What does a woman need to be completely happy?

Happiness doesn’t come to everyone wearing the same clothes. Women’s psychology is full of secrets and the concept of “happiness” grows and changes with the age and character of the fair sex.

What is female happiness?

Generally speaking, happiness is the feeling of being satisfied with what is happening. This is accompanied by euphoria, delight, joy and awe. A woman is happy when she feels life inside and around her! And life flows quickly, and with it our main priorities change.

As you grow older, your dreams and worldview change. For a young girl, happiness can lie in diverse things:
* Attention and adoration from the beloved. Personal life at this age comes to the fore. All childhood dreams of a worthy husband and a magnificent wedding do not go anywhere, they just go to a conscious level.
* Success in creativity. Career guidance is very important during this period, for some girls this criterion is higher than others. Until a person has decided on a profession, he is in search of himself. As soon as a girl finds her recognition, she truly becomes happy.
* A treasured purchase of a phone or a fashionable pair of shoes. Of course, over time, these values ​​will become empty, but at this age these things can make any girl happy.

When a young person turns into a woman, thanks to the maturity of consciousness, reflection and experience, she can give an accurate definition of what happiness means to her.

What a woman needs for complete happiness:

* To love and to be loved. Approaching a certain age, a woman realizes that love is the key link for happiness.
* Stability in all social spheres.
* A reliable, caring and loyal companion. A woman is happy when she has common plans for the future with her chosen one, and respect for each other reigns in the union.
* The trust. It is important for a woman that she can open up to her man, share plans and feelings, without fear of being ridiculed or rejected.
* Realize yourself as a wife and mother. When a woman creates her family, in every sense of the word, she is absolutely happy.
* The presence of romance in life. No matter how long people are married, a woman needs to be fed with positive emotions. This can show up in flowers, compliments, or a meal together.
* The ability to self-develop. It doesn’t matter in what area. Housewives publish their signature recipes in a magazine, mothers compose their own fairy tales on forums, wives learn the basics of art – all this is important for the inner fulfillment of oneself. As soon as a woman feels that she is “drowning” in monotony, she goes out.

Remember that happiness is a relative concept. What is valuable to one woman is empty for another. For some, it is happiness to become a mother, but someone categorically does not see himself in this role. Someone loves stability, but for someone moving and traveling are the meaning of life.

Compliance with the following conditions allows a woman to feel happier:

* Health. A healthy person is a happy person, this is a well-known saying. Scientists have long established a link between health and human mood. Unhappy people do not shine with health, this is proven by science.
* Positive emotions. Positive feelings, laughter, positive perception of the environment form happiness.
* A man in life. Not just a man, but a caring, respectful, stable, loyal person with whom a woman can feel significant and protected.
* The presence of girlfriends. It doesn’t matter if one close friend or a whole group of girls, the main thing is to have the opportunity to share a secret with them, chat about prices or discuss pressing problems.
* Be able to carry out “women’s affairs”. They are in the little things – turn on your favorite song loudly, spend the whole day in the mall, or lie down alone watching your favorite melodrama. We advise you to read: How to find time for yourself and make good use of your personal time
* Physical exercise. It is a proven fact that playing sports improves a woman’s emotional background and supplies the body with the necessary hormones.
* Have personal space. Being alone with yourself gives you the opportunity to put things in order in your thoughts and feelings.
* Allow yourself to vent negative emotions. To each his own – to drink a glass of wine, jump with a parachute or sing in karaoke.
* Show kindness. To feed the cat, to take pity on the child, to take the grandfather across the road – kindness opens the soul and lets happiness into it.
* Continuation of the family. When a woman becomes a mother, her life changes – she finds peace and happiness.

How to be a happy person

Steps to Happiness:
* Begin to appreciate what you have. One should not think that with the achievement of some goal, happiness will burst into the heart and settle there forever. Life throws up surprises – something is gained, lost, changed. If we chase what is unknown, we will miss the most important thing – the attitude of people, the state of affairs, the beautiful weather today. This may not be the case tomorrow.
* Love yourself. Love is one of the main human needs. A person is not able to accept love from another if he does not experience this feeling in relation to himself. Learn to love, respect, appreciate and forgive yourself. Accept yourself with all your “charms” and “cockroaches”. Do not judge yourself, learn from your mistakes, analyze your actions, do self-improvement.
* Trust yourself. Trust in thoughts, body, intuition allows you to meet new events. Self-confidence leads to acceptance of your desires and needs, which ultimately gives harmony.
* Learn to forgive. Forgiveness is soul healing. Grievances lead our souls to anxiety, they destroy our lives. Forgiveness removes the barrier to our happiness. We advise you to read: How to ask forgiveness from a loved one
* Rejoice in everything sincerely. Allow yourself to return to childhood, let happiness jump on your shoulder again from a portion of ice cream or a rainbow in the sky.
* Become flexible. Don’t be flint – women don’t need it. Only wisdom, plasticity, the ability to adapt as we need, leads to calmness and serenity.
* Know how to enjoy the moment. And better fix this moment. Take pictures, savor your pieces of joy. Learn to enjoy cleaning the house or taking lessons with your kids. * A woman can enjoy what is happening only if she allows herself to do it. Drive away irritation and melancholy.
* Develop. Fill yourself with life energy. Then, in return, you can give twice as much love and care to others. Listen to classics, attend special trainings, make it a rule to go outdoors on Sunday.