What happens when a wife is older than a husband?

It has always been believed that if a woman is older than her lover, it is not normal. Even now, when morals are quite free, this is often censured by the public. And in vain – according to statistics, such marriages are quite strong.

A woman is 3-5 years older than a man

Marriages where a woman is several years older than her spouse are quite happy, especially if they are concluded at a sufficiently mature age.

The advantages of such a marriage are:

  • the spouse’s desire to look sexy and young to match the beloved;
  • wisdom and life experience that allow you to solve problems arising from everyday life with minimal losses;
  • the peak of the wife’s sexual activity, which satisfies all the needs of the young husband.

At the same moment, the young lady can not always treat the young spouse with common sense, accept his shortcomings and recognize him as the head of the family.

The disadvantages include:

  • excessive suspicion and jealousy of a young partner;
  • desire to solve all problems on your own and be a leader in the family;
  • increased risk of adultery on the part of the beloved.

However, there are many examples of successful marriages with this age gap. Especially in cases where adults and financially secure people who have the same interests and plans go down the aisle.

Woman 7 years older than a man

If the age difference is 7 years, the man hardly notices such a difference, especially if both spouses are over 30 years old. The union can be called ideal – partners hold hands tightly, walking the path of family life. A woman is wiser than a faithful one, she has life experience and is able to gently guide her husband to achieve heights. It’s a happy marriage! In addition, in order to correspond to her young husband, the young lady takes better care of herself, adheres to a healthy lifestyle. And what difficulties lie ahead if a woman is much older than her beloved?

Woman 10 years older than a man

Such marriages are rare enough. And this is very simple to explain – most men at any age are looking for younger women. It is a natural instinct to prove to himself and to those around him that he is a male and is capable of winning over an attractive girl. Older ladies, in this case, lose. Many married couples, where the spouse is 10-15 years older than the husband, achieve harmony in love. Some gentlemen are quite satisfied with being led – they admire their more mature companion, listen to her advice. And the woman, in turn, feels loved and needed. But alas, problems cannot be avoided. A lady often becomes too suspicious, suspicious and jealous – after all, there are so many young rivals around who are able to take her beloved away! It is understandable that this causes some concern. And over time, it becomes more and more difficult to hide wrinkles. And here there are only two options for the further development of events – either the man resigns himself to the shortcomings of his beloved, continuing to love her immensely, or he goes in search of a younger passion.

Woman more than 15 years older

The desire of a mature woman to become the spouse of a young and attractive chosen one is quite understandable, because she wants to feel young, loved and beautiful again. Middle-aged ladies can attract a gentleman with life experience, knowledge and well-groomed appearance. But it is far from uncommon when men go down the aisle because of a selfish interest in relation to a financially secure and successful sweetheart. Similar stories can be found in the yellow press and they are usually associated with media personalities.

Such marriages have their drawbacks:

  • total control and jealousy on the part of the spouse;
  • condemnation by society;
  • difference in hobbies and interests;
  • the financial component of the relationship;
  • sexual temperaments do not converge.

A woman is 20 years or more older

Every woman wants to feel attractive and desirable. This is what drives the young lady when she starts a relationship with a gentleman much younger than herself. This couple is a prime example of a mother-son relationship. A woman takes care of the young chosen one, often providing him materially. An interesting and mature lady can turn the head of an inexperienced young man. But such a union is doomed – a young man, having gained experience (and mostly sexual), will soon go to his peer. And if a guy lingers in the bed of an aging lady, then most likely a mercantile interest is possible here, or he is controlled by the Oedipus complex.

Does different age in a relationship have an impact on satisfaction in marriage?

Psychologists identify several factors that are important to understand for lovers who marry with a large age difference.

1. Such a relationship is good only at the beginning. Those who decide to build a relationship with a chosen one younger than themselves get more satisfaction at the beginning of a romance than couples of their peers. This conclusion was reached by experts from the University of Boulder, which is located in Colorado. This means that in a family where the spouses have a difference in age, the idyll will reign only at the beginning of the novel. But how long happiness lasts depends on other indicators.

2. Men are more satisfied if the wife is younger than him. Have you ever wondered why men prefer girls younger than themselves? Researchers have shown that men are more satisfied with a young spouse. Probably, there is a connection here with the attractiveness, youth and sexual activity of the young passion.

3. Ladies also get more satisfaction in union with a younger life partner. Most women prefer more mature men. But research has shown that, similar to the case with men, the satisfaction from the marriage is much higher if the young lady married a lover younger than herself. This may be due to attractiveness, shared values ​​and goals.

As a rule, after 6-10 years of marriage in families where there is a large age difference between partners, the level of satisfaction begins to decline. The reason for this may be the reaction of the partner to the difficulties that have arisen, for example, layoffs at work. For example, couples where the spouses are of the same age make decisions more consistently. This concerns the birth of children, expenses, and therefore they are more prepared for material difficulties. And vice versa, due to problems with money, the accumulated tension is poured out and the incompatibility of different age couples is revealed.