What kind of people should you avoid?

We tend to be happier when people like us are around. In addition, many even make an effort to get along with everyone they know and love. However, there are people with whom it is better not to have a relationship. And we need to be well aware of which people should be avoided if we want to stay positive and happy. Below you can find 10 types of personalities with whom it is better not to contact.

1. Negative

When people ask me which people to avoid, I always say stay away from unfriendly and negative personalities. It is very difficult to get along with such people and find a common language. They often do not know how to conduct ordinary small talk, constantly interrupt, or look askance when they do not like something. They can cause discomfort to those with whom they interact. Of course, perhaps this person has some problems or difficulties in life, in this case his behavior is understandable. But some people just have such a character, they do not want to change and become kinder. So you better stay away from them.

2. Supervising

A controlling person does not trust anyone due to their low self-esteem. He tries to control his surroundings in order to reinforce his own distrust. When he controls loved ones, including his romantic partners, children, and friends, it enhances his own sense of dignity. He may constantly dislike something, from our appearance to our career and relationships. You can never satisfy such a person because other people cannot satisfy him. He needs to admit his own fears and insecurities himself. Often these people are romantic partners or parents. Over time, of course, they can change a little and become softer, but this happens in rare cases.

3. An emotional vampire

When we talk about what people should be avoided, then first of all we need to pay attention to those who negatively affect your emotions and psyche. These people can be difficult to identify because they often seem completely normal. However, there are some signs that you must pay attention to. You may notice that after you stop communicating and contacting such a person, you feel a kind of relief. If someone has been in your home, you may feel the urge to open the windows to ventilate the room. An emotional vampire sucks the energy out of you, like a Harry Potter Dementor. You feel drained after talking to such people. So avoid them at all costs.

4. Criticist

The controlling person and the criticizing person have similar qualities. The critic doesn’t like to see people happy, so he constantly tries to point out your flaws. He will try to undermine your self-esteem at the first possible opportunity. A clear sign of criticism is that a person regularly gossips about other people. And I am sure that as soon as he has the opportunity, he will talk about you in the same way.

5. Gossip

The next person on our list to avoid is the gossip person. Although research shows that when a person goesssip, it has some beneficial effects on their health. Gossip can connect you with peers, triggering the release of oxytocin into the brain and lowering cortisol levels. Plus, let’s be honest, most of us love to gossip, especially with good friends. But you need to be sure to remember that these people can easily discuss you in the same way as they do with others. Therefore, it is best to avoid gossiping if possible. And, if you can, be selective about what you share with them.

6. Arrogant

Arrogant and extremely proud are the kind of people to avoid. They can make you feel less important. They may try in all possible ways to somehow humiliate you and affect your self-esteem. You can meet these people in all areas of your life. You can often find it difficult to avoid interacting with them. Because they can be your bosses or relatives. And the fact is that they can show a completely different side of their personality when they are with people who are higher in status. But they behave arrogantly with you.

7. Passive-aggressive

A passive-aggressive person is angry and afraid of everything. He cannot openly express his anger or irritation, so he finds less obvious ways to do it. Passive-aggressive behavior is like playing a martyr. Such a person constantly sighs heavily, walks gloomy, and is unhappy with everything. And when you try to help him somehow, you only get negative in your direction.

8. The person who dramatizes everything

Many people like to create various quarrels and conflicts out of the blue. They can create drama or a problem out of nothing. Be sure to ignore such people, but do not respond rudely. Always remember that the more the person tries to push you into conflict, the calmer and more confident you should be. Don’t let such people hurt you. Control your thoughts and emotions, and treat such people absolutely calmly.

9. People who cannot be please

Whatever you do, this person will be unhappy and resentful all the time. You cannot change him, so humble yourself and stop disturbing him. If possible, try not to enter into dialogue with him, and you do not need to try to somehow help. All your efforts will be in vain, and he will not appreciate it in any way.

10. People are manipulators

Other people to avoid are manipulators. They will look for opportunities to manage you the way they want. Such people use others to pursue their own goals, but give nothing in return. They are often overly selfish and love only themselves. They may demand that you always be there to help them. But when you find yourself in a difficult situation, then you will not receive help from their side.

Dealing with negative personality types

It’s okay if you know which people to avoid, but as we said earlier, not in all cases we can fail to communicate with them. Therefore, try to at least minimize interaction with such people. It is also extremely important not to get involved in their game, and not to devote too much time and attention to them.

Do not try to defeat such people, it is better to just ignore. After all, they are good manipulators, and they know which buttons to press in order to get the desired result from you. Therefore, try to recognize such people as early as possible, and minimize contact with them. Just smile and don’t react to their behavior. There is no need to show aggression towards them, or try to respond somehow. This will only make it worse.

What if you are in a relationship with a toxic person?

It is possible that the negative aspects of your partner developed gradually, that you did not even notice it. Therefore, you wonder when they turned from a normal person to a “monster.” In this case, try to explain that their behavior is harmful to others and inappropriate. Say that you love him or her and want to be together. Try to find out what exactly causes this behavior in him / her, or offer to see a specialist.