What if the husband doesn’t love his wife?

Recently I have been receiving many similar questions: “what to do if the husband does not love his wife”, “how to make the husband love me”, “how to understand if the husband really loves me?” In fact, I feel sorry for women who have such questions, because I myself was in such a situation.

After talking with many men, I realized that some guys are simply not made for these feelings or it is difficult for them to show them. In addition, both men and women often have problems with communication in marriage, which subsequently lead to a deterioration in relations. Today I want to take a look at this problem and give you a couple of tips to make your married life happier.

Your marriage has potential

The exchange of rings is not a guarantee of a successful marriage. Many men and women believe that wedding ceremonies will be enough to keep their marriage happy. Of course, if they are serious about it, their marriage is likely to be long, but it does not mean that it will be successful. Wedding ceremonies should make your marriage strong and happy, but you need to work on it, monitor your communication and attitude towards each other.

How to make your husband love yourself

At this stage, women begin to have similar questions: “What is wrong with me?”, “Why doesn’t my husband love me?”, “How to make him fall in love?” and then the phrase appears: “God, make him love me!” In this case, everything depends on you and God is not going to interfere with your feelings and you cannot force your husband to love you. You can provide the right environment in which he will feel good and as a result, he will become a wonderful and loving husband. Just note that we are all different and some men need a special approach.

Does your husband not love you? Don’t rush to judge him

In moments when a husband does not love his wife, many women begin to get angry and offended. Although the problem may be different. The point is that men and women see love differently. We cannot see the feelings of our partners, we can see their attitude and behavior. Therefore, instead of saying that the husband does not love his wife, think, perhaps this is how you perceive his feelings. Changing your mindset can make you a happier woman and affect your husband’s attitude towards you.

Changing the atmosphere in your home

I do not mean by this to say that you need to start making repairs in the apartment or change everything. Plus, you don’t have to cook gourmet meals for your husband or lose 10-20 kg. I want to talk about how women can begin to change the energy in a relationship. You are reading this because you have a deep desire to be loved. I understand you well, I have the same desire. We want to be loved, cherished and cared for.

But the fact is, most men are not like that. Your husband will not be happy when he comes home from work, but you are not expecting him and he has nothing to eat. The main thing a man needs is respect. Now you can say the following: “I respect and love my husband.” The thing is that we say little about it and do not understand what their needs are. That is, most of us assume how they should relate to each other, but few speak openly about this.

You can wait for him to start talking about it first, but it is advisable for you to take the first step. In most cases, if one partner starts an open conversation, then the other will support him and you will be able to talk openly. Your path to being loved starts with you. Begin to show more respect for your partner, ask about their wants and needs, and then you will begin to notice how the environment in your home is changing.

Let him know your needs

Communication in marriage is absolutely essential. If the bond between spouses is broken, the marriage can be doomed to failure. And in fact, the husband does not love his wife, not because he wants to, but the fact is that many people do not know the basics of good communication in marriage. Perhaps your husband wants to show love, but does not know how to do it right. Your task is to convey to him your need so that he can satisfy it. Talk more about your feelings and desires, but do it gently.

For example, once my husband and I were arguing about which mobile operator we need. He argued that we should choose the cheapest connection and since he is the head of our family, I agreed. But, after that I felt upset and offended. Therefore, I said the following: “Beloved, I want to ask you to also take into account my point of view, as I feel offended when you make decisions yourself.” This very often helps make the other person more receptive to what you want. It is also worth noting that most people will think that you want to “take power”, so you need to say this with respect and use the right words.

If all else fails

If you are feeling offended and nothing is helping you, please seek professional help. Depending on your situation, marriage counseling may be a good step to take. In the event that this does not help you, then you better disperse peacefully.

I hope I helped you sort out the question of what to do if the husband does not love his wife. If this article was useful to you, please share it with your friends.