What if the husband said that he stopped loving and no longer love?

“I do not love you anymore!” Often these words become a stab in the back for a woman. How to respond to such a statement? How to live on? Will you have to get a divorce or can you fan the spark of sleeping feelings? The wife is faced with a serious question: to let her beloved go and agree to a divorce, or to try to revive the relationship.

Signs of cooling from the spouse

Women who have fallen out of love with their husbands argue that it is easy to determine by some signs:

  • the husband began to pay little attention;
  • he stopped giving gifts;
  • sex life has become much worse;
  • the husband began to stay late at work.

Psychologists say that decreased sexual activity, distraction, isolation can be associated with overwork or stress. It is likely that the beloved has problems at work, with which he does not want to burden the chosen one, but he also cannot get away from them even at home. If a lover has been depressed for a long time, sex has become rare, he has become irritable – all this can be a sign of depression or some kind of illness. Therefore, there is no need to rush to conclusions and assume that your husband no longer loves you.

Signs of a love gone

Are there clear signs that indicate that the husband has become cold? Yes, they include the following:

  • offensive language towards a spouse;
  • expressing dissatisfaction with the appearance and behavior of the wife in order to offend her;
  • ridicule in the company of acquaintances and friends;
  • blackmail, shouts, threats;
  • physical violence, beating.

A man who uses physical and psychological violence, raising his hand, is unlikely to love his chosen one. He can find a thousand excuses for his actions and swear love to the grave, but such a union does not have a happy future. It is worth carefully weighing the pros and cons of such a marriage before continuing to live with your husband.

How to behave to your wife

If the husband says that he no longer loves, it is necessary to bring him to a confidential conversation. The first reaction to this can be anger, hysteria, shock, however, you need to keep your emotions under control and sit down at the negotiating table. Perhaps the spouse will be able to name a specific reason why his feelings have died out – thanks to this, you can determine what to do next.

If the beloved has lost interest in his wife because of a new passion, there is no need to make an attempt to arrange a competition with a homeowner, because if a person betrayed once, he can do it again.

Some women begin to surround their partner with unnecessary care, change their appearance, try to keep them with culinary delights. This behavior causes a backlash in men and even more rejection. Remember that you are a person. Engage in self-education, development, more often go to meetings with your friends. Make it clear that even after your divorce, you will continue to live an interesting and fulfilling life. It is possible that the faithful will look at you with different eyes.

Experts give recommendations on how to behave in such a situation:

  • Letting go of a partner you have strong feelings for is not easy. But there is no need to keep a lover next to you, who in plain text says that he no longer experiences feelings. Sooner or later, but the spouse will leave the family nest.
  • Even casual encounters will rebuild spiritual wounds. Change the environment, go on vacation with your friends – this will make it easier for you to get over the breakup.
  • At first, it will be difficult to make new acquaintances, but over time, communication can result in something more than friendship.

Having learned why your husband has lost interest in you, you need to carefully consider the line of behavior:

  • A man wants to see a loving woman next to him. Stop running around the house with a rag and finally arrange a romantic date.
  • Do you know what your husband is interested in, does he have a hobby? Spend more time with your soul mate, take an interest in his life and problems, support him.
  • Remember how you were when you first met and compare with yourself today. It often happens that one partner continues his development, while the other, on the contrary, remained at the same level or even degraded.