Which men should be avoided?

Not knowing which guys to date can lead you into destructive relationships that can lead you to depression and emotional distress. I want to help you understand this issue so that you know exactly which men to avoid and move through this “dangerous area” with confidence and calmness.

The bad guys will just ruin your life. You will waste your precious time on them, and in return you will get problems with mental and physical health. Instead, look for someone who is trustworthy and loving and helpful in difficult times, rather than trying to hurt you.

1. Not married, but with children

Unlike the divorced, he somehow managed to seduce the woman and have children, but not get married. This type of guy sends clear signals that you shouldn’t mess with them. They now need to be engaged in raising children and think more about them. If you come into contact with such a man, then life will become a soap opera, you will have to sit with his children and raise them.

2. If he too abuses bad habits

Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are destroyers of human consciousness and they negatively affect any relationship. This type of person usually lacks ethics, morality and self-control. You will put yourself in danger by communicating with him. He may have behavioral problems that could endanger his life. If he’s in rehab or recovering, wish him luck, but stay away. It will be difficult to build a happy relationship with such a person.

3. Guy out of work

I do not mean a person who was recently laid off and is looking for a job. I’m talking about men who just don’t want to work and don’t even look for her. Any person you meet should be a breadwinner and know how to make money. Such people cannot support themselves, let alone their loved ones.

4. The offender

This is a man who takes emotional pleasure in insulting other people. It is definitely not worth starting a relationship with him and endangering your health. He can be a sociopath or a psychopath. Probably, if they ask me which men should be avoided, this type will be the most important.

5. The guy who stops texting you

You liked the guy and you start to correspond with him, but suddenly, he stops responding to messages or answers for a very long time. First, try to find out from him the reason for this behavior. If he doesn’t explain anything and ignores your questions, you shouldn’t develop a relationship with him. This person is not for you.

6. He asks to pay the rent

If a man relies on a woman (barring unforeseen accidents) and wants her to pay his rent, buy clothes, or pay a check at a restaurant, then he simply uses it. Such men should be avoided. If he cannot support himself, then it will be very difficult to build a family life with him.

7. Cruel man

When you start dating such a man, or after sleeping with him too early, he will become inadequate. He will begin to tell you that he does not like everything, will insult and offend you. These people are also sometimes considered sociopaths. These guys have too high a sense of ego and their own rights.

8. He keeps you outside of his social circle.

If a man has not introduced the girl to his acquaintances and does not hint at doing this, then he leads a double life. He may only be interested in having sex with you. Being married is definitely not for him. Take your time to start a relationship with him, but get to know his intentions better.

9. The guy is just for sex

From the first or second day, he speaks or hints only at an intimate relationship. He spends little time with you and does not want to show any courting gestures. Such a man does not want to take you out for dinner or go to the movies together. This person is completely selfish. He is not interested in you as a person, and sexual relations with him will not lead to something serious. He jumps from one woman to another, playing one game.

10. Too cute and charming

These guys wish everyone to please. When meeting them, you should remember which men to avoid. They can sabotage their relationship. These men are very tempting, but you have to be careful. If they can’t make their intentions clear, then you’d better move on. Sexologists say that while such people can create romantic relationships, it is important to find someone who is able to make long-term commitments and make serious decisions in life.

How to find the perfect man

Really good guys want to create happy and lasting relationships, which is why they are so hard to find, but they are. You have to meet a lot of people before you find one. The wider your social circle, the more chances you have of finding a truly sincere and honest man. Join various clubs or communities according to your interests. Start going to the gym, exercising more, and attending social events. Be active and communicate as much as possible.

You can use dating apps or sites. Just don’t go completely into a virtual relationship. Once you meet a person online and you like him, do not refuse a live meeting. This is the only way you can know his true qualities. Look for a kind, considerate man who will respect and appreciate you. And which men should be avoided, I think you are already well aware.