What if my husband is jealous and how to calm him down?

Seeing your husband get jealous of a coworker or an old friend of you can be pretty sweet. By this, he shows how much he loves you and does not want to lose. But what if these bouts of jealousy develop into serious quarrels and conflicts? What if he does not give you the opportunity to meet with friends and constantly monitors you? In this case, you need to understand how to calm down a jealous husband so that he stops making unfounded accusations, and your relationship returns to its previous positive course.

When jealousy gets out of hand

When we really love a person very much and see the slightest competition, then we automatically begin to show jealousy. After all, we are all human and it can be difficult for us to deal with certain feelings and emotions. But, as they say, in everything you need to know when to stop. Although, having a husband who becomes jealous of other men can be perfectly normal and even strengthen the relationship. But there are times when his behavior gets out of control. And then it has a detrimental effect not only on you, but also on your entire family. In this case, you need to “take matters into your own hands” and try to calm your jealous husband. Otherwise, he will make your life and your marriage just unbearable.

Signs of a Jealous Husband

Unfortunately, because of his mistrust, not only you suffer, but your children and your marriage in general. Although jealousy is a common emotion, and absolutely anyone can show it. But too frequent and unreasonable jealousy can lead to anxiety and paranoia, which can destroy your relationship. Therefore, you need to know in advance how to identify the signs of a jealous husband. Let’s take a look at them:

  • The man wants you to be around all the time.
  • He suspects you of everything.
  • He is emotionally dependent, lacks companionship and often asks for help.
  • The man is trying to compete with everyone.
  • He constantly asks who you talked to on the phone or corresponded in the messenger.
  • It requires passwords from your social media accounts.

What should be done and how to calm down a jealous husband?

I want to say right away that it will not be easy. But if you began to understand this issue and decided to take action regarding his distrust, then you have a great chance of success. So, let’s now take a look at the ways in which we can calm a jealous man.

1. No need to defend and justify

When the husband’s jealousy gets out of control, the woman wants to fight back. But it will look like you are defending yourself and making excuses for your own behavior. This will not help you in this situation. Therefore, do not let your feelings and emotions overwhelm you. Try to be calm and in control.

2. Have an open conversation with him

One of the most effective ways to calm a jealous husband is to have sincere conversations with him. Try to talk frankly with your husband and find out why he is jealous and suspects you of something that you did not even do. Let him express himself and explain his point of view on a particular situation. In conversation, try to bring him to the understanding that his jealousy is unfounded. And even if he says that he loves you very much and worries when you are not around, then try to explain that he has nothing to worry about. Because you are a faithful woman and do not give him reasons for jealousy.

Communicating openly with a jealous husband is also a sign of your love. This means that you are not ready and do not want to give it up. Even in spite of his wrong behavior. And, although situations may arise between you that will be unfair to you, but you need to hold on and not succumb to the influence of negative emotions.

3. Don’t give reasons for jealousy.

Perhaps you are not doing this on purpose and not consciously, but still give your husband reasons for jealousy. Therefore, reconsider your behavior and the reasons indicated by the husband, because of which he begins to be jealous. Become as open as possible with him and hide nothing. Position your attitude towards him in such a way that he does not have reasons for mistrust. He must be 100% confident in you. Then his jealousy will not be so strong.

4. Inspire your man

As a rule, jealous men lack recognition. Therefore, if you want to calm down a jealous husband, more often tell him how good, courageous, strong, sympathetic, etc. he is. You need to build his self-esteem and self-confidence. After all, as we know, jealousy in most cases occurs in people who are not happy with themselves and are not sure of themselves. Therefore, motivate your man to start taking care of himself. Let him sign up for a gym, begin to devote more time to his hobbies and hobbies. May he receive joy and happiness from life. This will have a positive effect not only on him, but also on your relationship.

5. Be patient and persistent

As I said earlier, it can be difficult and take a long time to calm down a jealous husband. But, as they say: “water wears away a stone.” And it may well be that you will have times when your efforts may seem in vain, and you will not succeed. But in no case should you give up. Be patient and keep working on your relationship.

6. Get help

In the event that you have used all the methods and nothing changes, then seek help from a family psychologist who will most likely help you. Feel free to take this step. After all, if you love this person, then do everything possible to make your relationship healthy and harmonious again.