What is trust and its values based on?

What is trust based, and how can the concept of trust itself be defined? Maybe it’s dependence on another person, or a strong belief in someone or something? Trust can manifest itself in reliability or in a person’s ability to keep their promises. But in any case, it is formed over time, and through an extensive chain of successful experiences. In addition, trust is something that a person must carefully build, vigorously develop and constantly strengthen. It is the central part of all human relationships. Including romance, family life, business relationships, politics, medicine, and so on. For example, if a person does not trust their doctor or psychotherapist. It is unlikely that he will turn to him for advice.

Not all people are worth trusting

Human behavior and verbal expressions can also indicate trust. But when a person just treats you well and says nice things, then this behavior should not always be taken as trust. We often trust close people whom we have known for a long time. Due to the fact that we have an understanding of how they will behave in a given situation. In such cases, trust manifests itself naturally, and it is based on a long-term relationship.

Trust often helps strengthen bonds between two or more people. And although trust in another person shouldn’t seem like a threat. But the very nature of trust allows a person who is trusted to take advantage of vulnerability, and the fact that they have a certain predisposition to him. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully approach this issue. And trust only those people who are time-tested.

Trust is based on openness and reliability

The foundation that builds trust step by step is a support structure that represents value, transparency and reliability. This consistency often leads to a relationship of trust. And that’s what trust is based on. With the beginning of any relationship, people test each other’s actions. They can do this both consciously and unconsciously. But in this way they are trying to understand how much they can trust this person, and what kind of relationship can be built with him. And as soon as the other person shows reliability, they immediately become closer to each other. And the more between them there will be such values ​​as honesty, fairness and reliability. The stronger their trust will be, and the better their relationship will develop.

Consistency is another foundation of trust

The next thing trust is based on is consistency. This step provides a degree of comfort and helps maintain a healthy relationship. Indeed, in order for any relationship to flourish, it must develop consistently. And you need to constantly work on them. Consistency allows relationships to go through difficult times. And if a person is capable of being with you in happiness and in sorrow, then, I think, he can be trusted.

Faith is one of the main criteria on which trust is based

Faith in a person is one of the most important criteria in a relationship. It goes hand in hand with trust. And they are so strongly connected to each other that if they exist, any relationship is almost impossible to destroy. Trust is a unique value. Which two or more people share with each other. And also when they feel that there is faith, reliability and openness between them. Trust often means knowing that the person you trust will always be there for you. Even when your business is not easy. And even the most serious obstacles cannot destroy this faith.


There are different levels of trust, depending on both you and other people. But the highest form of everything is self-confidence. It is the foundation of confidence and high self-esteem. But in this case, you are required to believe in your own strength, backed up by actions. This confidence comes from knowing yourself. Trust is precious. When you learn to trust yourself, you become worthy to be trusted by other people. Don’t forget that self-confidence plays an important role in absolutely any relationship. While this may seem selfish at first, it really isn’t. Your responsibility in any relationship rests first with you and then with your partner. And having self-confidence contributes to the development of trust in a relationship.

Knowledge based trust

In this case, both people have a high level of practical experience with each other. They both know exactly what to expect from each other. And they are well aware of how this person will react and behave in certain situations. Most people associate knowledge-based trust with instinctive feeling. They know, or at least feel, how the relationship with that particular person will develop. Which accordingly contributes to the development of trust.

Final thoughts

All levels of trust have their own fair grounds. Therefore, it is important for us to correctly understand the very definition of trust. We need to understand how it works and how it should be developed in any relationship. But most importantly, do not forget to treat yourself and other people well. If you are loyal to yourself and the people around you. You will receive the trust and respect you deserve. However, if you betray people’s trust, whether you like it or not, it will come back to you with negative consequences.

Therefore, you should remember that earning trust is really difficult and takes a long time. But it can be destroyed with one wrong action. So remember well what trust is based on. And develop in yourself as many of these positive qualities as possible.