What is the right way to treat women?

A woman is the same person as a man. Therefore, we must treat them appropriately and know how to treat women properly. After all, they bear a huge responsibility for the birth of children. Therefore, they deserve respect, admiration and kindness. And, although we all know that there are women who can be mean and bitchy, but this does not give a man the right to behave cruelly with a girl, or communicate with her as if she were just an object.

There are many ways a man can show love, kindness, and consideration to a girl without ever being too nice. And although being nice is great. But this article will focus on how to treat a woman the way she deserves. So here are our ten ways to treat women properly.

1. Do not treat her as an object

First of all, you need to remember that a woman is the same person as you are. Therefore, you do not need to treat it as a thing or an object. Remember, they have their flaws, just like you. And any woman is not perfect, just like any man. This imperfection is part of human existence.

After all, too many guys, when meeting a girl, focus on getting her to go to bed with him. But this behavior shows only one thing, that a woman is treated as an object that can be used and abandoned. These days, many channels and resources are filled with intimate scenes that motivate men to be physically intimate with women. But if this is your only goal, then such an unhealthy obsession will not lead to anything good. And in the future, it can cause serious mental health problems, and it will be quite difficult for you to build a successful relationship with someone. Therefore, treat girls with respect, and not as an object of entertainment.

2. Be polite to girls

Women love men who are polite to them, and this is one of the best ways you can really make a good impression on her. Say thank you more often and show gratitude for what she does for you. Show attention and care. Be a good listener, and under no circumstances interrupt when the girl is speaking. There are a few things that annoy women the most. And one of them is when a man constantly intervenes in the conversation and tries to express his opinion. So don’t interrupt and be polite to women.

3. Do not tell dirty jokes, and do not use black humor in conversations

If we are talking about how to treat women correctly, then we must always remember about polite and correct communication with them. I am now talking about the fact that there is no need to use swear words, vulgar jokes and black humor. Be sure to watch your words and phrases when communicating with a lady. Some guys do not know how to communicate politely with girls, and try to convey their point of view, using obscene words. But in the society of women, such behavior is unacceptable. The use of foul language or dirty humor in front of a woman is a serious obstacle to building a harmonious relationship with her.

4. Show a sense of humor

Women like men with a sense of humor. I think it’s a known fact, but a lot of guys forget about it. And they behave so seriously that the girl is even scared to talk to him, or to ask something. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself and say something stupid. Try to make her laugh by telling a funny story from your life. You will look so much nicer in her eyes if you are not too serious and make her smile.

5. Smile back at her.

Smiling lets her know that you value what she has to say and that you are interested in her. A smile also shows that you are a person who enjoys communication and it will be interesting to be with you. This says that you have a positive view of the world, and you will not be bored with you. But be sure to make sure that your smile is genuine and you don’t have to force yourself to smile, otherwise she will understand that you are not a sincere person, and this can lead to mistrust.

6. Take care of her

The next way to properly treat women is, of course, to be a gentleman. Invite the lady to wear your coat or jacket if she gets cold outside. Accordingly, in a cafe or restaurant, help take off your outerwear. Move the chair back in the restaurant so she appreciates your advances. Open the doors in the car. In general, try to court the girl whenever possible. This will show that you are a truly caring person and that you will be comfortable in the relationship.

7. Take an interest in her opinion and mood

In addition to how to properly treat women, you should regularly ask how she feels, how her day went, how her mood, how things are at work, and so on. Always remember about the ethics of treating a woman, otherwise you will not be able to build a long-term relationship with her. Many girls feel men well enough, and as soon as they notice disrespectful behavior on their part, the attitude towards them becomes completely different.

8. Do not invite her home immediately after meeting

It takes time to develop a successful relationship. Therefore, you should not rush things and invite a woman to your home after a recent acquaintance, or a first date. This will show that you only want one thing, and you are not interested in this woman as a person or as a romantic partner. Let a little time pass and you get to know each other better. The girl herself will make it clear when she is ready for this. If you rush things, it will end badly. You should also not behave vulgarly with women. They don’t accept this behavior. You can tell all your dirty jokes to your friends.

9. Hug her if you are already in a relationship.

It is imperative to show love and affection for your partner if you are already in a romantic relationship. If you say goodbye to your lady, or meet after work and school, then be sure to hug her and kiss her. If you do not see her for a long time, then you can make the hugs longer. In fact, I really love these long hugs, like many girls. Because they make us feel needed and loved. But don’t try to hug the lady if she refuses and you don’t know much. There is no need to force a woman to anything and put pressure on her. By doing this, you will alienate her, and she will question her relationship with you.

10. Behave naturally

You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not. “Don’t wear a mask” by macho, smart guy, or anyone else. Be yourself and behave naturally. This will make you much more comfortable treating women correctly. If you hide behind the image of another person, then you only make yourself worse, and show your weaknesses. Be natural but get better. If you don’t like something about yourself, try changing it. Women like men who work and take care of themselves. So get better, work on your shortcomings, and treat women with respect.