What if the wife is cheating and can she be forgiven?

In fact, it is difficult to say unequivocally whether it is possible to forgive the betrayal of his wife. Because any relationship between a man and a woman develops according to its own scenario. But if you started asking this question, then, most likely, you still have some feelings for her. Therefore, first of all, you need to calm down and take a sober look at the current situation.

Motives of female infidelity

1. Desire for revenge

Often, this motive begins with the woman’s excuse that the man himself is to blame for the betrayal, or both of you are guilty of it. She may say that she did not get what she wanted from you, or you did not at all what she wanted. Therefore, the woman in this way wanted to take revenge and show her importance. In this case, you need to understand that if a woman wants to take revenge in this way, then she knows that you love her and can forgive. Because you cannot take revenge on a person if he is indifferent to you and does not feel any feelings.

2. Wanted to find a better life

In this case, the woman was not satisfied with the financial side of your marriage, and she decided to find a more successful person and a more profitable man for herself. In this case, you need to understand that if a woman has changed, adhering to this motive, then she will definitely do it again, in the event that such an opportunity falls out. Therefore, if you understand that you will not be able to satisfy her financial needs, then you do not need to torment yourself with the question of whether it is possible to forgive your wife’s betrayal, but it is better to break up with her right away.

3. She did it unknowingly.

In this case, a woman can change on emotions, as the people say – “the devil has beguiled.” This means that a woman simply does not know how to control her hormones. She does not know how to control herself. And in the event that she again has a strong desire for another man, then she will not restrain herself, and can change again.

4. She wants more love

This is one of the common reasons why people cheat. They just don’t have enough love in a real relationship. Therefore, people are looking for consolation on the side. And they will definitely find him if they do not receive love in a relationship with a former partner.

What if the wife cheated?

First of all, you need to throw out all the accumulated negative. Because infidelity cannot go unnoticed. And for any person, cheating is a severe blow to mental health. Therefore, it is necessary to throw out all negative thoughts, emotions and feelings. To do this, go to the gym, take a pear and beat it until you feel relief. The second option, how to get rid of negative emotions, is to find a place where no one will see or hear you. Start shouting out all this negativity. Shout, swear, do whatever you want. Because any insult or betrayal is a strong emotional wound, and it must be healed.

The next step is to figure out why the betrayal occurred. You need to understand the motives of your wife’s betrayal. Analyze your relationship, and determine for yourself what caused the betrayal. Consider, perhaps, you disliked your wife and made serious mistakes. Think what you did wrong? After you thoroughly analyze all the possible reasons for cheating, ask yourself the following questions: “Can you be with this person further? Do you still love her? ” And only if you really understand that you love, then I think that you can try to forgive her.

Reasons why you can forgive your wife’s cheating

1. She deserves it

In general, before deciding whether your wife’s cheating can be forgiven, you should first think about whether she really deserves it? Remember your relationship, how long have you been with her? What difficulties did you go through together? What good has she done for you? Was she a really good wife or the mother of your children? Is this the only big mistake she made? Answer these questions, and it will be easier for you to understand if you can forgive cheating on your woman.

2. You still love this woman

Before you give your wife a second chance, you should think, do you really love her, and want to continue the relationship with her? Answer this question honestly. You don’t need to give a woman a second chance just because you want to keep your family together and are afraid of hurting your children. You must want it with all your heart. In this case, the question of whether it is possible to forgive your wife’s betrayal will not be so difficult for you. But if you continue the relationship out of a sense of duty, then just put yourself and your wife in a cage of unhappiness.

3. She herself admitted this and suffers greatly

This may not be an excuse or a reason to forgive the cheating wife. But a person needs a lot of courage to admit his sin, and admitting his own mistakes is a good start to a better life. So if you can see that she is showing true feelings of remorse and is willing to take responsibility for her mistakes, then perhaps she deserves a second chance.

And if any of these reasons are present in your relationship, then in my opinion, you can forgive your wife’s betrayal and give her a second chance. In addition, in most cases, this second chance is much better than the first. Because the couple has already learned from past mistakes. And now it will be much easier for them to build more successful and lasting relationships.

What to do with a cheating wife after giving her a second chance?

The first thing you need to do is stop thinking about revenge. You won’t be able to move on if you get angry with her and try to get revenge in some way. Become more open with each other. The first couple of months will be tough for you. Therefore, you need to start all over again. You need to be confident in your decision to forgive your wife’s cheating, and not to get angry if you feel jealous again. Plus, you both need to work hard on the relationship. Show love and care for each other. Communicate more and talk about what you want from this relationship. And don’t make the woman feel like you will now own and control her because of infidelity. After all, she realized her mistake. Therefore, now do everything possible so that this situation does not happen again.