What if there is not enough sex for a man and a woman?

The lack of physical intimacy between a man and a woman does not go unnoticed. Especially if a representative of the stronger sex is deprived of regular sex, for whom sexual intercourse is the satisfaction of physiological needs and a part of a full life. Of course, the absence or lack of intimacy does not reflect in the best way on women. Many are interested in the question of how to understand that there is not enough sex and what can be done in such a situation.

Signs of a lack of sex in men

In men, the lack of sexual intercourse is indicated by external signs, changes in behavioral factors, namely:

1. Dominance of thoughts about sex.
A man who is sexually dissatisfied cannot work productively, think positively, or generate new ideas. He thinks about sex everywhere and at any time, including in the workplace. All other problems recede into the background.

2. Closing in oneself.
Since it is not customary to share personal problems with others, a man fences himself off from everyone, stops communicating as before. He is more comfortable alone. Distracting moments are computer games, watching sports, frequent fishing trips and other hobbies. Emotional lethargy often leads to depression.

3. Hatred of women in general.
In the absence of sex for a long time, the rejection of women is paraded. At this stage, disturbances in the functioning of the central nervous system occur. Neuroses appear, the thought of possible impotence frightens.

4. Aggressiveness towards others.
When a man lacks sex, he becomes embittered all over the world. Often argues in a raised voice, actively gesticulates. At the same time, with all his appearance he threatens the interlocutor. Any insignificant remark or request can infuriate such a person.

5. Weakening of potency.
The period of increased sexual desire over time, for physiological reasons, is replaced by a decrease in potency. There is a fear of dating girls, fear of male failure during a new intimacy.

6. Weight gain.
If a man is deprived of sexual satisfaction, the search for pleasure begins in gastronomic delights and alcohol. As a result, excess weight appears, organs and tissues lack oxygen. This negatively affects the work of the heart and blood vessels, the problem with erection is aggravated.

Signs of male abstinence include nocturnal emissions, masturbation, and insomnia. But the most serious consequences of not having sex are disruptions in the functioning of the prostate gland.

Signs of a lack of sex in women

Although the weaker sex is more relaxed about sex than men, they also have external changes, mental disorders. When a woman does not have enough sex, the following metamorphoses occur to her:

1. Decreased self-esteem.
The woman does not feel attractive and desirable. Interest in new things disappears, there is no incentive to spend time and money on visiting a beautician, beauty salons. The reflection in the mirror is no longer happy.

2. Instability of the psycho-emotional state.
There are two types of behavioral disorders. In the first case, the woman becomes aggressive, irritable. In the second – whiny, constantly pitying herself, offended about and without him. In the absence of intimacy, “hormones of joy” are not produced, which stain the surrounding world pink. The risk of depression increases.

3. Early aging.
During the period of abstinence, the production of estrogen decreases, which leads to premature wilting. Due to the lack of calcium, brittleness of hair and nails increases, and bone density decreases. Insufficient synthesis of collagen and elastin leads to the appearance of wrinkles, a decrease in the elasticity, elasticity of the skin.

4. Lack of sleep.
Women, due to their subtle mental organization, are more prone to insomnia than representatives of the opposite sex. Sex helps you fall asleep. In the absence of intimacy, the female body does not produce oxytocin, which is a natural sedative and hypnotic.

5. Changing the figure.
Having lost the pleasure of sex, women are looking for a replacement. Often these are cakes, cakes, chocolates, leading to excess weight gain. The figure is blurry not only from extra calories. Sex is a pretty serious physical activity that keeps muscle tissue in good shape. If there is no sport in your life, then changes in appearance are inevitable.

6. Weakening of the body’s immune defenses.
Sex twice a week reduces the risk of contracting infectious and viral diseases by a quarter. If you enter into intimacy more often, you can forget about influenza, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, diseases of the cardiovascular system. With abstinence, the production of antibodies is significantly reduced, which makes the woman vulnerable to disease.

7. Pain syndrome.
Lack of pain relieving oxytocin leads to menstrual, headache, muscle pain. In women, in the absence of sex, the premenstrual state is more pronounced.

8. Absent-mindedness, forgetfulness.
Slow blood circulation during abstinence is the cause of insufficient nutrition, oxygen supply to the brain. As a result, the speed of perception, assimilation of new information, and the amount of memory are reduced.

What to do if a woman lacks sex

When the intimate life of a couple goes wrong, both partners are to blame. The reason is boredom, laziness, selfishness. Or, maybe, the thoughts about the shamefulness of sex were instilled by parents in childhood. The accumulated grievances, claims and inability to resolve conflicts in a positive way do not add to the desire for physical intimacy.

