Why do girls like bad guys?

Why do you think girls love bad guys more than good guys? After all, correct and decent men are very attentive to women. They behave appropriately and are always respectful of their partner. Perhaps the girls in bad guys are attracted to their self-confidence, a little cockiness, and courage? Or maybe it’s not true that girls like the bad guys better? Let’s try to figure it out.

1) It’s all about behavior and attraction

Before we start accusing women of only loving bad guys, let’s think a little about men. Don’t they like the bad girls who are easier to get in touch with? And who, after the first date, are ready to go home to the guy? What man would refuse a date with such a woman? It’s all about the charm and attractiveness of bad guys and girls. Who, with their confidence and disposition, very quickly win the heart of their partner.

Girls love bad guys more because they are specific in their words and actions. They are not afraid to approach any girl, talk to her and ask her out on a date. But good guys are not always ready to pursue a girl, or at the first meeting they can take her phone number. And it often happens that it is the bad guys who take the first and most importantly quick steps to achieve the desired result. Unlike the correct ones, who always think over their actions and calculate everything.

2) Bad guys are more confident

High self-esteem and self-confidence are some of the main reasons why girls love bad guys. Confidence plays a crucial role in bonding with the opposite sex. It helps the person speak, walk, and behave more attractively. Yes, bad guys are full of self-confidence, and their high self-esteem makes them masters of communication and most social situations.

3) It’s cool to be around such a person

Most girls want to be seen around tough guys. This passive feeling of jealousy and envy attracts them to the bad guys. A girl will feel like she really is the prettiest in her environment if she can go on a date with the guy most of her girlfriends are drawn to.

4) bad guys know how to have fun

This is another big reason why girls love bad guys. We all want fun and entertainment sometimes. Typically, bad guys spend their time in nightclubs rather than sitting at home or going to theaters. Girls love fun communication, going to parties, hanging out with different people and doing something more interesting than just sitting in the park or going to the movies. Dating a bad guy can be cool because they really know how to have fun. They have money, many acquaintances and, accordingly, the same social circle, in which they will definitely not be bored.

5) bad guys know what they want

Such a man understands well what he wants from a girl. He can make it clear that his feelings for her are not just friendly. And if he notices that he is in the friend zone, he will immediately do everything necessary to get out of it. Unlike a shy guy who cannot always show his feelings, and often strikes up friendships with the opposite sex.

6) Dominant Personality Effect

Imagine a typical situation where a girl is asked out on a date by the most attractive guy in the class who is the captain of the high school soccer team. He is respected by many comrades, and every girl secretly falls in love with him. This will put pressure on the girl this guy is interested in anyway. And such a passive sense of the dominant personality of the bad guy leaves no chance of rejection on the part of the fair sex.

7) Bad guys don’t hesitate to give flowers and gifts

Such a man will not miss the opportunity to once again give the girl a bouquet of roses, or some insignificant gift. Even when they are still at the stage of flirting, she will definitely like this behavior. What woman wouldn’t want to be greeted by a handsome guy with a bouquet of roses? A shy guy, on the other hand, will think twice before taking such a step. He may be afraid that the girl will not accept his gift and will not want to develop a relationship with him.

8) parents forbid dating bad guys

Why is a little child always trying to reach a hidden box of chocolates? Because he was told not to eat candy. It is our human nature to try to do what we are forbidden to do. The same psychology manifests itself when the mother tells the girl to stay away from the guy with whom she is friends. The fact that her mother forbade her from seeing him will further increase the desire to find out what kind of person he really is.

9) Women feel safe

Bad guys have an image of a person with whom no one wants to have a problem. Naturally, a girl will feel protected around a guy who can handle any situation. This sense of security is another reason why girls love bad guys and want to be around them.

Be careful when developing a relationship with such a person.

Bad guys can often mislead girls with their behavior, hiding their true intentions. They can go to great lengths to get what they want, including lies and manipulation. Such a person will behave as romantic as possible, even if all he needs is to sleep with a girl. And the next day he will look for a new victim.

If we talk about a good guy, then it is much more difficult for him to betray his feelings. Even when his attraction to the girl is nothing more than sexual. He will not lie to her, promising to always love and be there for the rest of his days. Such people sincerely show their feelings. And they are no less pleasant in communication, even if they are not always decisive and not confident enough in themselves. But they have certain values ​​in life and character traits that deserve respect.