What do women want in relationships with men?

Unfortunately, we cannot read minds, and it is difficult for us to understand what women want in a relationship. Because, the desires of women can be completely different. They are much longer than our list, and a lot will depend on the particular girl. But we think we’ve created a good starting point for understanding a woman’s desires. So instead of trying to read your girlfriend’s mind, it’s best to check out our list. This can come in handy both in your current relationship and on your next date.

1. A man who listens to her and helps

One of the biggest differences between men and women is how they approach problems. When a woman has a problem, she definitely needs to talk to someone about it and discuss everything. Men, on the other hand, are primarily concerned with solving the problem itself. There is a logical explanation for this, because men are still stronger, both physically and psychologically.

Therefore, when a woman wants to discuss a problem with you, then she wants to get advice or some help from you. She wants to understand that there is a person next to her with whom she can share her problems and experiences. Women want to have a person next to whom they can rely on in difficult times, who will always listen and support. Let it be even something very insignificant. Listen to her, and if you can help with something, then be sure to do it.

2. To be taken seriously

Women want to be respected and taken seriously. Imagine that you need to replace a wheel on a car and your friend offers to help. How do you react to this? Will you laugh at her, or will you react normally to her proposal? If you laugh at her, then you will be wrong. The point is, women really like to be taken seriously. Girls love it when men admit that they are strong personalities and can do the same things as men. Therefore, respect is what women want in a relationship.

3. Women want sincerity and honesty.

If you are planning to spend an evening with your friends, tell your girlfriend about it. There is no need to invent something and say that you need to stay late at work. Be honest and sincere. If you are making any plans for the weekend, be sure to let them know. This serves two purposes. You let her make her own plans. It will also show that she has a significant place in your life, and you always think about her. Women want you to inform them about what is happening in your life, and not hide anything. They want trust and openness in relationships.

4. Love and appreciation

What do women want in a relationship? Of course they want to be loved. Absolutely any woman wants to feel the most beloved and desired. The girl wants to feel that you really like her, and you want to be only with her, care and enjoy her. This feeling of caring and appreciation will only strengthen her feelings of love for you and improve your relationship.

5. Women want to be appreciated

In any healthy relationship, both partners should value each other and understand their importance. Recognition and gratitude for what your partner is doing for you is incredibly important. Women want to know that their partners have noticed and appreciated what they have done. It doesn’t matter what it is: your ironed shirt or an incredibly delicious romantic dinner. Let her know that you have noticed, appreciated and are grateful for her work. It will only take a minute of your time, but it will be of great benefit to your relationship.

6. Have a positive person nearby

Being a positive person doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a smile on your face or sing funny songs all the time. This means that you radiate a positive attitude that will inspire the people around you. Subconsciously, we are all looking for different ways to get inspired and cheer up. I communicate with many women, and most of them say that the end of their relationship came when they had to regularly see their depressed partner.

The thing is that a positive attitude towards life improves a person’s mood, and really makes us happier and more joyful. It has also been proven many times that humor and good mood is a demonstration that a person has a high level of intelligence and well-developed mental abilities. Besides, it is a pleasure to communicate with a person with a good sense of humor.

7. An ambitious man

Women are attracted to men who strive for something in life. Men who set clear goals for themselves and actively pursue them. Who have a certain strength of character, and never give up. This is the type of man with whom a woman will feel safe. According to a recent study, the main thing that women look for in men besides physical attraction is reliability and the ability to provide for their family. They want to be behind a man, like a stone wall, so that he can protect her at any time and isolate her from possible problems. This is what women want in relationships with men.

8. Have a confident man by your side

A recent study by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science found that when men feel more confident, their behavior and body language physically change. As a result, they become more attractive to women. Therefore, you must work on yourself and on self-confidence in order to feel comfortable in society and on your life path. Not sure how to develop confidence? We have separate articles for this. But first of all, you need to find your weaknesses and start working on them. You must demonstrate confidence in your actions and deeds. Be aware of what you say and keep your promises in any life situation.