Why did the guy stop writing and ignore?

One girl wrote me an email telling me that the guy had stopped texting her. In fact, this is not an isolated case when they write to me with such a problem. It has become common for guys to stop texting or calling their girls without any warning or explanation. To be fair, it’s worth noting that women also have this bad habit, but this article will focus on why men stop writing to their women and what to do about it.

Common reasons why a guy stopped writing

The following list may not be exhaustive because there are different situations in a relationship. But he can give you some idea of ​​why the guy started to ignore you. You will also notice that the last few reasons are quite harmless, and can be signs of a healthy relationship. Therefore, do not rush to draw conclusions that everything is over with this person.

  • The guy just doesn’t feel the need to text you;
  • He is no longer interested in you and does not want to hurt you by saying this;
  • He has started dating someone else and does not have the courage to end the relationship normally;
  • The guy is not currently interested in a serious relationship, but wants to keep you as a “future option”;
  • He realized that you were not going to sleep with him and lost interest;
  • The person is currently experiencing depression to such an extent that he stopped communicating with many people;
  • He has no way to write;
  • He is very busy with work or study;
  • He feels so comfortable in his relationship with you that he does not see the need for constant correspondence.

Why is communication with men so difficult?

You may be asking yourself why is it so difficult to interact with guys today? The thing is that the technologies of the twenty-first century have brought great changes in various areas of our life, including romantic relationships. Many men have ceased to be caring, brave and romantic. They prefer to spend more time at home with their gadgets than meeting with friends or with their loved one. They are sometimes so passionate about watching talk shows or playing online games that they completely forget about the need to be socially active and communicate with people in real life.

Therefore, in the twenty-first century, relationships are no longer developing the way they used to. Quite often, the first steps in a relationship these days are made via text messages or social media. And, unfortunately, this shift from face-to-face communication in virtual correspondence does not bode well for the relationship. Because a lot of guys get used to this behavior. They do not need to feel responsible, or listen to their partner’s discontent and whims. This of course doesn’t mean that all guys act like that. I know a lot of good men who treat girls well and don’t waste time. They are caring, loving, and considerate.

What to do if a guy stops writing

Before reading the tips below, ask yourself the following question: “Do you really want this guy to send you a message?” Because there are times when a man stops writing, and this is even for the best. This means that you deserve a better person than him. You should also beware of this kind of relationship in which the guy is not serious in advance. Or he prefers to communicate with you only by correspondence. If he doesn’t want to have a real relationship, maybe you’d better move on and find yourself a new boyfriend? But if you still want him to text you, here’s what you can do.

1. Wait at least a week

If the guy stops writing, there is no need to rush to draw hasty conclusions, perhaps something serious has happened and the man simply does not have the opportunity to write. There is no need to press on him and send him a mountain of messages. I understand that waiting for seven whole days may not be easy, but you need to do it. Go public, do something interesting. But don’t write to him again.

2. Show a little ignore

Make it seem like you don’t care that the guy stopped writing. Show a little ignorance. Don’t show that you are worried or waiting for his message. Try to control yourself and stay calm. Resist the urge to correspond with him if only 2-3 days have passed since your last contact. If he really loves you, he will definitely write.

3. Write him a closing message

If you just met a guy recently, or just corresponded and never saw each other, then you can not write to him at all. Just forget it, save your time and energy for more important things. But, if you had a long-term relationship, then you can write him the following message: “I don’t think we will succeed that way. I wish you all the very best! ” Put the first point in this relationship. My advice to you is, be above all this. Look at the difficulties that arise with a positive attitude and move on.

4. Stick to short messages

If the guy renews contact with you, then try to be polite but serious with him. Because scolding a man for not being connected will only hurt your relationship. But at the same time, feel free to say what you really want. Just do it calmly and without causing a conflict.

5. Send him a message only when he texts you

If a guy replied to one of your messages, don’t take it as a sign that you should bombard him with a mountain of messages about everything you think and feel. Try to get back to your normal communication model by only texting him when he texts you.

6. Focus on yourself

Yes, there are times when a guy stops writing. But life doesn’t end there. And instead of dwelling all the time on why the guy isn’t texting or calling, it’s better if you focus all your attention on yourself. You have nothing else to do in life? So instead of being constantly worried and nervous about your relationship, might you be better off doing self-actualization? Take up spiritual development or what you love. After all, you probably have a lot of things to do that await you. So you better take care of them and stop running after men.

7. Know when to leave

It is very important. If a guy plays games with you, gives you problems and headaches, then think, maybe you would be better off without him? If the guy is not paying enough attention to you already at this stage, then you are probably better off forgetting him. Remove it from your contacts and start moving on. This applies to both long-term relationships and new ones. After all, even if you are still at the dating stage, he should still actively show interest in you. These are the old rules of courting a girl. So if you’ve tried a few of the tips above, but nothing changes, then you’d better leave. You deserve a better person.