Why did the guy stop talking and communicating with you?

Everything was good in your relationship, but suddenly the guy stopped talking, and you do not understand why this happened? Perhaps you really tried, did everything right, and now you are very worried about what happened. This is a fairly common situation that many girls find themselves in. And I think, needless to say, there could be many reasons why a man stopped talking to a woman. After all, all people are different, and each couple may have individual problems. But we, nevertheless, have compiled a list of the most likely reasons why this can happen.

1. He plays a double game

A guy can date several girls at the same time. He thus tries to choose which girl he will be more comfortable with. Yes, I know it’s selfish and ugly of him. But in this case, you are not guilty of anything, so do not worry so much. If a guy behaves like this at the very beginning of the relationship, then he is not worth your time and attention.

2. Your expectations were too high

Perhaps you only recently met him, and this guy had a completely different vision of the development of relations. More precisely, it could not have been at all. Perhaps he only needed to satisfy his physical needs. And when he got what he wanted, he stopped calling and writing to you. This situation is just as frustrating. Therefore, you need to be more careful when choosing a partner for life.

3. He got scared of a serious relationship

Not all guys are ready for a serious relationship. So it may well be that when he saw your serious intentions and plans for a joint future, it just scared him. Therefore, do not rush things. A lot of guys aren’t really ready for a serious relationship. Give him time to get used to you and understand what he really wants out of this relationship.

4. You avoided kissing

Believe it or not! But men think about things like kissing, hugging, and physical intimacy as much as girls. They need it, just like we do. Therefore, if the guy stopped talking to you, remember your last meetings. Did you kiss him when you said goodbye? This may seem like a silly and immature reason not to mess with you. But what can you do about it?

5. You just didn’t hook this man

No matter how sexy and attractive you think you are, each man has his own preferences. Many men can be overly selective when they start dating a new girlfriend. Therefore, it may well be that you simply did not hook it.

6. He saw your desperation

Men smell despair. So, if you are the first to call or text a new guy on a regular basis, you may already be making plans with him for family life, and are not giving him freedom. In this case, you will look too desperate for him. Men want more freedom in their personal lives. And, if they see that you are too attached at the very beginning, then this can definitely alert. Therefore, you do not need to pay too much attention in a short period of time. Let the man take the initiative himself. And you be a modest and sweet girl.

7. Distance

Perhaps you live in different cities and it takes you too long to get to each other and see each other. Not everyone is ready to do this. Yes, love knows no boundaries. Unfortunately, this expression is a little outdated. So a man may well think that it would be better to end long distance relationships early than to experience problems later.

8. You talk too much

It’s no secret that many girls like to talk on the phone and not only. We love to discuss various little things and events from our lives. But when you transfer these conversations to your man, he may not like it. Plus, if he has to work hard and has little time to listen to your rumors.

9. Poor communication skills

Perhaps when you meet each other, you don’t know what to talk about? Both of you may not have developed communication skills or find common topics of conversation. Maybe he’s too shy to ask you questions or start a conversation. Therefore, the lack of self-confidence and positive self-esteem can also be the reasons that the guy stopped talking.

10. He hasn’t ended his relationship with his ex.

If this is true, then it’s good that he dumped you, instead of cheating and being unfaithful. Of course, he must be a decent person, and report this at the very beginning. But this is already in the past. Move on and don’t focus on unethical people.

11. You bombarded him with questions

Getting to know someone better is one thing. But constantly asking him questions about his personal life may not be entirely appropriate, and he will feel embarrassed. As we know, men don’t like to talk a lot. They love to confirm words with actions. And they reserve the opportunity to answer questions a little later. Plus, if they don’t really matter right now.

12. The man did not find anything in common between you

Men and women can often have different opinions and values ​​in life. Therefore, it may well be that you simply did not agree on characters. Although, it is not necessary to have the same interests in order to build a healthy relationship. But it is important that you have similar goals in life and certain priorities.

13. You spend too much money.

Not all men can be generous, and many may not like it if you regularly spend at their expense. Therefore, if you showed zero initiative in paying expenses, then this may be the reason why the guy stopped talking. If you want him to respect you, you must at least try to show equality. So the next time the waiter brings you an invoice, take out your wallet and tell them that you are ready to split the invoice for two.