Why am I lonely and can’t find a boyfriend?

Recently, I have begun to receive questions such as: “Why can’t I get married?”, “Why don’t I have a boyfriend?”, “How can I find a good girl for a relationship?”, “Why are many single people unable to find a couple? ” These questions are really topical. And if you are facing the same problem, the first thing you need to do is stop getting upset and worrying. You need to find the real reason why you are still alone. For our part, we will try to help you with this.

1. They are too shy

We are all a little nervous and shy when we meet or interact with the opposite sex. But there are people who are too shy. They simply are not able to overcome the fear of approaching someone and getting to know someone. Such people are afraid to communicate on the phone with the opposite sex. At parties, they sit in one place, do not communicate with anyone or dance. There are many reasons why a person is so withdrawn. But the first thing you need to do is start interacting with people more. You need to overcome your fear of people. This is the only way to connect with someone and find yourself a partner for a relationship. And this can be done only by gaining self-confidence and by regularly leaving the comfort zone.

2. People don’t care about their personal hygiene

It is necessary to follow the rules of personal hygiene if you want to look attractive and find yourself a partner for a relationship. This includes body hygiene, hair hygiene, oral hygiene, and so on. You need to take care of yourself every day, take a shower regularly, and keep your clothes clean. Men need to watch out for excessive hairiness on the body, for the cleanliness of your hands and nails. You should definitely smell good. Personal hygiene should be a top priority, even if you’re the guy who likes to look sloppy. Women also need to remove all unwanted body hair. If you do not have the opportunity to regularly visit beauty salons, then get the most necessary tools and take care of yourself at home.

3. Severe breakup in the past

A difficult breakup and pain from it is one of the most common reasons why many single people are afraid to start new relationships. In this case, the person is afraid to trust someone again after his or her heart has been “broken.” Typical situations that cause such fear are when one of the partners is being unfaithful, cheating, and cheating behind the other partner’s back. The suffering and sadness of this situation is very emotionally traumatic. That our subconscious mind does not allow us to fall in love again and trust someone. It may not be difficult for us to go on a date with a girl or boyfriend. It’s just that it’s much more difficult to develop any feelings for this person. It takes time to overcome this. Therefore, if you have had a difficult breakup, do not rush to enter into a new relationship.

4. They do not monitor their physical form and their health

Lack of exercise combined with a poor diet will make your body less attractive. Perhaps due to excessive workload and routine life, you do not notice this. Then take a look at your old photographs that were taken a few years ago. What did you look like then? Perhaps you have put on a lot of weight? Or, on the contrary, have you become too thin? Look at yourself in the mirror and find the answers to these questions.

As soon as you realize that your body is out of shape, be sure to start changing it. Buy a gym membership, start running in the evenings or in the morning. Better yet, start playing a sport that involves other people. In this way, you will begin to get your body in shape, and you will find new friends.

5. They spend too much time at home.

This is another common reason why many single people fail to find love. They communicate little and do not interact with other people. It will be very difficult for you to find someone to relate to if you don’t open up your life to new people and new opportunities. If you are constantly at home, watching TV, playing video games, or surfing the internet aimlessly, how can you meet someone?

So become a more open person and start making more friends. Develop new hobbies and interests. Walk more, go shopping. Visit galleries, libraries, or just read books in a cozy cafe or in the park. As you begin to do this, you will eventually discover an exciting opportunity to meet interesting people, make new friends, or meet your soul mate.

6. Complex personality type

Some people become lonely because of their difficult nature. Your acquaintances will distance themselves from you if it is difficult to communicate with you and find a common language. And, although, this is everyone’s personal choice how to behave and what kind of person to be in society. But, in the event that it is difficult for you to find a person for a relationship, then you need to change something in yourself. Try to be more loyal to other people. Become a kind and helpful person. As a result, you will see that your environment will begin to change, and you will attract completely different people.

7. People are afraid of commitment

Fears of responsibility and commitment are a common reason why many single people fail to find meaningful romantic relationships. Lack of self-confidence, immature behavior and various fears are the reasons for this. Such people are afraid to build long-term relationships. All of their dates are boring and dull. They have no goals in life, no desire and motivation to achieve something.

8. They show social anxiety.

When people show social concern, they often become lonely. Social anxiety leads to a reluctance to interact with other people. They avoid public places, events, parties and gatherings. Getting rid of this problem is not easy. And in most cases, you will need to seek the help of a psychotherapist. But you can start to get rid of this ailment yourself by regularly talking with two or three close friends. Once you feel comfortable, then start reaching out to a wider social circle.

9. They are afraid to be themselves

Lack of a fulfilling life often manifests itself in people who hide their true “I”. In this way, they want to impress the opposite sex. But in reality, it has bad consequences. Because when your first meetings are over, and you get to know each other better, you will realize that there are many differences between you that were hidden in the beginning. So stop yourself if you are trying to be someone else. You will continue to be lonely if you think that behavior other than your natural personality will help you in life.

10. You don’t meet the right people

The final reason why many singles don’t find a mate is because they don’t know who they really need. You need to have a clear idea of ​​what kind of person you want to see next. Many single people do not find a match for themselves because they are interacting with the wrong people. That already in the early stages leads to failure. So by no means try to force yourself to fall in love with someone you don’t belong to. You must have a clear understanding of the kind of person you need. With him, you must have common values ​​and priorities. This is the only way you can build a truly long and happy relationship.