What causes problems in the post and how to solve them?

Problems in bed in men occur at different ages and many guys face different problems in bed. Although this is not usually discussed, many men experience situations when your romantic evening with a girl ends in the bedroom, you kiss and caress each other, the girl slides her hand along your waist and discovers that your “soldier is sleeping peacefully” is absolutely not paying attention to what is happening.

In fact, sexual problems are much more common than people talk about. Many men have an erection problem at some point in their lives. However, problems are more common in men over 40. But in this article we will focus on both young guys and men, who should ideally be “tigers in bed.”

What causes problems in men in bed?

Many guys in their 20s and 30s have this problem. But surprisingly very few ever talk about her. Erectile dysfunction in this sense refers to the inability to achieve, maintain, or get an erection. The man simply does not have the opportunity to perform vaginal penetration. And depending on how often the problem occurs, it can make the relationship with the girl very difficult.

Since men associate a significant part of their self-esteem with sexual activity, failure to fulfill obligations will only bring fear, low self-esteem and feelings of self-doubt. He will almost immediately assume that he has some unknown debilitating condition. And a woman, in turn, can sometimes feel that it is her fault. She thinks she’s not doing enough to arouse her partner. At worst, she may imagine that he is dating someone else. Therefore, he no longer finds her attractive. Although this is often far from the truth, it still leads to unnecessary quarrels and conflicts in the relationship.

In adult men, the problem can often be associated with diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases. However, these conditions are not common in young men. Therefore, it can hardly be the root cause of this problem. These are the most common reasons that cause problems in the intimate life of men.

1. Stress

When young people struggle to cope with a variety of life’s challenges, it is not uncommon for them to find themselves in situations that make them anxious about one or the other. Depending on the magnitude and significance of what they are worried about, it can be very distracting and affect how the body reacts to certain stimuli. Which in turn negatively affects their intimate life.

2. Obesity

They say that the more we advance in technology, the lazier we get. And this is really true. Because the life of modern people seems less mobile. From the introduction of elevators, to gaming stations and captivating TV series. More men are spending less time exercising that would otherwise burn off extra calories.

After all, calories accumulate in the body, they turn into fat, which clogs blood vessels, especially arteries, and thereby prevents blood flow to the tissues of the penis. That is why problems in bed in men arise because they do not move much.

3. Bad habits

What else can cause problems in bed for men? Bad habits, of course. Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking, as well as the abuse of various drugs, can also cause problems with blood flow to the organs of the body, including the pelvic region. Sometimes the problem may be a side effect of some medication you are taking for another medical condition.

4. Physical injury

Injuries to the spine, as well as to the pelvic area, can affect the nerves and blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. Sometimes too rough sex can also damage the tissues of the penis and cause problems maintaining a stable erection.

5. Anxiety and nervousness

The need to present yourself to your partner in the best possible way can also cause fear and anxiety. This can make things worse when guys are not experienced enough. It also often happens when a young man feels that his partner is better than him. He thinks he needs to prove his worth in order to deserve it. All this causes problems in men in bed.

6. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep not only undermines immunity and negatively affects mental health, but also means that the body and mind do not get enough time to rest and recuperate after a busy day. But sex is an activity that begins first in the mind. So a tired mind is unlikely to be able to achieve good results in sex.

How to solve problems in bed

The key to solving these problems is to identify the causes and to intervene accordingly. Although cardiovascular disease and other medical conditions such as diabetes may be uncommon in young men, there is nothing wrong with telling your doctor about your problem. A doctor will be able to make an accurate diagnosis for any medical cause by looking at your medical history.

Don’t be nervous and panic

Calmness is an important step in this case. You mustn’t panic. If you are confident that you are not suffering from any serious medical condition, you probably have nothing to worry about. You are just experiencing what every man goes through sooner or later. In fact, forcing events will only increase the anxiety and prolong the recovery period. It must also be said that watching adult films will not help in this case.

Accept the situation

What you need to do is accept the situation as it is and wait it out. It can take a while, sometimes up to 48 hours, before the body recovers from what caused the problem. Calmly explain the situation to your girlfriend or wife, and let her know that the problem has nothing to do with her and she is not guilty.

Remember that your lady wants to enjoy your relationship. Therefore, you can explore other ways you can please her. But only stick to what is comfortable for both of you. Remember that your woman is as human as you are, and most likely she is with you because she likes you the way you are. So you don’t have to worry too much about not being able to fully satisfy her right now.

Active lifestyle and physical activity

Activities such as sports, exercise, and an active lifestyle will keep you healthy and rid you of the extra fats and calories that clog your arteries. Remember to eat healthy and balanced meals. Drink plenty of water to keep your body in good health.

Spend more time on outdoor activities. Get enough sleep to keep your body and soul energized. If you are overweight and cannot get rid of it, then you will need to consult a physical therapist to learn how to get rid of excess fat.

Lead a healthy lifestyle. Do not forget to refrain from smoking and excess alcohol in the body. And of course, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Because only qualified specialists will be able to identify the real causes of your problems.