Why are relationships falling apart?

It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of why relations are collapsing. Because every union between a man and a woman is unique. And it’s impossible to say exactly why your relationship might end. However, we can definitely work out some basic ideas that will help us “see things from the other side”.

I know that you are sad and confused right now. But you need to understand that difficulties arise in any relationship. And absolutely any relationship can end in failure if not given enough attention. Most unions between a man and a woman fail due to common problems. Some can be solved, while others, unfortunately, do not have a solution.

Let’s take a look at them. If you recognize yourself in these examples, then it can give you some idea of ​​how to proceed next.

Many experts suggest that there are three main reasons for a relationship breakup. These are: financial problems, sexual problems, and communication problems. We’ll talk about them in more detail later.

1. Financial difficulties

Financial problems are stressful. Especially when partners have different spending habits and preferences. The constant feeling of pressure from lack of money, frustration and fear are all factors in the breakdown of a relationship. There are many quarrels and conflict situations due to lack of money. And even if you do not have problems with the lack of money, then there may be differences in who and how much money should spend.

Therefore, if a similar situation has developed in your union, you must first discuss everything with your loved one. This will help you avoid possible criticism regarding consumer behavior. For such conversations, be sure to allocate as much time as possible so that you can calmly discuss everything. If you are having trouble communicating on this topic on a regular basis, try sitting down together at least once a month and discussing your budget.

In case you are starting a new relationship, and still have little acquaintance with the person. Then discuss what consumer preferences you both had earlier. Up to financial education as a child. The main thing is to be ready to listen to your partner, and not only talk about your own preferences. Try to come to a common agreement and reach a compromise.

2. Sexual problems

Bedroom problems are another common reason why relationships fall apart. They, in turn, can be caused by all sorts of changes in life, difficulties at work, mental and physical health problems. Over time, the sexual preferences of partners can become completely opposite.

And if a couple ignores it, then sexual problems are inevitable. Therefore, in no case should you be silent if you do not like something in your intimate life. Be sure to discuss your desires and preferences in bed. And if you yourself cannot cope, then do not hesitate to seek professional help.

3. Communication problems

If communication problems arise in the union between a man and a woman, this means that any other problem cannot be solved. Feelings of freedom, security and comfort are essential for calm communication with your partner. You should be ready in any situation to listen to your man or woman, and give him or her as much time as necessary.

Also, in any case, do not close in yourself, and do not hide what you do not like. Try to openly discuss all feelings, emotions and desires with your loved one. Even if a conflict arises between you, you should not leave. Find out everything with your partner to the end, so that there are no understatements and secrets between you.

4. Lack of awareness

I also want to highlight a few more reasons why relationships fall apart, which are not so common, but they are more based on specific personalities and expectations that lead to problems. For example, this lack of awareness. People who do not want to see the reality of the situation, and when a problem arises, they immediately blame the other person.

They do not want to realize their own mistakes and take the blame on themselves, even if they were wrong. They will always have another person to blame, and they have no desire to see if there is anything that can be done differently. They will expect their partner to change or take action, but they will not do anything themselves.

5. No commitment

People who enter relationships for convenience, social recognition, or other selfish reasons usually do not seek to ensure that the relationship develops successfully. They will not be willing to do otherwise, regardless of their partner’s needs. They will behave distantly, they will not take the initiative. And this is especially bad when there are problems that need to be solved.

6. Intervention of other people

We all have family, friends, relatives and acquaintances. This has both pros and cons. And one of the huge disadvantages is when someone from the environment begins to interfere with a relationship with a loved one. Sometimes, these people are trying to help, so take it easy.

It is possible that they do it for good intentions. However, if their intervention negatively affects the development of your union, then just ask not to interfere in your relationship, and solve all problems only with your partner.

What if there are problems in the relationship?

Whatever the reason for your potential breakup, the most important thing is to move forward. Ask yourself a simple question: “Is it worth trying to keep the relationship?” Then honestly assess the situation, and decide for yourself whether you want to be with this person further? If the answer is no, then just say goodbye to him. Yes, it may be difficult for you. You may feel anxious and nervous. But over time, everything will pass.

And if you have identified the problem. And you understand what needs to be changed in order to preserve the relationship and make them develop successfully in the future. Then be sure to talk about it. If your partner agrees with you, then develop a joint plan to get out of this crisis, and move on together. And remember, no matter what happens in life, you deserve love and respect anyway. And you will definitely find a person with whom you will build a long and happy union. So stop worrying! Feel free to move on!