What if you are laughed at or made fun of?

“What if they always laugh at me? My friends laughed at me at school, and my work colleagues taunt me now. How can I be in this situation? ” If these thoughts bother you, then read on to find out how you can stop people from laughing at you and change their attitude. Because there is a fine line between friendly banter and intrusive bullying. Therefore, make sure that acquaintances and friends do not cross this line when their habit of taunting becomes common. As a result, it negatively affects your self-esteem, self-confidence and emotional well-being.

Pretend you can’t hear them

Do you know what gives pleasure to those people who joke and taunt? They like it when you are angry or offended. They enjoy your backlash. So try to ignore their phrases. When friends, acquaintances, or coworkers make fun of you, just pretend you didn’t hear them at all, even if you didn’t. Just mind your own business, and ignore them. Be calm and act as if they are not there. Keep doing what you are doing. Because when you get annoyed and try to answer them somehow, it makes people even more joke and laugh at you. On the other hand, if you behave with restraint and hide your emotions, you prevent them from continuing to joke. Show people that their words do not apply to you in any way, and you absolutely do not care.

Never mind the critics. Many celebrities wouldn’t do well if they paid attention to everything people say about them.

Become an outgoing and confident person

If you started wondering what to do if they always laugh at me? In most cases, this is due to the fact that you are too modest and shy person. Because over a confident and courageous person who can stand up for himself and answer various inappropriate phrases in his direction, few people dare to joke. You need to start working on your own self-esteem and not be afraid to express yourself. Become an outgoing and outgoing person. Start exercising, work on yourself and on those areas in life where you excel. Achieve even greater results in life. And then people will notice that you really mean something. They will understand that you are a serious person, and various inappropriate jokes will not work with you. Therefore, there is no need to sit and think about what to do if they always laugh at me. And start changing yourself and your life.

Ask your best friend to support you and make fun of these people together.

A true friend is one who will always support and help, no matter what. Therefore, if you are unsure of what to do when they laugh at you, ask your best friend to help you “fight off” the ridicule. Start laughing at these people with him. This is the easiest trick to master if you want to stop inappropriate banter. And when they try to make fun of you again, respond with something funny in their direction and laugh out loud with your friend. This may surprise them, because they will not expect such a reaction. Only at this point, try not to bring the situation to conflict. Avoid offensive phrases and statements.

Talk to this person or company in private

At school I was also worried about the same problem, and did not know how to behave when they always laugh at me. I told this situation to my parents, and the next day my father went to school with me. We went up to these guys, and the father asked why they behave this way. To which the guys replied that it was a bad joke, and this will not happen again. After this conversation, the guys no longer laughed at me.

You can do the same. If you are still too young, then ask someone to intercede for you, or you can do it yourself. Do not be afraid to approach the person and ask them not to do it again. By doing this, you will show your courage. You will show yourself to be a completely different person whom they are not used to seeing. Say that you value humor and good humor. But they didn’t want it to appear in this form. If after this conversation the insults do not stop, then you need to resort to other methods.

Find out their weaknesses and use to your advantage

All people, without exception, have weak points. Your task is to find out and remember the weaknesses of the people who make fun of you, and use this to your advantage. It may sound evil, but it really isn’t. If someone is obsessed with trying to taunt you, then you should also use every possible means to fend off the taunt. And if they do not calm down and continue to taunt, even after you have spoken to them and asked not to. Then you need to use other methods.