In any case, psychologists advise:

1. Get your partner to be honest.
A heart-to-heart conversation or a written letter will help restore the old relationship. Having understood each other and letting go of offenses, you will begin to communicate positively, and the regularity of sex will gradually be restored.
If everything is in order spiritually, you communicate in a friendly manner, but the intimate sphere is excluded, you need to bring your partner to frankness.
Emphasize that you are worried about his health and the strength of your relationship.
It is possible that he has problems of a physiological nature. Support, show tact and understanding, try to find a way out of this situation.
If you cannot cope with the situation yourself, involve a sexologist, a psychologist.

2. Determine the physiological compatibility.
You should not portray an ardent lover or shy woman before marriage, if you are not. Roles are played sporadically, but in everyday life, posturing is tiring. Your partner will understand that your sexual appetites far exceed his modest capabilities. Or you are not able to satisfy his needs, after which you turn your gaze to another. In both cases, you will both be disappointed with the results.

3. Do not try on other people’s roles.
Position yourself as a woman, not a little girl, mother or head of the family. If the status has changed, then the relationship will be appropriate. Your partner will stop perceiving you as a sexual object.

4. Do not drive a man under the heel.
A woman commander, to whom her husband constantly owes something, spends her free time on orders, is physically tired, mentally broken. When a partner lays on his shoulders an unbearable burden of responsibility for the family, he can no longer be an ardent lover in bed.

5. Compliment.
In order for a man to want you as at the beginning of a relationship, you need to raise his self-esteem, show how dear he is to you. Be grateful for any little thing, praise, talk about feelings, meet you from work at the doorstep with gentle words and a kiss.

6. Learn to communicate correctly.
If there is no regular sex, then the hormones of happiness and joy can be obtained in another way. Reconsider your attitude towards relatives. Eliminate conflicts, drop past grievances. Each meeting with loved ones should evoke positive emotions.
Harmonious communication brings joy with colleagues at work, girlfriends, neighbors.
Moments of spiritual unity, gratitude for the warmth received from other people will give you pleasure, peace of mind.

What if a man lacks sex

If women prefer the quality of sex, men are looking for quantity. According to opinion polls, more than half of men of childbearing age consider themselves unsatisfied. You need to work on yourself, relationships and adhere to the recommendations:

1. Bring in life more tenderness, romance.
The processes of sexual arousal in women and men are different. If a man is excited by one kind of naked woman, then the weaker sex needs compliments, tactile touches, gifts.
Without preliminary caresses, the fairer sex will not achieve maximum satisfaction. A rude, assertive partner, by his inept actions, will lead to a refusal to have sex. Inventing a reason for a woman is not a problem. She has a headache, a lot of urgent matters, or fatigue.

2. Take on some of the household chores.

When a spouse says that she is tired, there is no physical and moral strength to have sex, this does not mean that she wants to evade intimacy. After all, working wives, in addition to their official duties, have household chores, taking care of children.
If the husband, having come home from work, lies down on the sofa to read the newspaper or watch football, then the wife goes to the kitchen to cook dinner, and later does his homework with the child.
So that your wife has the strength and desire to have sex by the end of the day, take on some of the responsibilities. Gratitude will not keep you waiting.

3. Go in for sports.
If a baby appears in the family, the mother’s libido decreases due to hormonal changes. You need to go through this period, after 2-6 months your sex life will begin to slowly recover. At this time, it is important to help in caring for the child, to take on the solution of household issues. Compliment your wife, walk if possible, go out into nature.

4. Get rid of the routine in bed.
If sex with your wife has become boring, it has grown into a duty, it is easier to find another object of desire. But in the end, in new relationships, physical intimacy will become a burden. Therefore, try to fix the existing state of affairs with your wife by showing enthusiasm, bringing novelty to sex.
Use spaces other than the bedroom to add variety to your sex. Apply new positions and caresses. Master erotic massage. Role-playing games, toys for adults improve the quality, increase the amount of sex.

5. See a doctor.
Monitor your health. It happens that spouses do not lead a full sexual life, not only because of diseases or dysfunction of the genital organs, but also with systemic diseases. Do not ignore the symptoms, seek medical help in time.

Be attentive to each other, help, support in all your endeavors. Do something pleasant – give gifts, say sweet words. The main thing is not to lose spiritual closeness. With a trusting relationship, you can correct mistakes, restore health, and establish regular intimacy.