What compliments can you give a man to make him like it?

How to boost the male ego? In fact, this is not so difficult to do. Since there are many things that women can say or do to enhance their masculine self, we will talk about them in this article. All of these tips can usually be used for guys of different ages, in a variety of settings, including relationships, family, friendships, or work. But if you can apply at least a few of these tips, then his level of confidence and self-esteem will increase significantly, and your relationship with him will improve.

1. Compliment a man about his car

One of the easiest ways to conquer a guy’s ego is to talk about how you like his car as often as possible. Regardless of what kind of car he has and how much it costs, compliments about his car will really be pleasant to him and will cheer him up. After all, as you know, all men take care of their cars. So show that you also like his car. Finish your compliment by asking him a few questions about the specs of his car. Then become a good listener and show that you are really interested in what he is talking about.

2. Tell me how you like his kisses

Kissing is one of the most basic and important physical acts in a relationship. Tell your partner that he is an incredible kisser and that every other guy on the planet should take lessons from him on how to kiss a girl. Your man will be pleased to know that you love his kisses so much. He will secretly feel like a small child who has just been given his favorite candy.

3. Say he has a cool cell phone

Men are also known to be fans of gadgets. For guys, a mobile phone is more than just a device to make calls or send messages. Whether it’s an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, guys think their mobile phones are a reflection of who they are. Therefore, you can conquer a man’s ego by mentioning how you like his smartphone. You can go even further and ask him to show you interesting features of the phone and the application.

4. Boost your boyfriend’s profile by reminding him of his masculinity

You can easily boost a man’s ego by reminding a guy how strong and courageous he is. And even if he is not, you can make him feel that way with your words and actions. Tell your guy more often that you like his confidence, his body, his figure, and so on. Guys may not admit it, but they really enjoy being called strong and courageous. This builds their confidence and self-esteem.

5. Ask him for help and support

Call a young person for help, and then show your gratitude. By doing this, you can not only increase the ego of a man, but also show your partner that you really need him. It could be something very simple. For example, open a jar of jam, help you move the table, lift or carry something heavy. Then thank him and tell him that you couldn’t have done it without his help. Men really love to hear that they are strong and courageous. Therefore, use the simplest situations to emphasize this.

6. Increase a man’s ego by telling him how you crave him

One of the things women want in a relationship is to show love and acceptance. They want to hear phrases from men such as “I miss you” or “I love you.” But in terms of understanding the male ego, sexuality is a key element that can be played to boost a guy’s confidence, self-esteem, and pride. Therefore, all positive words associated with a man’s sexuality will immediately boost his ego. Take an opportune moment to tell your boyfriend or husband that you crave him. Because all people overly enjoy knowing that they are sexually attracted to their partners.

7. Say that you feel safe with him

Typically, many men are protective of their ladies. And if you tell a guy that you feel safe when he is around, then it will instantly raise his ego. You will also be able to notice significant changes in his behavior, gait and communication. And no matter how physically fit your boyfriend is, he will take pride in the fact that the girl feels protected in his company.

8. Pay attention to his physique

Regardless of a man’s body type, mentioning that you like his shape will significantly increase a man’s ego and his self-esteem. And he doesn’t have to be pumped up and muscular. And even if you think it would be wrong to tell a guy that he has a great body, although he is too thin or fat. Then select a specific part of the body and play on it. Say that he has broad shoulders, strong arms, or pumped-up legs.

9. Tell him that you like talking to him

Men are known to pride themselves on their ability to speak well, negotiate, argue, or be good conversationalists. So accentuate your male ego by telling your guy that he is fun to talk to and that he always knows what to say in awkward situations. You can further enhance his profile by saying that his communication skills can help him start a conversation with anyone.

10. Compliment his looks

It is a myth that only women enjoy receiving compliments. Men love it too, and they feel confident when women compliment their looks. Use words like beautiful, attractive, sexy, and so on. To instantly boost your man’s ego. A quick compliment before entering an event, or before an important meeting, can be the dose of confidence he needs.

11. Ask him for advice

When we are interested in a person’s opinion on a particular situation, as a result, he understands that he is appreciated and respected. So ask your guy for advice more often before making any big decisions. Even if it is something insignificant. But as soon as you hear his opinion, express your gratitude, and say that you are happy to have a person next to him who is always ready to support and give meaningful advice.

12. Praise him in front of friends and family.

Don’t be afraid to compliment your boyfriend in front of other people and highlight his strengths. It will instantly boost the male ego and improve his mood. He will also appreciate the fact that you put in the effort to make him look good. Which will positively affect your relationship and feelings for each other.