What if the person talks too much?

When a person talks too much, and does it in inappropriate situations, then it clearly looks unattractive and very annoying. We may not ask him to express his opinion on a particular situation. But he is the first to start a conversation, and it is impossible to stop him. What can we do in this situation? And how should you behave if your friend talks a lot? Let’s try to figure it out.

Women are more talkative than men.

It just so happened that women like to talk much more than men. They are more emotional individuals. And they love to express their opinion on any situation. Most men are more reserved. They like to take concrete actions more than to reason about something, or try to prove something. That is why women are less likely to experience stress and psychological illness. Because they do not keep all feelings and emotions in themselves, but release them outside. Unlike men who just silently experience problems. So there is nothing wrong with girls saying a lot more than guys. As we can see, it even benefits them.

How to behave if a person talks too much

1. Pretend that you are busy with something, and do not listen to him

If you do not like it when your friend talks a lot, then you can pretend that you are busy with something and do not listen to him. Most speakers and people who regularly speak in public tend to stop when they notice that no one is listening to them. So pretending to be busy is an easy way to ignore someone without making them feel like you’re doing it on purpose. Plus, you don’t have to explain why you don’t want to listen to it.

In the event that he tries to get your attention, then pretend to be scared, and then apologize and say that you are just very busy. Just try to be convincing. And find an activity that you will actually work on.

2. Start a conversation about a topic that he will not be interested in.

If you want a person to stop talking so much, then you can use his own methods against him. Become the same chatty for a while, and let him understand how it feels. Start talking to him about topics that he does not understand and that he will not be interested in. Speak so as not to give him even the opportunity to insert a word. Completely reject any attempts by him to change the subject. Let him understand how unpleasant it is when you are not given the opportunity to express yourself.

3. End the conversation politely

For many people it may be impossible to talk, but it is possible to stop. Therefore, at the beginning of the conversation, you can carefully listen to the interlocutor, but when you understand that the person is talking too much and does not allow you to say a word, then interrupt him politely. If he starts to apologize and wants to continue the conversation, then say that you heard him and understood what was at stake. Then ask to listen to you. After all, he is not talking to himself. In the event that he still insists on finishing his thought and continues to speak, then let him do it, but you continue to look for opportunities to interrupt him.

4. Openly stop the conversation and leave

If a person talks too much and you can’t do anything, then you need to be honest with him. You just need to interrupt the conversation. Tell the person you are talking to that you do not have much time to listen to him and you need to leave. And the next time you meet, continue the conversation. At the next meeting, when he starts chatting, you will refer to your busyness, and reschedule the conversation. Any sane person with such behavior will understand that he is behaving incorrectly and draw appropriate conclusions.

But, if after that there are no changes on his part, then you need to be more frank with him. Tell him that he does talk a lot. That you are not interested in what he is talking about, and ask him to stop behaving this way. But this should be done in extreme situations. Because your friend will be offended in any case. And your relationship may end there.

5. Avoid this personality

Try to avoid this person in every possible way. In most cases, changing someone or proving something can be nearly impossible. Therefore, the best solution would be to ignore this person. Or try to avoid this person altogether and not make contact with him.

In the event that you are studying or working together and you cannot avoid him / her. Then you can put on headphones and turn on music so that you don’t hear what he is talking about. Don’t be afraid to show that you don’t like this talkativeness. Let the person understand that there are certain social norms and etiquette in society that must be adhered to. And if he becomes more restrained and behaves differently, then the attitude towards him will be more loyal and friendly. Because, as we said earlier, chatty people are rarely attractive and sympathetic. In most cases, they have practically no friends, they are rejected by many, and they become lonely.

Things to remember if someone you know talks a lot

It has long been known that if a person talks too much, then he completely misses his energy and strength. Many psychologists also believe that excessive talkativeness is a mental illness. It complicates a person’s life. We also need to understand that if someone talks a lot, then they are not necessarily selfish. It may well be that a man or woman is experiencing stress or depression. Or they had some kind of unpleasant situation in their life. Therefore, they want to share with someone and express themselves. But if this is repeated on a regular basis, then the person simply does not know how to communicate correctly, and it is better to avoid him.