Things not to talk about on a date

1. Don’t ask questions about your ex

Past relationships can bring up bad memories that can ruin your mood and romance. Therefore, avoid any questions or topics related to your ex. Also, there is no need to rush to talk about sex, or about your intimate life. This in no way means that talking about sex is prohibited, but not everyone will perceive uninvited discussions on this topic correctly.

2. Don’t talk about marriage on first dates.

If you don’t want to look desperate, then avoid talking about family life and marriage at first meetings. Refrain from questions: “how many children would you like / would like to have?”, “At what age do you plan to start a family?” Even if your partner is the first to start asking these kinds of questions, be careful as it can actually test your identity.

3. Avoid questions about religion and race

Regardless of how well you know each other, in any case, you shouldn’t talk on a date about topics related to religion. Don’t risk making a bad first impression by talking about your opinions, views, and beliefs about religion or race.

4. Stay away from boring topics like business or finance.

First dates should be romantic and fun so that they put a smile on your faces. Therefore, do not spoil each other’s mood by raising serious and boring discussions about the state, business and similar things. Talking about how the oil company increased its profits by 2.3% this month, and exactly how it did it, could ruin your romantic date.

5. Avoid talking about your family’s problems

Stay away from talking about problems with your family and friends. This includes possible quarrels and conflicts with parents and siblings. Talking about problems in your love life will not work in your favor and can leave a bad impression. Because you will look like a person with whom it is difficult to find a common language and develop any relationship.

6. Don’t talk about health problems

Leave your medical history and related concerns to your family doctor. Don’t ruin the ideal atmosphere by talking about your health problems. Also, be careful not to use phrases like “I don’t want to drink this wine because it makes me bloated.” There is nothing wrong with discussing such topics when you have been together for a long time. But on first dates, try to avoid them.

7. Don’t talk about money

When you ask a guy or girl you recently met, “how much money are you making now?” Then you’ll definitely create an awkward situation. Many people do not like to talk about their financial situation, especially if they are unsatisfactory.