What questions shouldn’t you ask a girl?

Being in a relationship with a girl is great. But maintaining a successful relationship and developing it is more important. Therefore, every guy needs to know what questions should not be asked to a girl, how you can have fun with her, and how to generally make her happier.

There are many rules to follow in a relationship. It is about showing attention, love, respect, being honest, etc. Nevertheless, the female psyche is sometimes difficult to guess and understand what a lady wants and why she is offended. And even a seemingly harmless question can offend her. Therefore, we have prepared a list of questions and phrases that it is better not to tell a girl, only if you have no good reason for this.

1. How many men have you slept with?

What questions shouldn’t you ask a girl? Of course, about her exes and how many partners she had before you. Absolutely any lady will be unpleasant to hear such words. And even though you have been together for a long time and trust each other, there is no need to ask this. Stories about ex-partners raise negative memories. And if she is still too vulnerable, then it will be very difficult for her to talk about it.

But even if she dares to answer this question, what answer would you like to hear? What if this number is more than you expected? Will you part with her? Or will you start to arrange conflicts that eventually lead to a rupture? The bottom line is that the woman is now in a relationship with you, and the number of ex-men she spent time with is now in the past. So stop thinking about these kinds of questions.

2. Who was it, or who were you talking to?

It doesn’t matter if she was on the phone or someone just said “hello” to her on the street, you shouldn’t ask her questions: “who was that?”, “How do you know him?”, “Why did you say hello to him?” etc. But only if there is no good reason. Perhaps it was a colleague at work, a classmate, just an acquaintance or a friend of her father. If you keep asking these kinds of questions, you will start to create distrust, which will lead to conflicts. Because all relationships are built on trust. And without him it is impossible to move on. If you do not feel that you can trust her, and are jealous of her for every passer-by, then maybe it is better not to continue this union at all?

3. Have you thought about losing weight?

When we talk about what questions should not be asked to a girl, the topic of losing weight is one of the most important. I think no explanation is required in this case. If a girl quickly gained weight, although you did not notice it before, then think, maybe something is bothering her? Try to talk about her emotional state, rather than asking various questions about losing weight. Chances are, if she started gaining weight, she noticed it much earlier than you. And it is already taking some action in this direction. Therefore, support her emotionally, and show that you still have feelings for her, and will support her.

4. I don’t care, choose yourself

Although this phrase is not as serious as the previous ones. But it is important to know that girls really hate hearing the phrase: “I don’t care, choose yourself!” Women love to seek advice. They enjoy making plans together. And I like it even more when a man takes the initiative himself and does something for them. Therefore, do not be afraid to take the situation into your own hands, advise the girl or express your opinion. This will show your care and attention. And the girl will only be grateful to you.

5. Don’t ask for her girlfriends

A girl will become jealous if her boyfriend is interested in how her friend or acquaintance is doing. After all, she wants all your attention to be focused on her, and not on other people. She wants to see your love, and not talk about what kind of guys her friends like, or with whom she spends time.

6. Don’t ask about her financial condition.

First, she may think that money is what attracts you to her. Because she has rich parents, she earns a lot, or you want to know how much she loves money and how often she spends it. In general, talking about a person’s financial condition in many cases is inappropriate. Especially if you are not yet familiar with the person, or are just starting to build a relationship with her.

7. Is this what you want to wear?

When a girl is going somewhere and trying to find the best outfit, it can be difficult for her to make a choice. It takes a lot of time and effort for her. And the last thing she wants to hear from her loved one: “is this what you want to wear?” She will be very upset after this and be offended. Because with this phrase you say that it looks unattractive.

8. How do you feel about an open relationship?

If we are talking about what questions should not be asked to a girl, then we must remember that any self-respecting woman will not accept the fact that her partner can meet with someone at the same time, or cheat on her. So don’t even think about asking her about an open relationship. With this, you can quickly put an end to your relationship, and the lady will understand what kind of person you really are.

9.You look so much better with makeup

Not all girls like to do makeup every day. In addition, the skin should be allowed to rest periodically. But when a guy tells his girlfriend that she looks much better with makeup, it upsets her greatly. She takes it as an insult. Because the guy doesn’t like her natural look.

10. May I kiss you?

“Can I hug you, kiss you, take your hand or call you?” – these are the questions you shouldn’t ask a girl. As we said earlier, women love it when guys are proactive and confident. Even if you get rejected, or look ridiculous, show your courage and show that you really like the girl.