What makes a person beautiful?

Some people are born beautiful, others become more attractive as they age. Others spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year trying to improve their appearance. But what makes a person beautiful and how to define this beauty? In fact, this is a rather controversial topic and a little personal. Each person can have their own idea of ​​what beauty is. Plus, our perception of beauty can change over time, even for the same person. Someone whom we previously considered attractive can change our mind after meeting him, and long communication. This suggests that beauty is not just a matter of appearance, but rather it implies the qualities of a person, his behavior and attitude towards other people.

The beauty of our inner world

A person who exudes spiritual kindness often appears more attractive than aloof and angry. There is much more to being beautiful than just the physical characteristics we were born with. This is the inner world of a person and its manifestation in society.

Even young children can tell the difference when they are shown images of people smiling, angry, or resentful. Our direct facial expressions can not only influence what others think of us, but as we age, our common personality also appears on our faces. If we spend our lives on negativity, then in the end we will always be gloomy and angry. Unfortunately, these are the majority of people. They don’t even think about what makes a person beautiful. They are not friendly, they smile little, and it is difficult to talk to them about something. The opposite is positive people. Who are always pleasant, smiling, radiating kindness and happiness.

Many popular magazines portray human beauty that is more relevant to young people. But still, there are many people who still look beautiful, even though they are far from twenty or thirty years old. They retain an enthusiasm for life as well as for other people, which makes them beautiful. Some personalities may even appear cuter and more agreeable as they age, taking a simpler approach to life. Satisfaction and acceptance often soften us as we age.

Smile and beauty makes us beautiful

If I were asked what makes a person beautiful, or what one aspect of the appearance can improve it, then it will undoubtedly be a sincere smile. It makes a person more attractive and attracts other people. Smiling can have a positive effect on our social interactions. We are often drawn to people who smile a lot. Because they cheer us up. A smile is also attractive because it creates an atmosphere of friendliness or happiness.

Beautiful people are always open and welcoming. When a person radiates positive energy, others will feel better too. We are drawn to them, because we instinctively feel that this is a good person, and we want to be with him. The ability to give out positive energy is a very valuable gift. Compassion, generosity, and kindness are wonderful. The zest for life is also wonderful. All these traits are what makes a person beautiful.

Beautiful people are not limited by their own egos or just by their desires. And they don’t focus only on themselves and their worries. They connect with the hearts of other people and give their love to the whole world. To truly love others requires a certain degree of high self-esteem. Because one of the most important steps in life is learning to love and accept yourself first. However, high self-esteem does not mean boastfulness. Really beautiful people have a certain element of humility that makes them charming as well.

Beauty can be in anyone, no matter where we were born, what we have or who we are.

Beauty and emotion are linked

When it comes to our individual perceptions of beauty, it’s easy to see how emotion and our attractiveness are inextricably linked. When we interact with people, we are more likely to see them in a good light, including their appearance. We see everything good in them. But if over time we lose understanding with this person, then we will begin to notice his negative features, or we will no longer like him at all. In fact, when we look at someone, we can only see what we really like. When we think we have found a “soul mate,” we can look at this person as the most beautiful person in the world. And our feelings will be based not only on his appearance, but on the emotional attraction to this person. During this period, there is no one more attractive to us. This underlines the diversity of opinions about what beauty really is.

I would also like to show it from the other side. I think you had this when you just met with a person, but did not talk, and he seemed attractive to you. This passion is “admiration from afar.” But when you met him and started communicating, your opinion changed. And this person no longer seems so attractive to you. So, physical attraction can be erased, at least in part.

Work on your attractiveness

Even if true beauty comes from within, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to improve our appearance in order to feel more attractive. We must love ourselves and take care of ourselves. Taking care of our body makes us feel healthier and look much better. Healthy food and water give us more energy and a certain glow. When we take care of ourselves, we have “fire in our eyes” and more energy to focus on the outside world. Sometimes it’s important to cherish and pamper yourself. It makes us feel attractive and beautiful.

People have been using cosmetics, accessories and jewelry for many years, beautifying their bodies and faces in an effort to look their best. But with these things, a person tries to hide the lack of his inner beauty to a greater extent. While hiding flaws can certainly improve our appearance, it does not make our inner world beautiful. Although, people who like the way they look become more self-confident. They behave differently and act differently.

Be yourself

I thought for a very long time what makes a person beautiful. After all, so many young girls are obsessed with photographs of models in magazines depicting the “perfect” image. Too often, they think that “being beautiful” means copying these women. That after that their life would be better. But in most cases, these images are not realistic. Makeup artists perfectly hide all the flaws, and the right angles and some techniques do the rest of the work. This is not their real image. The same model without makeup may look different. So this idea of ​​beauty only focuses on the outer appearance and forgets about the inner beauty.

In our pursuit, everyone likes it, we must not forget what makes a person truly beautiful. We must remain ourselves and not be someone else. If we pretend to be a person that we are not, then we will never be able to manifest our true beauty. We will always miss true friends, and our life in society will be very difficult.