What is the right way to quit your job or how to quit nicely?

In today’s world of great opportunities and small salaries, it becomes more and more difficult to stay in one place and work in the same company for many years. Therefore, sooner or later, each of us faces the question of how to properly leave work, or move to a new position. Perhaps you are moving to another city, you are tired of the environment of people at your previous job, and you want to change the environment. There can be many reasons. Only in no case should you slam the door and leave with a scandal. It is important for you to leave the right way in order to get positive reviews and take your new position without any problems. Therefore, we have prepared ten tips for you to help you quit your job properly.

1. Know and follow the rules

Each company has its own rules and specific steps for leaving employees. Most businesses will need a formal written statement of your resignation signed by your supervisor. Before talking to them, make sure you have a clear idea of ​​why you are leaving. Also, do a good job of researching the company’s layoff rules. Try to find out if you can keep your seniority. How long after signing your application will you be able to move to a new job? Prepare in advance a list of questions to ask your superiors during the meeting. Be calm and try not to miss anything.

2. Be polite

Many companies collect testimonials from departing employees. So they will want to chat with you and get feedback. If you were a valuable employee, then you may be offered to renegotiate the terms and they will try to keep you in the workplace. In the event that you are dissatisfied with something, you should not hide it. But at the same time, be polite and cultured. No matter what kind of outcome you want from your boss, keep your conversation constructive.

3. Don’t make it difficult for your colleagues.

You should not relax on the last working days, and do not take them seriously. You might think that you won’t be here in a few days anyway. So why do your job then, right? But still, in any case, stay professional and do everything efficiently. If you need to delegate some business to your colleagues, do it first. You may need to train a new person to take over your position. Then be sure to do it. Until the last day, do everything as efficiently as possible, as before.

4. Stay professional

The next step on how to properly quit your job is to remain a professional. Try to leave only positive impressions about yourself. This will definitely help you both in your future career and in later life. After all, you never know when you will need a good recommendation from this company. It may be that your future employers will call your previous job. To see how well you did your task. So if you walk away honestly and professionally, it will only work in your favor. Do not do anything that is not ethical, illegal, immoral, or anything that is contrary to your company’s policies.

5. Ask to write a testimonial about you

In order for the dismissal process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible, you can ask your manager for advice on how to properly leave work. Also, don’t forget to ask him for an official letter of recommendation. As we know, people quite often change their place of work and move to new positions. Therefore, they can easily forget their former colleagues. So while you have a connection with the employer, ask him to write a letter of recommendation that will help you when applying for a new job. Do not forget to save it electronically so that you can send it by mail at any time.

6. Do not take things that belong to the company with you

Do not forget to return all property to the company. Leave all documents, keys, phones and other property at the workplace. No matter what position you have in the company, do not take with you what does not belong to you.

7. Formulate your answers in advance

Prepare for several scenarios for your dismissal. You may have to work for some time in your position. And only then can you leave. Think in advance what you will do if your leaders want you to stay and make you a very lucrative offer? If circumstances arise that may delay your departure from the company, how will you take them? Understand well why you want to quit this job. If your reason for leaving is related to some kind of internal conflicts, then try to be tactful and honest as possible.

8. Stay positive.

When discussing your departure with colleagues, do not complain or express your frustrations with your place of work or the people with whom you have worked. After all, this information will quickly spread throughout the company, and thus you will leave a bad impression of yourself. Other than that, just like you shouldn’t complain about your current job. You should avoid bragging about your new position. Don’t upset your coworkers when you leave and let everyone know that you’ve found something better. Instead, keep a positive attitude and have fun celebrating your departure with them.

9. Do not leave negative reviews about the company

If you want to properly quit your job, then you shouldn’t leave negative reviews about this company. No matter how much you dislike your job, the company as a whole, or your boss, do not put this in your letter of resignation. This letter will be kept for many years after you leave. And at any moment it can turn against you. If you want to speak up and tell how tired you are of work, then share it with your real friend or loved ones.

10. Don’t burn bridges

If you want to properly quit your job, then you shouldn’t break the connection with your colleagues, because you never know where your life path will lead you. You don’t have to throw a goodbye party to celebrate your dismissal. Or look for each person with whom you worked, and personally say goodbye to him. You can send an email to your colleagues. Connect with them on social networks or messengers. In the event that you want to keep in touch with someone, then do not forget to exchange contacts with them.