What if your man started to move away from you?

How do you behave when you notice that the man has started to move away? At these moments, you spend too little time together, occasionally communicate and your relationship begins to fade. When this happens, many women just start to panic, they make quarrels and scandals because the man does not say anything to them. In fact, we only harm ourselves by doing this.

The fact is that women convey their feelings through oral communication. We like to talk over different situations and discuss everything. And guys prefer it, just take it and do it. In addition, they often do everything alone. Men believe that sharing their feelings and experiences will make them less masculine. You must understand their logic. Men often withdraw into themselves to analyze the problems that have arisen, and then start working diligently on these life challenges.

Men are a bit like cavemen. They do not like to communicate a lot, often withdraw into themselves and try to defend themselves in every possible way if they are attacked with various demands. They just hate answering questions asked by women. The fact is that they know that this may be followed by various proceedings. Do not overload a man psychologically. If you do this, then he will perceive your perseverance as attachment and will want to further distance himself from you. He may accept you as someone in need of a relationship. If women are constantly harassing their men when they want to be alone, this can be a reason for the detachment from you.

Give him more freedom

We assume the worst, in the moments when the man began to distance himself. We think that he has lost interest in us and does not want to communicate. Perhaps he is offended at something and is angry with us. Maybe you think that he has another woman and much more. In this situation, the best thing you can do is calm down. Men need more freedom than women. Give him the time he needs to sort out the problems. When he does everything, then you can calmly sit down and talk about everything. At this moment, he will understand that he needs you, since there was no load on him on your part and you tried to keep him in a good emotional state.

Believe in your reality

When you notice that the man has started to withdraw, in this situation it is easy to convince yourself that you are overreacting to what happened. But at this point, you can indeed be especially sensitive about the threat of your loved one leaving. Just don’t convince yourself that your feelings are wrong. Simply put, your interpretation of the situation is as real and reliable as anything else that happens in life. So stay true to yourself and your feelings.

Prepare for justifications

Even if you provide all the facts and arguments, the man will try to justify his behavior. He might tell you something like, “I just didn’t call back because I was too busy. But that doesn’t mean anything. I love you anyway”. He tries to explain his behavior and show that he has the same feelings. While such excuses can be annoying, they are usually well-intentioned. Of course, your partner may actually ignore your feelings, but that will look different. He will completely avoid conversation and try to ignore you.

Once you’ve identified your partner’s behavior, pause and wait a bit to see if there is a change. Perhaps the situation that occurred was a common misunderstanding, and this behavior on his part will not happen again.

The reasons why the man began to drift away

  • You or your partner are not family oriented;
  • You are too selfish and think only of yourself;
  • You show no respect for the man;
  • Not trusting your partner on your part;
  • He needs more freedom;
  • You are trying to change it;
  • He had another woman;
  • Your requirements are too unrealistic.

Stand your ground and respect yourself

Men are not as complicated as we imagine them to be. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be cunning. If the man began to move away from you, then there are reasons for this that you can work on. Be straightforward and ask him if everything is okay. If he says yes, then leave it alone. But in the event that you understand that he needs your help, then act and do everything in your power.

There are times when a man pulls away and wants to test you with such behavior. He wants to see how long you can be without him. If you don’t like it, let him know. Say you won’t wait any longer and move on. If you do this with sufficient conviction, then he will believe and want to return to the old, normal relationship. If not, then he was just a waste of your time. Don’t be discouraged and move on!