Where to meet a successful and rich man for a serious relationship?

Many girls who want to live well and not deny themselves anything try to find a rich husband. To do this, they resort to various methods.

Places to meet a rich man

Dating websites

Finding a wealthy man online is very popular. There are a large number of portals for meeting sponsors, where it is easy to find a sugar daddy, as well as a successful guy, to create a family. But, be careful. Men do not always want a serious relationship. Some of them try to look for girls for one night.

A feature of the portals where they are looking for an unmarried and rich man is their closeness. After all, the rich strive not to lose their income, therefore, the moderators of such sites are actively studying candidates for marriage. Remember that in some cases, such portals operate on a paid basis.

A dating site with rich men is a nice bonus when there is no time or money to visit their “habitats”. On such portals, it is quite easy to start an acquaintance, only it is worth treating applications for relationships with maximum attention. After all, often a gigolo or a swindler is hiding behind the mask of a wealthy man.

Charity concerts and exhibitions

Most wealthy men try to share their finances. That is why they often attend this type of event. If you want to meet a wealthy man.

Fitness rooms and sports country clubs

These are great places to find a wealthy sponsor. However, in order to get to the territory of a sports club, you must have access to it. Without a club member card, you will not be able to enter the protected perimeter. As a result, there is a “secret selection” of candidates, only those who have sufficient funds.


Exhibitions by renowned artists and sculptors are held every season. If you live in a large metropolis, then there should be no problems with meeting a wealthy man. The main thing is to get a ticket for such an event, because they are often of a closed type.

Sports activities

Almost all men prefer sports in their free time. So, the rich and ambitious love golf, participation in horse races, polo, sailing. To interest such a man, you will need to perfectly study the rules of individual sports, find out the best players, the most prestigious competitions and their venues. You can also additionally enroll in a local tennis club to learn how to play and show your skills in practice.

Recommendations for action

Dating rich men for a serious relationship is every woman’s dream. Just to start communicating with such partners, it is important to make the appropriate request correctly. Quite simply in the search engines enter “looking for a millionaire” and you will get several popular dating sites.

Please note that in order to get acquainted with the sponsor, you need to correctly create a profile. Psychologists and coaches provide the following guidelines:

* Try to prepare high quality photos. Your dating portfolio should be bright and eye-catching. It is best to give preference to professional filming. Do styling, make-up, find the right look. But, don’t Photoshop your photos too much. This will immediately be noticeable in a personal meeting.
* Do not post personal information on the site. Only as you begin to communicate more closely, only then can you give your phone number. Believe that among the rich future lovers there are scammers and unscrupulous people.
* Do not try to deceive the interlocutor. Speak openly and directly. It is better not to say that you need money, but you should not hide your serious intentions either. In any case, everything will open up when you meet and communicate more closely.
* Remember that dating a beautiful girl is also a lottery for a rich man. They are afraid that they will be deceived, that they will take possession of their acquired property and funds. Therefore, they also carefully select candidates for a personal meeting and further communication.

If a wealthy guy has made an appointment for you, then it is important to carefully prepare for it:

* Visit a beautician, make-up artist, stylist. You should look your best to get a man’s attention.
Don’t dress too revealingly. Of course, if you want a one-night stand, then you can wear a cleavage. But, in the case of a serious relationship, it is better to dress in a classic style, for example, a black cocktail dress.
* Observe the rules of etiquette, try not to use parasitic words during a conversation. Maintain a conversation, and for this it is worthwhile to find out in advance what your future chosen one is fond of, to study his hobby, field of activity. Remember that wealthy men love smart girls, not dummies.
* The main thing is to smile. After all, a smile allows you to dispose yourself to a person. But, do not play, as this will be immediately visible to the interlocutor.

When you meet a potential candidate for life partner, do not try to immediately engage in sexual relations with him. If he is interested in you for a serious relationship, he will not rush and put pressure on you.

By the way, you can be friends with wealthy women so that you have access to their acquaintances and friends. In particular, they can connect you with a potential chosen one. Thus, you do not have to make much effort to search for a man with wealth.