What is the right way to please a girl?

Many guys are confident that they know well how to properly please a girl. But when it comes time to put your skills to work, nothing works. They begin to ask friends and acquaintances what they did wrong, and how they should be in this situation. But those, as a rule, say things that are already familiar to you. So I thought it would be a good idea to interview my male acquaintances who are experts in dating girls and share this valuable information with you. Below are 7 tips that will help you better understand how to properly like a girl.

1. Look good

You may be spending all day in a factory, working in a hot office, or doing construction work. It doesn’t matter how you look at work, but when you go to see a girl, you must look perfect and smell like an elegant man. Take a shower before meeting your girlfriend. Get your hands and nails in order. Go to the hairdresser and get a trendy haircut. Brush your teeth or use a mouthwash. Wear clean and ironed clothes. Any girl you meet for the first or fiftieth time prefers to see a clean and well-groomed man next to her. Overall, this tip is to clean up and look your best.

2. Be sociable

This should be obvious to any guy who is interested in how to please a girl. But for some reason, many people don’t use it. The girl will definitely not like it if you are too arrogant and taciturn. Yes, she can find attractive character traits in you, but if you are closed in communication, she will not want to continue with you. Make it easy for her to talk to you. Smile and laugh more, just do it naturally. It is easy to talk to someone who is behaving naturally. You don’t need to joke all the time or force yourself to be funny. Just be yourself, enjoy your meeting, and it will be easy for the girl to talk to you. And remember, the best way to make a girl’s conversation easier is to ask her questions.

3. Don’t be afraid to stand out

This does not mean that you suddenly have to dye your hair red or wear pink clothes. There is no need to stand out in too obvious a way. But if you’re serious about how to please a girl, then try to change in some small way. To be noticed by exactly the girl you need. For example, if everyone around you wears T-shirts, you wear a shirt, and instead of wearing jeans, wear a suit. Think about how in your particular situation you can get the girl you like to notice you and start chatting.

4. Understand what she wants

Movies often show that most girls love strong and serious men, right? I discussed this moment with many girls and women of different ages. And that’s what I found out. In fact, a strong, serious and self-confident guy who trains every day to build muscle mass, but can no longer surprise a lady, will be of interest to few women. Outgoing men who have the power to remain calm in situations where others are losing control. And also the ability to remain prudent, and be fair when making important decisions – these are the kind of men that girls like. So discuss any situation calmly and do not swear. Be a fair person and speak when it makes sense. Impress the girl with your ability to stay calm. Girls love these qualities in a man.

5. Be honest with yourself and her.

There is no point in reading tips on how to please a girl properly if you are not able to be honest with yourself about who you really are. Never lie to look your best. Because sooner or later she will find out who you really are. And when she notices the deception, she will definitely leave you. If you are a kind and honest person, stay that way. Are you hardworking and love your job in the factory? Let her know that. If you have dreams, do not hesitate to share them. Let her see who you really are. You may be one of those people who have difficulty understanding your positive sides. So take the time to reflect on yourself more often. And don’t be too critical of yourself.

6. Always do what you say

One very important character trait in this advice is reliability. Always keep your promises. And don’t say what you can’t do. Let the girl see that you are the man of your word. If you say that you will be with her by 8:00 pm, be sure to do so. Develop a habit of fulfilling commitments. This is truly appreciated in society. Do not promise to go somewhere to rest if you understand that you do not have the money for this right now. And don’t promise to keep secrets if you can’t keep quiet. Of course, there are exceptions. If a person plans to harm someone, then it is better to show justice and tell everything. But most of all, women are annoyed by the type of men who cannot be trusted.

7. Be genuinely interested in her.

It will be easier for you to like exactly the girl for whom you have great sympathy. This will make it easier for you to ask her out on a date, satisfy her various needs, and make her feel special. If you really like the person, you will interact with them more. Discuss issues that are of particular concern to her. Relaxing with her friends and spending time with her family. It will be difficult for you to like a girl if you are not interested in her. Trying to charm a woman just because all her friends find her attractive is a waste of time. If you really like a girl, it will be much easier for you to look after her.

So, you have already well understood how to please a girl correctly. Now the only thing left is to start acting. If you want to get her attention, be decisive and show that you really need her.