Why are some people disliked and what kind of people become outcasts?

Recently, I have been receiving many messages about why some people are not liked, and why people cannot build normal relationships with others? This is a really urgent problem. And if you are in such a situation, you should understand yourself and find out what you are doing wrong and how it can be changed.

The most common reasons why some people are not liked

1. Smoking

When I was in school, I remember that guys who smoked were considered cool. But today everything has changed. Many consider smoking to be a disgusting and bad habit, which is harmful not only for smokers, but also for those who are exposed to toxins. I also smoked, but did not realize how harmful it was, and did not feel how bad it smelled from me. When I realized the problem, I immediately quit smoking. Moreover, I learned about the dangers of smoking, and saw it through live examples from loved ones.

Many people feel the same way these days. And even if a person is completely normal and behaves appropriately, his bad habit can alienate people. Bad habits prevent you from getting a good job and finding a worthy partner for a relationship. Although it is really difficult to quit smoking, those who want to improve their relationship should get rid of this habit.

2. Excessive chatter

This is a fairly common reason why some people are disliked. When people spend time with each other, they enjoy talking about different topics. But they don’t like it when one person dominates the conversation. He does not stop talking long enough, and does not allow the person to express their opinion. There is nothing more annoying than when someone calls and spends the entire conversation talking about their affairs and problems. Someone does it unconsciously, or because of nervousness. But most are due to the fact that they are not interested in hearing about the problems or feelings of other people.

When a person speaks for too long, there is no dialogue. As a result, such people begin to be ignored. They are not invited to visit, they may not answer their calls, and they simply try to avoid them. People like it when others are interested in them and give them the opportunity to speak up. It makes them feel needed. Therefore, most try to be friends with those who know how to have meaningful conversations.

3. Alcohol abuse

Many people enjoy enjoying alcoholic beverages, but some overuse it too much. Someone in this way tries to get rid of stress and forget problems, while others just drink to the company. But if a person drinks too much, he loses control of himself and does unacceptable things. Such a person, as a rule, has an appropriate environment, and he spends a lot of time with them. And although he has “friends”, one thing unites them – alcohol.

I have been married to an alcoholic for a long time, so I know what it is. He did not respect anyone, behaved unacceptably, and simply ruined our lives. People with such a problem can be helped, but they themselves must want it. Therefore, if you drink too much, and you think you are doing well. You have friends, work and everything else, then stop and think about who these people are, and how strong your friendship will be without alcohol? With alcohol abuse, you stop thinking about dreams and goals. You do not have a normal environment and decent support, except for drinking companions. And, of course, you find it difficult to meet new people.

4. Poor hygiene

It may be quite normal for someone to go outside without makeup, without combing your hair, and without even looking at yourself in the mirror. But we live in a civilized society, where people should be neat, clean and take care of themselves. In your apartment, you can look whatever you want, but in society, you should take care of yourself. Nobody wants to communicate with you, or have any business, if you don’t smell good and you look bad. People who don’t brush their teeth, wear dirty clothes and don’t take care of themselves, let’s face it, are just lazy. And this is another reason why some people are not liked. Such a person is immediately visible. With him, the desire to have any kind of relationship disappears. But if you start taking care of yourself, your environment will begin to change, and people will start accepting you, not avoiding you.

5. Unwillingness to reciprocate

Several years ago my husband and I were friends with a very nice couple. They often came to visit us, and we had fun. But then I started to notice that they were just using us. At our expense, we went to various establishments, and regularly dined at our house. And at the same time, they did not buy anything, and did not pay for anything. As a result, we stopped inviting them to our house. After all, what kind of person would like to be used? I think the answer is obvious. And as soon as a person realizes that he is being used, he has no desire to continue relationships with such people. Indeed, in any relationship, you must always reciprocate. And if they did something good to you, do not forget to thank this person.

6. Bragging

Nobody likes show-off, and because of this, some people don’t like it. After all, life is hard for most people. They have to face various difficulties and problems every day. And when another person appears and begins to brag about their achievements or wealth, many are annoyed. You just make them feel like they are worse than you. It is like a blow to the face from which a person cannot defend himself. The point is, you don’t have to share your successes. People already see it. And they will respect you for being modest. On the other hand, if you brag too much, they will try to stay as far away from you as possible.

7. Fights and hooliganism

Why are some people disliked? Because of bad behavior, of course. The quickest way to get someone to dislike you is to team up with other people and try to put pressure on other people. For some, it seems cool, and they think that in this way they show their strength. But in reality, such a person looks like a coward who wants to use his belonging to this group to suppress other people. And when he has problems, few of this group can come to the rescue.

So you should take the time to study your friendships. So you can understand, maybe other people don’t like you because of your bad environment? If you think so, then it’s time to become an independent and respectable person. Who will be respected and appreciated for his actions, and not vice versa.

8. Blame everything on other people

In recent years, people have begun to refuse to accept responsibility for their behavior. Regardless of what they say or do, they try to shift all the blame onto someone else. If they lost their jobs, it was because the boss didn’t like them. If their relationship did not work out, then the other person was to blame for everything. And while this behavior is acceptable to many, you should know that in this way you make people lose respect for you, as well as question your authority. Plus, you avoid the real causes of life’s problems, instead of fighting them and getting stronger.

How can it change?

Building meaningful relationships with other people can be really challenging. Especially if before that you behaved inappropriately. Therefore, often refer to our list of why some people are not liked. Try to avoid all these negative habits and bad behaviors. Become a more open person. Communicate more and be nice. Begin to smile more and practice good manners. And if you want changes in your life and a good attitude towards you, then start treating other people in the same way.