What if a man is shorter than a woman?

Let’s face it. When it comes to serious relationships, we have too many preferences for the opposite sex. And even at the dating stage, if a man is shorter than a woman, then many girls refuse to go to a meeting. It’s actually pretty silly, so I recommend everyone get rid of this unnecessary stigma.

Because a man shorter than me appeared in my life. And we have no problem with him. I am happy to be with this person. Our relationship is developing well and everything is going well. Therefore, I have compiled a list of reasons due to which you will also want to start dating a short man.

The main benefits when a man is shorter than a woman

  • A shorter man is usually more attentive to your needs. He’s not trying to act like “God.” And he’ll probably be more focused on making you happy.
  • A girl becomes an order of magnitude more attractive if next to her there is a guy shorter than her. At the same time, she feels more confident and comfortable. That is why many ladies wear high-heeled shoes.
  • Short men compensate for their short stature with high achievements in life. This has been proven by many millionaires and billionaires around the world.
  • You don’t have to strain your neck to kiss someone head and shoulders above you. It can make your physical intimacy easier.
  • Personally, my husband and I love the same preference for our height. For example, I never have to adjust my seat after he drives. We can make decisions about what furniture to buy without worrying about some of us uncomfortable with it. And it’s just nice when you have the same preferences as your beloved partner.
  • Research actually shows that shorter men tend to stay married longer. (New York University study).
  • It is easier for you to walk at the same pace. If you go for a long walk, it can tire your leggy friend. It is also much easier to split the umbrella when you are in the same plane.
  • You don’t have to fight for legroom. You will never get an excuse that he should have this perfect seat on the plane because of his legs. You will choose the places that you both like.
  • And if you are a little taller than him. Then you can feel like a model standing next to a man, especially if you are in heels. Who doesn’t want to feel great?
  • Another important advantage when a man is shorter than a woman is that shorter men are usually more understanding. They know what it means to be seen in small things and trivial things.
  • Shorter men are more practical, loving and, according to research and surveys, are much better in the long run.

You should look for a partner not for growth, but for other more important qualities. A real man should be able to communicate with you, respect, look after, make you laugh and impress you.

Why do many girls choose tall guys?

Of course there are many women who prefer taller men anyway. They like to walk effectively into a room with a towering man. They often hunt to hide behind a tall man. This gives women some physical safety and comfort.

On that note, I want to say that I once went on a date with a tall man, and he wanted to take a certain place in the theater because of his long legs. Which upset me a lot. Because I like to watch movies from the center, but this time we watched the movie from a crooked angle, which I really didn’t like.

But still, why are so many people so concerned about growth? Maybe because of how our ancestors chose a mate? After all, many women claim that they still refuse to date a guy if he is shorter than their height. But don’t let prehistoric notions of relationships determine your choices. If you like a short guy, don’t attach much importance to his height, and definitely don’t make growth an obstacle to building a harmonious relationship.

Stop making excuses

If you are obsessed with tall men but can’t find the right guy yet, I have some advice for you. Please note that in this way you limit your own choices. Start paying special attention to short men who really impress you, but may not meet your height goal. Give them a chance, especially if you have been held back by low growth in the past.

I recommend that you try dating both tall and short men. As a result, you will understand who you like the most, namely what type of men. At the same time, you will see from your own experience what happens in relationships with different types of men. And simply, when you meet someone new, it will not be the same “old songs and dances”.

So if you have never met a short guy before, I recommend that you start doing it. Because every woman I know in my personal circle who ended up building a successful relationship with a shorter man has said that she is very happy. They don’t regret who they fell in love with. These ladies have found someone who really cares about their needs. Some of these women even recommended that I start dating a shorter man. Which in the end I did.