Why do people cry?

Every second in the world, in difficult or ordinary circumstances, someone is crying. People of all ages, nationalities and genders cry for a variety of reasons. Although some say that tears are primarily a moisturizer and cleanser for the eyes, we have more detailed information. Tears cleanse our heart and soul. And also have a positive effect on human mental health. So you must be really curious to know why people cry.

Where do tears come from and what are they for

On the inside of the eyelids, mucous membranes are located, which must be moist for the eye to see. They are equipped with tear ducts in the inner corners that store tears and release them in small or large quantities. Any irritant in the eye will automatically trigger tears to wash it away. This liquid is made up of water, antioxidants, antibodies, and other elements that support eye health.

According to a German study, women cry on average 30-60 times a year, and men 6-17 times. Women cry twice as long as men, and crying often turns into sobbing. This difference appears in adolescence, when we are taught to be “women” or “men.”

Crocodile tears and manipulation

The term comes from an ancient anecdote in which crocodiles cried to lure their prey. Children, too, often manipulate adults, and women often manipulate men. My father once told me that he could not resist a woman who was crying. Girls know this and often use it to get what they want. Some women cry for men to buy them things and satisfy all their desires. Little children cry to be allowed to do forbidden things. Some kids go on and throw tantrums to get what they want. If it works, they continue.

Crying, which cleanses a person and manipulative, are two different things.

The main reasons why people cry

Recently, I recalled moments because of which I had to cry. I have also consulted many people who often show emotions. As a result, I collected six main reasons why people cry.


Of all of them, the most difficult for me so far has been the refusal to love. When they say to you: “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be with you or we are not suitable for each other.” It will sound painful to anyone anyway. Some people, instead of crying, become cold and indifferent, this is not entirely correct. Even as adults, we are afraid of rejection and often cry at the thought of it. When friends and family do not accept us, or no one wants to communicate with us. Crying is always helpful in relieving pain and opening ways to accept people. And after that it becomes much easier for us.


“Oh God, how could I hurt him?”, “Why can’t I be who I want?”, “I don’t know what happened, but it didn’t work out the way I wanted.” Such questions and regrets constantly torment us, cause tears and negative emotions. When we did something wrong and later blame ourselves for it. When we cry because we did something wrong. All these moments are very bad for our health. And they can cause stress and depression.


It is usually accompanied by anger and occurs when something goes wrong. This comes from the realization that you are doing your best and spending a lot of energy, but not getting the result. Then blame yourself and cry. Women find themselves in such situations more often than men. In this way, they express their anger through tears.

As an example, I had a job that I gave myself completely. I wanted to achieve high results, to be noticed and appreciated. But no one noticed my work, and after a while my boss transferred me to another place to a lower position. I was very angry then, but I could not do anything. So I just cried.

A loss

This is the next reason why people cry. Feelings of emptiness and tears follow the loss of a person. They contain love, longing and experiences. We cry when someone leaves us, when a loved one dies or a good friend leaves. We may cry for our pets or for things that are taken from us. Everyone has stories of losses, and this is a really common reason why people cry. In novels and films, tears are often depicted, accompanied by the loss of someone or something significant. I also read a lot, watch movies and cry when something sad happens. But knowing that our tears and even negative feelings are vital, I feel good when it happens. These emotions run through us to calm us down and make us feel differently.


When a relationship with a loved one does not develop in the best way. When quarrels and disagreements often occur between us, and we do not know how to come to some kind of decision, then we get very upset and cry. In such situations, as a rule, girls find themselves more often. After all, we are more suspicious and perceive everything too closely. We want everything to be perfect in our relationship, we were happy and constantly love each other. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In love, as in life, there are different situations, and you must be ready for this.


This is the nicest reason why people cry. Many people cry when they have positive emotions. When the power of universal beauty and joy causes tears. We may cry over the beauty of our immediate surroundings. When we see our happy children and loved ones. At these moments, our heart and soul rejoice and push out tears of happiness. This is why photography is so popular these days. They serve as a reminder of all the beauty that surrounds us in all its various forms. And any of them can make us cry.

Because of all the reasons we cry, it can ultimately be said that we feel better as a result. Tears are a positive representation of who we are. This demonstrates our deep emotional ties to our past, present and future. So don’t be afraid to cry and do it with joy.