What questions shouldn’t you ask a guy?

Does a girl need to know what questions are not allowed to ask a guy? I think yes. Although being honest and open with your partner is really important. And when a man and a woman talk about their fears, desires and aspirations, then their relationship becomes strong and harmonious. However, there are topics to avoid when communicating with your partner. After all, the answers will not have a positive effect on your union, and asking them, you both will feel uncomfortable.

1. How many women have you slept with?

What questions shouldn’t you ask a guy? Of course, about his exes. A girl may be curious to find out how many partners a man had, but you should not find out all the details of his past relationships, and raise intimate topics related to former women. In any case, his answer will not satisfy you. After all, if he was with a lot of women, then you will have a feeling that a man can sleep with anyone, and you will begin to trust each other less. And if a guy says that he had few women, then you will begin to perceive him as a very young and inexperienced boy.

2. Is she prettier / more attractive than me?

Here are some questions you shouldn’t ask a guy: “do you think she is more beautiful / attractive / more interesting than me?”, Or “which of these girls do you like the most?”. It doesn’t matter if you are reaching out to your colleague, friend, or romantic partner. Such phrases will be awkward and inappropriate. And with their help, many girls just want to assert themselves.

While we all struggle for control and attention, asking questions that compare you to another woman is simply not ethical, and they confirm your insecurities and low self-esteem. Also, you may not like any of the possible answers. If a guy says “yes, she is prettier” – it will upset you. If he says “no, you are prettier,” you may feel that your partner is lying or telling a lie. Therefore, such topics create unnecessary tension between you. So save yourself a headache by avoiding phrases like this. Better yet, convince yourself that if the guy is around, then you are really attractive and interesting to him.

3. Do you think I’m getting fat?

Asking this or any question related to your appearance and weight is another way to make a guy feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. If you are unhappy with the way you look, then try to change it, but you do not need to look for additional flaws in yourself. After all, even if you ask a guy a similar question, you will definitely get a quick answer – “Of course not!” Or, if he is a really honest person, then he can say the following – “Perhaps you should lose a few pounds.” But the last phrase will make you feel terrible, and you will regret bringing up the topic.

4. Who wrote / called you?

You can of course be interested in who is calling or texting the guy. However, regularly asking about it will start to create distrust and can be very annoying. Therefore, if you do not have special reasons for mistrust, you do not need to raise such topics, even if you see that they are calling him from unknown numbers. After all, it may well be that these are calls on work issues. And by being distrustful, you are seriously damaging the relationship.

5. What will you do if I get pregnant?

Of course, this question largely depends on the stage at which the relationship is. If you want to start a family with this person, or are already married, then such a question may be quite appropriate. But, if you are about 18 years old, and you have been dating for several months, then such questions should not be asked to a guy. And talking about this at the beginning of the relationship is completely meaningless.

6. Where are you now, or who are you with now?

“Where are you?”, “Who are you with?”, “What are you doing?” – these are the questions you shouldn’t ask a guy. On the one hand, though, you might think these are good topics of conversation. Because you are worried and want to know everything about your partner. But, when such phrases are heard too often, it speaks of your distrust and desire to control the guy. To which he will naturally react negatively. Therefore, you should not abuse such questions.

7. Do you love me or do you like me?

When you constantly ask your boyfriend about his feelings and love for you, you show insecurity. It is important to understand that if you do not feel love and strong feelings from a guy, then no questions will change this. A man must express his feelings himself, and do it not in words, but in actions. He can say anything, but it’s important to look at how the guy treats you, not what he says.

8. What is more important to you, friends or me?

Questions and comparisons like this sound like an ultimatum. They tell the guy to prioritize. And your top priority should be you, and everyone else will wait. But this approach to building relationships is absolutely wrong. After all, all people are different. And for some, the most important people in the world are relatives, and then everyone else. And no one has the right to change the opinions of such people. So don’t put the guy in front of a choice, and don’t issue ultimatums.

9. But I did say! Why are not you listening to me?

Any phrase that is a reproach to a guy will not lead to anything good. Even if you really turned out to be right, and the man did it his own way, and did not listen to you, then in any case you will not change anything. If a man makes a mistake, then it will be much wiser to support him and try to help. But there is no need to reproach him. Phrases like these can easily destroy relationships.

10. Why do you earn so little?

Questions related to financial problems deal a severe blow to men’s self-esteem. Therefore, when we talk about what questions should not be asked a guy, we need to stay away from topics related to his low earnings. It is very unpleasant for a man to hear phrases that he earns little. After all, this suggests that you consider him a failure, and you can leave him at any time.

11. Be a man! Why are you acting like a little child?

Absolutely any man wants to be a leader and achieve success in life. But when he sees that close people do not believe in him, then the desire to achieve something simply disappears. And guys really don’t like hearing phrases that hint at their failure. By doing this, you further underestimate his self-esteem and destroy the relationship.

12. Do you not notice the changes in me?

A similar question for many men is confusing and embarrassing. Yes, we want more attention and care from the guys. But they may have too much to do, and, unfortunately, there is little time left to notice all our changes. And even if the guy is silent, and does not say anything about your new hairstyle or makeup. This does not mean that he did not notice anything. It’s just that many men like to express their feelings and emotions with actions, not words.