Why do people get divorced?

The divorce rate all over the world is increasing every year. And while some just don’t understand why people get divorced in so many numbers. But there can be many reasons for divorce. Most couples during marriage and in the first days of family life are simply overwhelmed with happiness, joy and positive emotions. They think that this fairy tale will last forever, only marriage, unfortunately, is not a fairy tale. And after several months of marriage routine, the realities of family life become less joyful. Much of course depends on the spouses themselves and on their feelings for each other. But in the event that the family cannot be saved, it is better to disperse than to be trapped in an unhappy relationship.

1. Too high expectations

Many couples get married with high expectations, but when something doesn’t go according to their plan, they start to resent, quarrels and scandals. Which ultimately leads to a breakup. Divorce is often due to the fact that people rarely discuss their expectations before entering family life, and are less willing to work on problems that arise in marriage. They prefer to avoid solving problems, and simply turn a blind eye. Believe it or not, people even get divorced for reasons like partner snoring.

2. Infidelity in relationships

One of the main reasons people get divorced is because one of the partners is unfaithful. There are so many men and women who ruin their married life by cheating. After all, marriage is a promise to love and be a faithful person all your life. But due to the fact that many couples do not lead a full-fledged intimate life, a husband or wife at some point resorts to cheating, which destroys trust. Which is the core of a long-term relationship.

3. Incompatibility of spouses

Marriage is not only about physical compatibility. Married couples need to be connected emotionally and spiritually in order for their relationship to be long and happy. They must have common interests and life priorities. And if between a man and a woman there is no understanding and harmony in the relationship. As a result, their feelings for each other cool down. And there is a high probability that their union can end at any moment.

4. Unwillingness to compromise

Many couples do not know how to find a common language in relationships. They show a low level of tolerance in marriage, and remain overly firm in their views. When both spouses want to achieve their goal in any way, and do not want to compromise, this often leads to divorce. Many men and women overlook the importance of understanding and humility with their partner altogether. Therefore, constant quarrels and conflicts occur in their relationship.

5. Financial component

It is rightly said that “money is the root of all evil.” Financial problems can really negatively affect relationships, and lack of family is another common reason people get divorced. And in fact, the spike in divorce occurs during the years of financial crises. After all, if one of the partners does not know how to properly manage the family budget. He constantly gets into debt, and spends excessively high amounts of money, this will definitely lead to divorce.

There are also marriages of convenience – when a man or woman is trying to improve their well-being by building relationships with a more successful person. And although many people say that marriages of convenience are more durable than marriages of love, I still disagree with this opinion. After all, such a relationship is more like a deal, not a love relationship.

6. No commitment

For many couples, marriage ceremonies, promises, and words of fidelity are just ceremony. They forget to stick to their promises just a few days after the wedding. They tend to forget that in order to create a long and happy relationship, you need to value and respect your partner. You need to stick to the rules and learn to take responsibility. Relationships without obligations are somewhat reminiscent of cohabitation, when a man and a woman enter into an alliance without any serious intentions and plans.

7. Lack of physical attractiveness

Over the years, many people lose interest in maintaining beauty and health. They devote less and less time to themselves, their interests and hobbies. This situation can lead to the fact that spouses lose interest in each other, they lose physical attraction. And between them there is no longer that flame that heated their relationship. As a result, partners are reluctant to have sex. And the excess of physical intimacy, as we know, is one of the main reasons why couples break up.

8. Pressure from relatives

I know of many cases when parents forced their daughter or son to marry against their wishes. Or, when the parents influenced the fact that the marriage was dissolved. But the interference of parents or relatives in the relationship of a married couple definitely negatively affects the lives of the spouses. In addition, it leads to great family disagreements.

9. Lack of communication

Probably all psychologists say about this, that incorrect and ineffective communication is one of the main reasons why people get divorced. After all, many men and women expect their partners to figure out their feelings and desires themselves. They want all problems to be solved without talking. But it can’t be that way in a relationship. And very often, even small misunderstandings end in divorce, due to the fact that people did not want to fully understand the true problem.

10. Parental divorces

People who have seen their parents get divorced are more likely to repeat their mistakes than those who grew up in happy families. Many of these children do not believe in marriage and long-term relationships. Therefore, when they are faced with some kind of relationship problems, they do nothing to save them. Divorce is a common thing for these people, it does not scare them. After all, they saw this on the example of their parents.

11. Lying and cheating in relationships

In addition, it is worth adding that deception and an excess of sincerity are also a common reason why people get divorced. Indeed, it often happens that men and women want to show their best side, trying to hide something from their partner. But sooner or later, everything becomes clear, and their understatement leads to the destruction of relations.

12. Lack of equality

More than 44% of all divorced couples say the lack of equality in relationships was the factor that contributed to their split. This often happens when one person feels like he is taking over most of the work. Whether it’s making money, doing housework, or caring for the kids. Unfortunately, there is still a significant level of gender inequality in society, which brings a negative connotation to the relationship between men and women.