What to talk to your friend about?

Girls need girlfriends for many reasons. You can chat with them about women’s topics, go shopping, find support, motivation, and so on. Communication with a new, best, school friend, a young mother, or an interlocutor with another company is different. What topics should you choose in each case?

With a new girlfriend

If you are just friends, then it is much more difficult to find topics of conversation that are interesting for both. First you need to find out what preferences your new girlfriend has. After that, it will already be possible to navigate the topics.

What are the first questions to ask?
* What are the parents’ names?
* Are there sisters and brothers?
* What genre of music do you prefer?
* What kind of movie do you like to watch?
* What cafes do you go to?
* What animals are there at home?
Usually, talking about pets is a good start to a new friend. If you love wildlife, you can easily find a common language with your interlocutor, regardless of which of the animals she prefers.

Show respect for the other person and do not discuss with the new friend the issues that interest only you. Otherwise, you can forget about continuing communication. Remember, people love to talk about themselves. So try to ask more questions. When you ask something, choose the questions so that they do not have a monosyllabic answer. Examples of open-ended questions:
* What is your favorite season and why?
* What subjects did you study at the university?
* What do you do in your free time?
Telling about yourself in more detail, the new friend will feel sincere interest from you. This will lead to the strengthening of nascent friendships. When choosing a topic, it is important to monitor the reaction of the interlocutor. If she causes negative emotions in her friend, then you need to smoothly move to another direction of the conversation.

With best friend

From communication with your best friend, you need to take out only the good and the bright. Talk about easy, beautiful and interesting. Forget about topics related to financial and family problems. Options for conversation topics:
* Face and body care.
* Dish recipes.
* Creativity, needlework.
* Growing flowers.
Any new hobbies and hobbies (dancing, fitness, etc.)
Give your friend sincere compliments, praise even for little things. Don’t see her as a competitor. The exchange of positive energy has a beneficial effect on feminine strength.

With a friend whom you haven’t seen for a long time

Once you were good friends, but then you got a job, got married, had children and gradually communication stopped … But now you and your old friend are texting again, calling or bumping into the street and make an appointment. What can you talk to her about in this case?

Typical female themes. They are interesting to all girls. Shopping, fashion, flowers, children, household … Among this variety, it is easy to find a topic that will captivate both of you.
Memories. This topic will be more relevant for you, because it can be difficult to strike up a conversation right away. A common past unites you. You will begin to discuss the time you were in school or college, and in the process, you will surely find several topics of conversation.
News. If you know information about the latest events in the world, then perhaps your friend knows them. Then it will be interesting to exchange opinions about any news.

With a friend from another company

If you and your friend have a different social circle, then most likely you will talk on walks alone or on social networks. Examples of topics for conversation in this case are as follows:
* Cinema.
* Fashion industry.
* Sports.
* Change of the image of one of the girlfriends.
In addition, you can come up with an interesting commentary on the situation. Look around and you will definitely notice something interesting. Examples:
* This room is amazing!
* I love this party!
* The view from here is spectacular!
You will achieve the best effect if you combine a phrase with an open-ended question. For example: “I like your bag. Where did you buy it? ” Probably, a friend will be happy to tell you about all the details of the purchase.

90% of communication with girlfriends takes place on social networks. Here you can discuss any news, as well as exchange music, photos and pictures. For the holidays, you have the opportunity to give your friend virtual gifts and cards. Otherwise, you can chat with a pen pal about the same topics that you would talk about on the phone or when meeting.

Social media can be the main way to communicate with your friend if she or you are out of town. Messages reach instantly, and, most importantly, they are free. Therefore, you can share news and communicate with your friend for an unlimited amount of time.