Why do men change after marriage?

Are you surprised that your husband has changed since the wedding? And you ask yourself: “What happened to that romantic man who was at the beginning of your relationship, and why do men change after marriage?” This happens to many couples. Unfortunately, romantic relationships don’t last as long as we want them to. This often happens when you enter a life together too early. Both of you begin to devote a lot of time to your financial problems, household chores and educational processes. Forgetting that you are a couple and that your relationship needs to be worked on as well. But why are there such couples who are doing well? Husbands value, love and respect their wives just as they did in the beginning of a relationship. And you just do not understand what happened between you, and why your man changed so much after marriage.

How it all starts

Before we look at why men change after marriage, let’s talk about where it all starts. Men love to win. When they meet a woman they fall deeply in love with, then time and money are not the limiting factor for them. They throw a huge amount of energy and strength to achieve what they want. Some men believe that if they want to conquer a woman, they must charm her and win her over in every possible way. They buy various sentimental gifts, fill her mailbox with postcards declaring their love. They write poetry, give flowers, arrange romantic dinners in expensive restaurants, and walk along beaches and parks for a long time. They do everything to make a woman feel desired and loved. And they don’t let anything stand in the way of winning the woman of their dreams. Of course, the girl begins to trust such a man. And after that, as a rule, a marriage proposal follows.

At this moment, the girl is overwhelmed with emotions. After all, she is now so good with this man. And she believes that things will get even better in marriage. That he will open the doors for her to a new happy life. After all, she sees how it becomes the main priority of this man. He shows his attention, love and care to her. He changes his busy schedule to spend more time with her. And this is the attitude that distinguishes guys from husbands. But as we already know, after the wedding, many men change, and all these romantic moments disappear. But marriage should never be the end of this romantic journey. Marriage can change the dynamics of a relationship, but it shouldn’t cause your feelings to fade away.

Get to know your partner better before marriage

Most couples enter family life without fully revealing themselves to the person. Too often, the person you are dating does not show their true self. And you really don’t know who your boyfriend really is. Yes, the dating and dating period is very important. But during this period, men and women focus all their attention on revealing their best side. After all, for fear of jeopardizing their new relationship, they tiptoe around their partner. And they try to avoid any problems or not notice the negative features that appear in him.

But if people at this stage do not learn to be honest with each other, they will face a difficult awakening in the future. After all, after marriage, all these things will inevitably appear. And it may well be that this guy has not changed at all in the marriage, you just did not want to get to know him better. And it really worries me that many women get married without knowing their man. Their habits, emotional stability, life priorities and values ​​are just a small part of what you need to know about a person.

Career growth is why men change

A lot of guys are too keen on building their careers. And this is a very common reason why men change after marriage. Most young people are focused on achieving success in life. They are interested in moving as high as possible in their careers. This is not to say that they dislike their wives, but their priorities are usually focused on building a career. They have too much work to do. They are constantly busy and stop giving due attention to their wives. Men believe that now that they are married, it is time to move on to other goals. Therefore, without thinking about how this will affect their relationship, they calmly redistribute their priorities and start building a career. This is why men change after marriage. Most of them do it unconsciously. And if you ask a husband about love for his wife, he will deny that she is weak. He loves her as much, he just does not have time to show it.


In fact, there are several main reasons why men change after marriage. And the appearance of a child is one of them. Some men become overwhelmed with their jobs and parenting. They are so passionate about different responsibilities and try to do their best for their children that they simply forget to be a loving husband. This is certainly not an excuse for them. But you want to return, at least for a minute, those happy moments that previously made you feel like that one and only desirable woman.

Different understandings of family life

It’s no secret that men and women perceive certain moments differently. Men tend to have different opinions about how to behave in marriage. The wife wants them to have dinner together every night, share how their day went, and together make plans for the future together. Men may have very different thoughts. They continue to have fun with their friends, and just like before, in their free time they give preference to their hobbies and hobbies. You should understand that each person has their own flaws. And your partner cannot be perfect all the time, no matter how good he may seem in the beginning. Try to be understanding and accept your husband’s shortcomings. And not just think about why men change after marriage.

Talk to him more and tell us what kind of relationship you want to build in your family life. Perhaps he sees it very differently. He can express his love through actions, not through words. And you will be upset because he does not meet your true needs and does not show the proper attention. Communication is vital. Communicate with him constantly. Especially when you feel resentful or want to change something. Talk about how you see your future family life. Perhaps he will understand you, and will be exactly the romantic person you have always known.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to understand why men change. But due to the lack of love and communication, both partners will begin to feel underappreciated anyway. And if you want more love and romance in a relationship, don’t forget to show it yourself. Your efforts will pay off and be mutual. If you really succeed in talking about your expectations in marriage, then the man will be able to better understand you and determine for himself what he needs to work on. I have long concluded that women who have stable long-term and happy relationships are always communicating their expectations and working on the relationship. Instead of blaming your husbands and placing all the blame on them.